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Team Apathy

Team Apathy

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Team Apathy

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  1. Team Apathy Paul O’Neill Kevin Murray Brett Holmes

  2. Brainstorming • Musical Shoes • Unique Collaboration Video Game • Break-up Simulator • Social World of Warcraft • Voltron • Bulletin Board • The Unicycle Built for Two • Giant Pop-up Book • Social Drawing • Giant Umbrella • Roman Bath-house (restroom) • Bumper Car Air Hockey • Name tags for Campus • Cell phone number as license plate • Social Music • Populist TV • Internet Orchestra/Jam Session • Social Coding • Team Monopoly • Inventing/Design Workshop • White Board Walled Classroom • Social Restaurant • ISEEYOU Websites • Meeting People via Texts and Interests • iPod/mp3 player social scheduler

  3. Narrowing It Down • Reinvented Co-op Video Game • Chosen because of group’s collective interest in games • Unsatisfied with current state of collaboration in gaming • Wanted to place users in unique, niche player rolls to force collaboration to occur in new ways. • Social Bulletin Board • Chosen because of interesting opportunities for visual social collaboration • Marker-less white boards in public places allowing people to scribble messages as they pass or do more intricate drawings which encourages others to contribute/respond.

  4. Narrowing It Down • Musical Shoes • Chosen because of the unique blending of music and dancing. • Shoes with sensors and speakers that created music as you walk • Idea of people using choreographed dance as a medium for music creation. • iPod Scheduler • Chose because of interest in finding groups for racquetball. • iPod Application that would provide a “Looking for Group” functionality for activities such as racquetball, walking, shopping, etc.

  5. Narrowing It Down • Populist TV • Chosen because of popularity of “roulette” style online chat programs. • A group of random Individuals watch/chat about TV programs streamed over the internet • Introduces a social element to an activity that is often considered very anti-social.

  6. Product Chosen • Musical Shoes • Interest in creating and testing a physical prototype • Great design opportunities on tangible product rather than some piece of software. • Redefines performative elements of music production.

  7. Product Analysis • Combination of two existing products. • Midi Controller • Electronic music input device • Can have collaborative uses • Use is sometimes restricted to emulating classical instruments • Shoes • Not usually seen as a tool to facilitate performance (excluding tap-dancing) • Ubiquitous usage, yet often low focus on product after purchase.

  8. Research Methods • Focus Group • Create a collaborate environment to emulate the collaborative we hoped to nurture in this product. • Encourages Groupthink • Interview • Exact opposite as focus group; Get real thoughts of individuals pertaining to whole product and it’s design features • Working Prototype • Actually let users test and give feedback on the concept.

  9. Research Results • Focus Group • Feedback helped develop a context in which such a product would be used and some minor tweaks to function. • Interview • Strong feedback suggesting a strong interest in club culture • Working Prototype • By far the most useful feedback • Helped refine features of final product. • Users and audience felt that the product could not be truly expressed as an abstract. • After seeing it in action people were more sold on the idea.

  10. Final Product

  11. Final Product Adjustable Sensor: Front or back of Shoe Adjustable Strap Tread on slip cover

  12. Design Features • Adjustable Strap for “one size fits most.” Could be sold in small, medium and large varieties. • By-product of the prototype. Ended up replacing shoe idea. • Adjustable Sensor • Front or back of Shoe, for the comfort and style of the user. • Front or back depending on how the user casually stands on their feet. • Another by-product of the prototype. Had two sensors, but one kept breaking. • Possibility for multiple sensors that could be adjusted for customizability.

  13. Design Features • Tread on the bottom of the cover • to protect sensors from breaking and people from slipping. • Another by-product of the physical prototype. Free hanging parts from harness broke during use. • Include Feedback system • Feedback (such as sound, light or vibration) • Lets people know that it’s working

  14. Context • The primary context for this product is at an electronic music venue • Main feature of event • DJ mixing in people (Tracks) • Encourage people to be part of the event and show off their skills. • People in a receptive and exploratory state of mind • environment/drugs/alcohol • Other possible contexts • Street performers and any other sort of musical performance. • Social Experiments • For use with children • Low levels on inhibition

  15. GO TEAM APATHY! …or not. I don’t really care.