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  1. 1. Making a judgment on whether a healing is genuine or phony Exchange of money—Healing comes from God. When someone heals and a lot of money is exchanged, we need to be wary. Medical evidence—Is the cure verified by testing? Does the cure last? Is the cure genuine or just a temporary mind-over-matter situation? 8:1 Healing

  2. 2. Definitions 8:1 Healing Suffering “. . . the distress accompanying events that threaten one’s intactness, one’s togetherness . . . whatever threatens one’s coherence as a self” Disease a malfunctioning of the biological or psychological dimensions of a person Health the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit Wholeness many parts working together in a harmonious way Healing the effort to make whole or to enhance the harmonious, balanced functioning of the whole person

  3. 8:2 Gustave DoréJesus healing the man with an unclean spirit(Luke 4:31–37)

  4. 8:2 Gustave DoréThe blind and mute demonic (Matthew 12:22)

  5. 8:2 Gustave DoréJesus raising up the daughter of Jairus(Luke 8:40–42, 49–56)

  6. 8:2 Gustave DoréJesus healing the sick(Matthew 15:30–31)

  7. 8:2 Gustave DoréJesus healing a boy with a demon(Matthew 17:14–18)

  8. 8:2 Gustave DoréThe resurrection of Lazarus(John 11:1–44)

  9. 8:3 The Stages of Grieving 1. DenialThere are a variety of ways of denying a loss: putting on a happy face, plunging back into work, refusing to talk about the deceased, and so on. 2. AngerAnger may be directed at the doctors, other caregivers, God, and often the deceased. 3. BargainingGrieving people try to strike deals with God: if they do a certain thing, God will . . . whatever they are bargaining for. 4. DepressionDepression may be manifested by sleeping too much or too little, living in darkness; being lethargic and without motivation, eating too much or too little, overindulging in alcohol and cigarettes. 5. AcceptanceMost people eventually come to terms with the loss and begin to emerge back into life again.

  10. natural sacrament(page 173) salvation(page 174) miracle(page 174) CHAPTER 8 Vocabulary Review 8:4 a natural sign of God, such as human caring being a sign of the way God cares for us being saved from evil, whether physical or spiritual; in Christian terms, being saved from sin and evil through the power of the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus an event, such as an unexpected cure or a rapid healing, that is attributed to God’s power and that arouses admiration and wonder

  11. the former name for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, emphasizing the last anointing before death Extreme Unction(page 177) Anointing of the Sick(page 179) Last Rites(page 180) CHAPTER 8 Vocabulary Review 8:4 the Sacrament of Healing for those who are seriously ill or in danger of death due to sickness or old age, consisting of anointing with oil and prayers for physical and spiritual healing and the forgiveness of sins the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist (viaticum), and the Anointing of the Sick, when administered for someone who is dying

  12. viaticum (page 180) holy oils(page 181) grieving process(page 186) 8:4 CHAPTER 8 Vocabulary Review a traditional name for Communion that is given to a dying person, in the sense of “food for the journey” from this life to the next oils used in the sacraments; chrism, the oil of catechumens, and the oil of the sick the normal process of psychologically adjusting to personal loss, involving denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance

  13. vigil(page 186) wake(page 186) eulogy(page 186) 8:4 CHAPTER 8 Vocabulary Review a gathering of people prior to an important event, such as the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday or the vigil for the deceased prior to a funeral the practice of “staying awake with the body” between the time of death and the time of burial from the Greek, meaning “good word,” hence, words of remembrance and praise for someone who has recently died

  14. cremation(page 188) atheist(page 188) 8:4 CHAPTER 8 Vocabulary Review the complete incineration of a body, turning it into ashes someone who denies the existence of God