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Parent Survey

Parent Survey

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Parent Survey

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  1. Parent Survey Orientation Programs: June 7th – August 23rd 2012

  2. Survey Methodology • Email sent to incoming Loyola students and their parents between June 6th 2012 and September 18th 2012. • Dependent on the date of their orientation program. • Responses received: • 280 Completed from Parents • 328 Completed by Parents in 2011

  3. Result: Parent Demographics 72% Female 84% Caucasian 68% Catholic 3.2% were parents of international students

  4. Survey Trends 95% agreed or strongly agreed that they can identify which campus departments can assist their students with information and resources 89% have an understanding or a strong understanding of the University Core and how it impacts their students’ academic plan 93% agreed or strongly agreed that the staff/faculty made them feel comfortable and supported throughout Orientation 91% have a better understanding of Loyola’s unique Jesuit mission and values after attending Orientation

  5. Results: Accommodations • Accommodations: • 25% stayed on Campus • 46% stayed off Campus • 29% commuted from home • Did the accommodations meet your expectations? • 72% agreed or strongly agreed • 58% in 2011 • Did the meals meet your expectations? • 77% agreed or strongly agreed • 89% in 2011

  6. Results: Information Dissemination • Information via email and orientation website • 73% agreed or strongly agreed that the information was clear and concise • 82% in 2011 • Were you well informed prior to arrival at Orientation? • 67% agreed or strongly agreed that they were well informed prior to arriving • 74% in 2011 • 92% agreed or strongly agreed that they can identify campus departments that can assist their students • Faculty and staff made me feel comfortable throughout orientation and were able to answer questions I had • 93% agreed or strongly agreed

  7. Results: Academics • “I understand the University Core and how it impacts my students academic plan” • 89% agree or strongly agree • The academic presentations provided me with helpful information about major and Core class options for Fall ‘12 • 82% agree or strongly agree

  8. Results: Scheduling / Orientation • 83% agreed or strongly agreed that the schedule of Orientation events was clear and straight forward • 95% agreed or strongly agreed that check-in at Orientation went smoothly and the staff was helpful • 94% in 2011

  9. Results: Loyola’s Jesuit Mission • I have a better understanding of Loyola’s unique Jesuit mission and values after attending Orientation • 91% agreed or strongly agreed

  10. Comments • “My only major complaint was having to sit in the Gentile Arena for several sessions and it being so cold. The cold temperature made it difficult to stay focused on the presentations. I heard many parents and students complaining about the temperature.” • July 9-10 • “We blindly figured out Locus. We were able to register for classes early as an Honors student but almost missed it because we are still in school and concentrating on AP and end of year. Thank goodness I signed up for Webinar. Still don't understand "CORE.” The advisor was very helpful but we really needed and wanted a little more hand holding.” • August 22-23 • “Get the Orientation schedule for Honors/Learning Groups/Int'l out on the website earlier in the summer, perhaps on the Honors page on the website. I had to say good bye to my child as she had to run off to the student lunch session...I was hoping for something a little more meaningful for us.” • August 22-23

  11. Comments: Cont’d • “I was very impressed with the friendliness, organization, and thoroughness of the staff and student leaders at orientation. The campus, right next to the lake is beautiful and I especially enjoyed the parent reception.” • July 6-7 • “The orientation exceeded my expectations. The students helping out were incredibly helpful and positive. I felt as if I truly received an opportunity to experience a day in the life at Loyola University. Everything was well thought out.” • July 9-10 • “Registration was excellent! Terrific organization, lots of volunteer help and very fluid/smooth. The staggered check-in times for students was great----helped eliminate the cluster effect! Very friendly staff, clearly marked instructions and an enthusiastic welcome. What parent could ask for more?!” • August 22-23