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  1. SPAIN

  2. The location and the capital city Spain is placed in western Europe. It fills the greater reverence of the Iberian Peninsula and it is most often associated with solar beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Deep inside of the country are very raw and snowy winters that also happen. Madrid is the capital city of Spain.: "Pride of Spain". Madrid is situated in old of Spanish Castalia province. In 1606 it became the capital city.

  3. NEW YEAR!

  4. The New Year's Eve in Spain is called "Nochevieja" which means the Old Night. Most often they get around with their families . In the biggest squares authorities of cities organize popular New Year fiestas which start around 11 pm and they last till the morning. The Biggest fiesta is in the Puerta square del of Solos in Madrid. Thousands of people participate in it. The coming of New Year is announced by twelve of a striking bell. Every participant of the play has prepared earlier bags with 12 grapes which are being handed out in at the square . With every gong it is necessary to eat one grape what suppose to bring luck for the next year. Later a glass is being drunk brought along ‘ ’ Cavaa ", of Spanish champagne and is giving his best wishes.

  5. The holiday of three kings! Most riotously in Spain is an Epiphany Feast of the Three Wise Men which is around, 6 of January. The day before authorities of cities organize a large street parade, for which the the main characters are the Three Wise Men where they ride on decorated carriages. According to the legend, they are arriving from the east and they are bring children presents. In the evening children take bowls of water and snacks where they put it in their gardens and balconies for the camels , next to it they put shoes . In the morning they see empty bowls and shoes full of presents. For rude children the Three Wise Men they bring coal .

  6. Culinary ! • The standard dish in Spain is paella which is getting more popular as in Poland . This dish very much filling up consists above all of the seafood that is: of shrimp, squid, bivalves and other crustaceans. • After the light and fast meal it's worth a try the traditional Spanish dessert which is flan. Flan reminds a little of pudding, but it more gelatinous and like in this case gas pacho is being passed cooled. • It’s undoubtedly only particle of traditional Spanish dishes, but being in the country of toreadors it is impossible not to succumb Spanish culinary temptation.

  7. Valentines Day ! In Spain Valentine’s day is also February the 14, there it’s named "Saint Valentin", and is comparable like in other countries. Which is: private boxes of chocolates, chocolates with wishes, sweet presents and wishes.

  8. ChristmasEve ! Christmas Eve, called Nochebuena (Good Night), is celebrated at home together with families. Around 22.00 everyone gathers by the ceremonial table which is severed dinner. The meals are differ depending on the region. In the centre of Spain there are roasted piglet or lamb.

  9. For dessert we can’t miss ‘’Cavaa "- Spanish champagne, of almond sweet dessert looking like the halva - „turron ", festive cookies - " polvorones ", or marzipan neither nuts.

  10. THE END!