why take a detour n.
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Why take a detour? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why take a detour?

Why take a detour?

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Why take a detour?

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  1. Why take a detour?

  2. What employers want Qualifications Initiative Self awareness Willingness to learn Interpersonal skills Commitment & motivation Flexibility Problem solving

  3. Extracts from Job descriptions for undergraduate internships (marketing) • You will be IT proficient and competent in MS Office • You will be reliable and a team worker with excellent time-management and organisational skills  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. • Pay attention to detail and have good administration skills. • Work on own initiative and prioritise tasks. • Work well under pressure and meet deadlines. • Have knowledge of all Microsoft Office Packages.  ‘and in addition, it is important that you are: • Self motivated • Flexible to meet the needs of a 7-day business with varied hours inc. late shifts until 8pm • Fully computer literate e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook and industry specific packages • Articulate

  4. Evidence, evidence, evidence Show me the evidence

  5. What you might want • More time to think about your future • A break from formal education • To earn some money • To try out a career idea • An adventure

  6. Opportunities What employers want What YOU might want More time to think about your future A break from formal education To earn some money To try out a career idea An adventure

  7. Career experience • Try out your career ideas • Gain the experience/edge needed for university application • At 18 more opportunities open to you • You never know where it might lead Do your research Identify a named contact Be specific about when and why you want experience

  8. Other suggestions for Career experience/Voluntary Work UK • PGL, Holiday camps, care sector • Overseas eg • BUNAC (childrens holiday camps) • Oyster Worldwide (Teaching, Medical, Conservation, Sports) • Bunac Work Canada (range of work) • Bunac Work NZ (range of work) etc, etc • Project Trust, Lattitude, Raleigh International etcetc

  9. What they say “Every important decision I have made since has been influenced by my gap year experiences” (Minty Gilders, ex Africa & Asia Venture) “If you look at the “buzz” words for any application form or job interview, you can relate them to a gap year experience: teamwork, leadership, initiative, independence, creativity, resourcefulness, motivation.” (Amy Daw / Green, ex Lattitude) “My gap year gave me the time to pick up new skills and qualifications …..and helped to guide my career choices. The biggest impact my gap year had on me was increased confidence and maturity.” (Rupert Laing, ex Africa & Asia Venture) “My decision to do a year away is probably the best choice I have made, and I am reaping the benefits to this day.” (Chris Hitch, ex Project Trust) “It has been a great way to experience the culture of a country close up, whilst developing a lot of skills important in my future career and personal life.” (Alex Clarke, ex Raleigh) “The school was absolutely fantastic and the teachers were lovely. They obviously needed our help and really appreciated everything we did.” (Ellen Fitten, Oyster Worldwide) “ I gained knowledge useful for my degree, got sponsored through uni, and I have a year of work experience on my CV.” (Joseph Harris, Year in Industry)

  10. Finally Please complete the careers survey. Link sent to your school e-mail account