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无锡风光 Beautiful Wuxi 厂区环境 Plant view 办公场所 Offices 设施设备 Facilities & Equipment 证书 Certificates PowerPoint Presentation
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无锡风光 Beautiful Wuxi 厂区环境 Plant view 办公场所 Offices 设施设备 Facilities & Equipment 证书 Certificates

无锡风光 Beautiful Wuxi 厂区环境 Plant view 办公场所 Offices 设施设备 Facilities & Equipment 证书 Certificates

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无锡风光 Beautiful Wuxi 厂区环境 Plant view 办公场所 Offices 设施设备 Facilities & Equipment 证书 Certificates

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  1. 无锡风光 Beautiful Wuxi • 厂区环境 Plant view • 办公场所 Offices • 设施设备 Facilities & Equipment • 证书 Certificates

  2. 凯夫制药坐落在一个美丽而繁荣的城市-无锡Kaifu Pharmaceutical is located in a beautiful and prosperous city - Wuxi

  3. 无锡凯夫制药有限公司地处无锡太湖国家旅游度假区。无锡凯夫制药有限公司地处无锡太湖国家旅游度假区。 凯夫制药专业生产药品制剂与原料,包括冻干粉针、小容量注射剂、片剂胶囊与部分原料。 设计生产能力:1000万支冻干粉针、5000万支水针、2亿胶囊和片剂及1000公斤原料。 The pharmaceutical factory of Wuxi Kaifu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the Wuxi Taihu Lake National Tourist Resort, about one and half hour car-drive from Shanghai or Nanjing. It specializes in the manufacturing, from raw material to end-product of sterile and non-sterile medicines, namely of Lyophilized Powder for Injection, Small Volume Parenteral Solutions (Injections) ,Coated and Uncoated Tablets and Capsules under G.M.P conditions. Designed production capacity per year are 10 million lyophilized powder for injection (2ml-20ml, glass vial), 50 million small volume injection (1ml-20ml, Ampoule), 200 million tablets and capsules (pellet and powder encapsulation), 1000kg raw materials.

  4. 厂区环境Plant view 占地面积40000m2,绿化面积42%; 一期工程建成办公楼、中心化验室、综合制剂车间(含冻干粉针、小针、固体制剂)、原料车间、动物房、公用工程楼、变电所等; Total area 40000m2, greenery coverage 42% The first phase construction includes:office building, central laboratory, workshops for Lyophilized powder for injection, small volume parenteral solution, Tablet & Capsule, API, animal house, Engineering building, a power substation,etc.

  5. 厂区环境Plant view

  6. 办公场所Offices • 多功能接待大厅 Multi-functional Reception hall • 可用于接待,产品展示,会议,活动 Can be used for reception, products exhibition, meeting, and other business and entertainment activities

  7. 办公场所Offices • 综合办公室 Main office • 公司设质量部、生产部、工程部、研发部;人力资源部;财务部、销售市场部等,是一个充满活力的团队。 We have departments of Quality, Production, R&D, Engineering. HR. Financial & Accounting, Sales & Marketing,etc, which together form an active team.

  8. 办公场所Offices 右:员工餐厅 Right: Dinning Room 下:培训室Below: Training Room • 无锡凯夫以人为本,注重员工的培训和发展 People oriented,Wuxi Kaifu attaches great importance to personal training and development

  9. 设施设备Facilities & Equipment • 新厂由著名的上海医药工业设计院完全按照GMP的要求设计,建成于2002年。Our new plant is designed according to GMP standard by the most famous Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Designing Institute, and the first phase construction was completed in 2002. • 综合制剂车间面积6000平方米,内部采用彩钢板、环氧地坪,包括相互独立的冻干粉针车间、小水针、片剂胶囊车间以及相临的仓库。有100、10000、100000、300000级以及普通级生产区域。 The main building’ floor area is about 6000m2, decorated with sandwich steel plate and epoxy floor. It contains three separate production units for Lyophilized powder, small volume parenteral solution, tablet&capsule and a warehouse, having class 100,10000,100000,300000,and normal area.

  10. 冻干粉针车间Lyophilized Powder Unit • 洗瓶、烘瓶、灌装、加塞连动生产线 • Vials washing, drying, sterilizing + filling and stoppering automatic production line • 帘子里面区域为100级,灌装机上还有百级层流系统。Area surrounde by curtain is 100 class clean area, the filling machines equipped with 100 class laminar flow system. • 灌装使用高精度蠕动泵 • Vials filled with precise pumps

  11. 冻干粉针车间Lyophilized Powder Unit • 全自动胶塞清洗机 • Automatic Stopper washer • 胶塞先后用纯化水,蒸馏水清洗,并用纯蒸汽灭菌,出口处于100级保护。Stopper will be washed with purified water and then water for injection, and will be sterilized with purified steam. The stopper exit is under 100 class laminar flow. • 右:100级下胶塞出口左:清洗机后部,10万级 • Right:exit in 100 class areaLeft:back of the machine in 100,000 class area

  12. 冻干粉针车间Lyophilized Powder Unit • 计算机控制冻干机(后部) • Computer-controlled lyophilizer (the back of it) • 13平方米 • 13 m2 • 具有在位清洗、在位灭菌功能 • Equipped with CIPand SIP system

  13. 冻干粉针车间Lyophilized Powder Unit 轧盖机,100000级 Cap-rolling machine in 100000 class area 后面是铝盖灭菌机 behind them is the sterilizer for caps

  14. 冻干粉针车间Lyophilized Powder Unit 自动不干胶贴标机 Automatic Labeling machine 包装间 Packing room

  15. 小容量注射液车间Small Volume Parenteral Solution Unit 洗瓶、烘瓶、灌装、封口连动生产线 Ampoule washing, drying, sterilizing + filling and sealing automatic production line 灌装机在10000级区域,灌装机上还有百级层流系统。The filling machine is in the 10000 class area and is equipped with 100 class laminar flow system. 灌装使用高精度柱塞泵 Vials filled with precise pump

  16. 小容量注射液车间Small Volume Parenteral Solution Unit • 配料罐,电磁搅拌 • Solution preparation tank, with electromagnetic stirring system. • 灭菌捡漏柜,PLC控制 • PLC controlled sterilizer with leakage checking function

  17. 片剂和胶囊车间Tablet & Capsule Unit

  18. 片剂和胶囊车间Tablet & Capsule Unit 湿法制粒机 Granulating machine 三维混合机 three-dimension mixing machine

  19. 片剂和胶囊车间Tablet & Capsule Unit 胶囊充填机 Capsule filling machine 压片机 Tablet pressing machine

  20. 片剂和胶囊车间Tablet & Capsule Unit 铝塑包装机 Blister Packing Machine

  21. 原料药车间API Unit 提取以及精制 For extraction and purification

  22. 纯化水系统Purified Water System 机械过滤+反渗透装置+离子交换 Sand & activated carbon filters + RO system + iron exchangers 纯化水系统是一个封闭的循环系统 The Purified water system is a circling system.

  23. 注射用水系统Water for Injection System PLC控制多效蒸馏水机 PLC controlled multi distillation columns 在线检测电导率 Conductivity measured in position 注射用水系统是一个封闭的循环系统 Water for Injection is in a circling system.

  24. 净化控制系统Ventilation System 各车间各洁净区域的净化空气系统独立运行 We have totally separate ventilation systems for different clean areas of different production units

  25. 工程楼Engineering Department

  26. 工程楼Engineering Department

  27. 动物房Animal House

  28. 质量检验Quality Control

  29. 证书Certificates

  30. 证书Certificates

  31. Service and Contact Us Wuxi Kaifu Pharmaceuticals manufactures our own registered products for sales in China and for export, we also offer contract manufacturing services for home and abroad companies. Our strength is our customer-oriented flexibility, without affecting the quality. In order to be able to guarantee our flexibility and simultaneously maintain a high quality level we have invested in the most advanced equipment. Our excellent customer-oriented service, flexibility as regards lot sizes, packaging possibilities and delivery times, and a pronounced awareness of specific quality requirements are our trump-cards through which we are now already a privileged partner of many Chinese and international companies. In addition, we are always prepared to develop products with partners and to act as a manufacturer for this purpose. With our national wide sales and distribution network, we are interested to act as your sales agent to market your products in china and develop our business by mutual efforts. Wuxi Kaifu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Plant Address Mashan, Xueyun Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu PR China Telephone +86 510 599 2233 Facsimile +86 510 599 4871 Sale Company Address Flat B&C, 20F, Huaguang Mansion, 333#, Zhongshan Road,Wuxi, Jiangsu, PRChina Telephone +86 510 2719888 Facsimile +86 510 2755064 Contact person Dacheng Shen Mobile +86 13806176059 E-mail