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Made by: Kathy

Made by: Kathy

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Made by: Kathy

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  1. Made by: Kathy

  2. My product Do you remember a very funny and cute animal at Tangled? Yes, it’s Chameleon!

  3. The primary target market is pre-consumer and the secondary target market is teenagers. The small chameleon is very fresh toy for children. The chameleon can change color. If you touch it , the chameleon warm and change to orange or blue. And the chameleon’s expression always funny and cute. These children like this Tangled cartoon movie and they favorite character is chameleon. So they will buy the chameleon toy for their remembrance.

  4. Consumer Profile Their parents see the Tangled with their children together, so they must know their children like the chameleon very much. And they will buy the chameleon toy for their children that be the remembrance about the Tangled. And all of the children can buy the toy, but they must like Tangled cartoon and have a cute heart. Demographic: So many children like the cute chameleon at Tangled. Especially pre-customers. They are small and they like fresh things. When they finish see the Tangled, they favorite character will be the chameleon. The chameleon is popular and all of the children like it.

  5. Consumer Profile Psychographic: Parents must care their children’s feel and they love their children. Their children like this Tangled cartoon movie and they like the funny character—chameleon. The chameleon can change color, it’s a very fresh toy to children. So parents will buy the funny chameleon for their children.

  6. Consumer Profile Geographic: Children living in different geographic regions have different wants and needs. Such us urban and rural. The two different consumers have different lifestyle. If a child living at urban, he will has a modern mood and have enough money to watch the cartoon movie. They also have a idea to buy the cartoon chameleon toy. If a child living at rural, he only has a farm. He don’t have money to watch a movie also don’t know the chameleon toy.

  7. Marketing Mix Product Mix— To the cartoon chameleon, the packaging will be a big box and in the box print the cartoon character.

  8. Product Mix And the brand of the cartoon chameleonis Disney—Tangled. Because it’s from the Disney cartoon movie that the name is –Tangled. The brand will make people’s eyes attention the cartoon chameleon very quickly. Because so many people like the Disney movie and cartoon character.

  9. Product Mix The cartoon chameleon toy will be a plastic material quality. Make them at Disney factory or other factory. And I also will print some questionnaires to people. I want know what’s their suitable price, where they can buy the chameleon toy convenient, etc.

  10. Promotion Mix I can advertise the chameleon at cartoon magazines, the advertising during a movie or a TV series , at Internet, at cinema and at newspapers. My purpose is make consumers interested it. So people go everywhere all can see the advertising about the cartoon chameleon toy. And they will buy it.

  11. Advertising at Cartoon magazine Advertising during the movie Advertising at cinema, newspapers

  12. Pricing Mix The consumers could buy a new chameleon toy for a same price as price as the Disney's movie—Tangled. Such us---the Tangled movie price: 30RMB the toy price: 30RMB If you see the Tangled movie and you also buy the chameleon toy, you only can use the half price of the movie. Such us---the Tangled movie price: 30RMB the toy price: 15RMB So this one is cheaper than last one.

  13. Place Mix I can sell the chameleon toy at cinema with Tangled movie tickets, sell them at TaoBao Internet, at market, at toy store and at Disney park. And storage them at a dry place at the factory.

  14. At cinema At Disney park At toy store Sell at market

  15. Thank you Made by: Kathy