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  2. WHAT IS WATER POLLUTION? • Water pollution is a spreading global issue. Water pollution is the contamination of large bodies of water. The pollution can be started by oil spills, waste in the water, and many others. Water pollution is an important global issue because it effects us, our environment, and the creatures that live in the polluted waters. It can stop us from having clean drinking water, clean bathing water, and more. We use water everyday, and not just for drinking. We use water in the kitchen, in your backyard, do you have any pets? Water is just as equally important to them as it is to us, well, maybe fish need water more than us 

  3. Where is the pollution?

  4. What is the impact? • Water pollution effects us, our environment, sea creatures and more. Our rivers, seas, and oceans are just filling with toxic waste. Water covers over 70% of the earth, It is very important for almost anything living in the world. If our worlds water gets polluted, then we wont have much to eat, we wont have as much resources, and most of all, it will be a huge struggle to live! Places in the world including Russia, Zambia, and peru are all living with the struggle to get fresh, safe, and drinkable water. Did you know that only 1% of the water we drink is completely clean? That is mostly from us polluting the water. If we keep up with polluting the water, then 0% of the water we will drink will be drinkable. That’s very sad, and very unhealthy too.

  5. The importance of clean water The reason why clean water is so important, is because we are constantly using water to keep us alive and healthy. Most of the water in the seas, rivers, and oceans, have heavy metals in them, which can be very harmful to our under water animals and plants. Imagine if fish some how polluted our air, it would be very hard to live in an environment that has toxic air to breath. That’s how the under water animals feel. They breath in the toxic polluted water, they have no choice. They have to raise there little fish children in an environment that they can barely breath in. This is why many sea creatures are going endangered. Take the loggerhead sea turtle for example. There aren’t going to be any left because the water is so polluted. Although they can live on land, they spend most of there time in water searching for food, but because of the pollution, the plants that they eat cant grow, that leaves those turtles starving. The other parts of the world need to help us too, because its not just our country, we pretty much all share water.

  6. How we can solve this problem! • We can all help by using up less water and being care full about what we put down the drain and in the water. You can do the simplest things to help our environment, you can turn of the tap when brushing your teeth,or only use the washing machine and dish washer when you have a large load, you could also take short showers instead of baths. There are many charities to help countries with dirty drinking water, get safer drinking water like operation water pollution. They put a chemical in the water to take out the dirt and make the water safe and drinkable! You can also go to wwf and help an endangered sea creature.

  7. How are humans addressing the issue? • I think that humans are not thinking about how important our water is, I think this issue is sort of being thrown to the end of the list of our words problems. People don’t usually think of the sea creatures and plants in our oceans, they don’t realize how much we use water. Humans use water a lot, we use water to cook foods, to wash our clothes and dishes and more. Although there are the few people in the world that actually care, they care about the our use of water, the animals, and the plants. Those are the people who use less water. You don’t need to spend money on charities, actually, saving water can save money!

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  9. Thanks for watching! • Thank you for taking the time to listen to my presentation, and next time think twice about how much water your using.