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The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games
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The Olympic Games

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  1. The Olympic Games Bird's Nest /Beijing National Stadium

  2. Competition How much do you know about the Olympic Games?

  3. torch What are the official mascots for the Beijing Olympics? fish panda Tibetan antelope swallow They mean “Welcome to Beijing!”

  4. What are the three words that show the spirit of the Olympic Games? swifter Higher Stronger

  5. What is the motto of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? One World One Dream

  6. How often are the Olympic Games held? Every four years Every fourth year

  7. What do the five rings stand for? Five Ring Flag Africa America Europe Five continents Asia Oceania The five rings stand for friendship and unity of the five continents in the world.

  8. When did China first take part in the Olympic Games? Liu Changchun, the only Chinese athlete, competed in the 10th Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1932.

  9. Who was China’s first gold medal winner and for what event? Xu Haifeng Shooting

  10. When and Where did the ancient Olympic Games start? Olympia, Greece , 776BC Birth place of Olympics

  11. Sporting events track and field hurdling,discus, javelin, shot put, hammer throw, pole vault… ball games hockey badminton baseball Sporting events done well by Chinese athletes shooting diving judo fencing canoeing weightlifting

  12. shot put fencing canoeing hurdling hammer throw track and field javelin judo discus hockey badminton gymnastics weightlifting

  13. Pausanias, a Greek writer 2000years ago Li Yan, a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics

  14. 1.How many sets of Games are there in modern Olympics? Two: Winter/ Summer Olympics 2.Why does every country want to host the Olympic Games? Because it’s a great responsibility but also a great honor to be chosen to host the Games. 3.What do they mainly talk about? • History about the Olympic Games • The differences and similarities between the ancient and modern Olympic Games • 2008 Olympic Games

  15. Some differences between the ancient and the modern Olympic Games Winter more all over the world Greek women Every country is possible an olive wreath medals

  16. similarities every 4 years every 4 years No No Swifter, higher, stronger Swifter, higher, stronger

  17. *Read these statements . Tell whether they are true or false. 1. The 2004 Olympic Games were held in Sydney. ( ) F 2. Just Greece can sent athletes to the Games in the ancient Olympic Games. ( ) T F 3. Slaves and women used to join in the Olympic Games. ( ) 4. The winter Olympics are usually held two years before the summer Olympics. ( ) T 5.There are many events like ice skating and volleyball which need snow and ice in the winter Olympics. ( ) F 6. In Ancient Greece, people competed for the Olive wreath and money. ( ) F T ( ) 7. The modern Olympic Games is hosted by different countries. 8.It’s a great honor for every competitor to win an Olympic medal. T ( )

  18. Summary of the interview The Olympic Games are the biggest sports meeting in the world, which include two kinds, the ________and the ______ Olympics. Both of them are _____ every ____ _____. All countries can take part if their athletes reached the agreed ________ to the games. Women are not only _______ to join in but playing a very _________ role. Summer Winter held four years standard allowed important

  19. special village A______ ______ is built for the competitors to live in . A ________ forcompetitions, a large swimming pool, a __________ as well as seats for those who watch the games. It’s a great _____ to host the Olympic Games. The Olive wreath has been ________ by medals. But it’s still about being able to run ______, jump ______ and throw _______. stadium gymnasium honor replaced faster higher further

  20. Green Olympics People’s Olympics Hi-tech Olympics New Beijing Great Olympics

  21. Discussion: Do you think it’s necessary for us to host the Olympic Games ? Reasons to host... Reasons not to host....

  22. Good: make more friends develop national economy athletes do better & sports develop faster make China known to the world more sports centers,wider streets, green space Bad: cost much disturb people’s life more pollution sports centers will not be made full use of later …

  23. Role Play: Work in pairs, one acts Pausanias and the other acts Li Yan .Please act the dialogue from “Nowadays any country can take part ....” to the end.

  24. Homework: 1.Read the passage 2.Finish P12. P49. 3

  25. Thank You