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Dr David Gould DG RTD PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr David Gould DG RTD

Dr David Gould DG RTD

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Dr David Gould DG RTD

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  1. Dr David Gould DG RTD Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) for FP6

  2. The aims of FP6 Focusing & integrating Community research Structuring the European Research Area Strengthening the foundations of the European Research Area

  3. Project selection based upon: • Evaluation by peer review • Competitive calls

  4. Four ways to prepare & submit a proposal • On-line using the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) • Off-line preparation followed by on-line submission via EPSS • Off-line preparation followed by submission on CD or diskette • On paper

  5. Basic principles underlying EPSS • High quality data • Elimination of repetition • Low personal cost for applicants • Ease of use & access • Independent of IT infrastructure • Privacy of data via encryption • Equality of opportunity (all languages)

  6. On-line proposal development & submission via EPSS:

  7. The role of the Co-ordinator

  8. The role of the Co-ordinator Develops and submits proposal Downloads Access Online Information Package Registers Changes password

  9. The role of the Co-ordinator Fill-in/Updates administrative and Financial forms Uploads Text/Multimedia Files Checks Eligibility Downloads Forms in printable format/files uploaded Submit proposal

  10. The role of the Partners Contribute to proposal development

  11. The role of the Partners Contribute to online proposal development by: Downloading accessing online information package Filling-in/updating administrative & financial forms

  12. The role of the Partners Contribute to online proposal development by: Checking eligibility Downloading forms in printable format/files uploaded

  13. Development and submission of on-line proposals

  14. Advantage of EPSS • Quicker preparation • You are sure that it is delivered on time • You can always revise a proposal up to call deadline • Signatures replaced by user id & password

  15. Off-line Proposal Development

  16. Develop Proposal Offline Browse information package Fills-in/updates administrative & financial forms Imports proposers administrative & financial forms

  17. Develop Proposal Offline Checks eligibility Prints forms Finalises proposal

  18. Contribute to Offline Proposal Development Browsing information package Filling-in/updating administrative & financial forms

  19. Contribute to Offline Proposal Development Checking eligibility Exporting administrative & financial forms Printing forms

  20. Off-line proposal development • CO expresses interest in a call & downloads off-line preparation tool (also available by post) • Having prepared the proposal he/she can either: • requests a CO user id & password and up loads proposal • copy proposal onto a CD/diskette, print it & post both • print & posts the proposal.

  21. Note: • The Commission has no access to proposals until the closure of the call • Irrespective of the means of submission, all proposals are put into electronic form for evaluation • EPSS or submission on CD/diskette speeds the evaluation

  22. Subset Mirror Proposal DB Experts DB EMM Experts DB eTransactions EC Personnel& Users OMM, Organization Management Data warehouse ESP Proposal/Results DB EPSS DB Sincom 2 EC DB Contracts/ Projects/ Codes/ Organizations FP6 SYSTEM Layout (2004-2006) CORDIS WEB-services (Electronic proposals submission, evaluation information, experts online registration, external evaluation, project information, access to CIRCA Solution ) Experts (user info update) Evaluation Information Users (Co-ordinators & Partners) Panels& Experts Remote Evaluation External access for deliverables Panels/choosing the experts EPSS Electronic proposal Submission System ESP Evaluation Service Provider Evaluation personnel PMT, Proposal Management Tools (Eval/Rank+Nego) Approved proposals CPM, Contract and Project Management Proposals (data)+User information Financial transactions Project/proposal info & evaluation results Early warning System& Project information Updating the code tables Project information for external users External Systems Internal Systems

  23. Single system for e-transactions within FP6 for: • Contract negotiations • Submission of project deliverables • Communication between partners & Commission • Viewing of project documents (read only)

  24. Access to e-transactions For all their projects, the choice of control at the level of: • Individuals • Organisations