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Team 461:

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Team 461:

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  1. Team 461: Continuing the Cycle

  2. Loomings • Westside Boiler Invasion (WBI) started at Purdue University thanks to the vision of several dedicated individuals. They wanted to give back the benefits their hometown FIRST programs gave them. WBI has grown into a team that works in conjunction with the community, Purdue University, industry, and several local high schools.

  3. Loomings • In the past four years, our team has become an integral part of the community through diversity and uniqueness. This experience has impacted many. The past, present, and future of this team become intertwined, and their stories make up the heart and soul of this team. Each life involved has been deeply affected their FIRST experience. This is not only a robotics team... This is FIRST.

  4. History • Team 461 started out small. A few dedicated members built a robot and went to competitions. The team had very little money, and even with help from other teams, sacrifices had to be made; yet the spirit of Team 461 was too strong to be held back. It seemed almost impossible that the team would attend Nationals our rookie season…

  5. History • …but with perseverance and hard work, the members were able to find the resources to compete. Because we didn’t give up, we were able to be competitive with teams that had more resources and experience. In the spirit of FIRST and WBI, we learned from these teams, took the knowledge we gained, and adapted it to develop our program. After these first years, the resources and experiences gained from other teams allowed us to help others as we had been helped.

  6. Passion • Since the beginning, passion, determination, hard work, and spirit have comprised the character of our team. We came together because a group of individuals possessed these positive characteristics and wanted to encourage them in high school students. “Most importantly I’ve learned that no matter what obstacles there are in your way, if you believe in yourself and the people around you then you can accomplish anything,” said Shannon Schnepp, one of the team founders. “I give a hundred percent because whether this team succeeds or fails, it is a reflection upon myself,” said Carter Kiser, high school senior. Carter and Shannon are examples of our team’s strong devotion to FIRST and the people involved.

  7. Purdue • Members from all different facets work together to accomplish common goals. Purdue administration has committed to the mission of the program and we recently formed a Purdue student organization (Purdue FIRST Programs) dedicated to the promotion of FIRST at Purdue and the community.

  8. Purdue • We have participated in the Purdue homecoming parade, displayed our robot to Alumni, and participated in the Purdue days at the Indiana State Fair, providing great exposure beyond the local community. We have developed & shared resources to help start FIRST Robotics teams at other colleges and are planning a FIRST Regional at Purdue. Purdue and FIRST coincide so well because they both embrace and support engineering and technology.

  9. Community • Community is a major aspect of WBI. Yearly we give presentations to schools, businesses, and professional organizations, which has contributed to an increase in local and national recognition. We support our community by contributing to efforts such as donating to food pantries and…

  10. Community • …developing a FIRST introductory program for middle school students called SECOND (Science and Engineering Can Open New Doors).

  11. Community • We spread the word of FIRST by displaying our robot at Wal-Mart and the local mall, along with culminating the build season with a Community Night to unveil the robot and animation. Team member Matt Auter says, “People look up to WBI because we are committed to FIRST by helping other teams and the community.” We make it our mission to help develop other teams, as well as the local and regional community.

  12. Evolution • Since the founding of the team, Westside Boiler Invasion has changed greatly. We have expanded from focusing only on the robot to submitting a Chairman’s Award, Animation, mentoring several Lego League teams, sponsoring a Lego League tournament, and developing a plan to bring a FIRST regional to Purdue.

  13. Growth • Senior John Whelan feels that the change is amazing. "It's unbelievable that we can look back upon ourselves through the years and from the beginning, and how we've grown as individuals. Here, I can be a mentor and a student at the same time." The team has received a surge of new members, growing nearly three-fold since our first year. We hope to continue this growth in the future.

  14. Unity • Over the years our team has become much more structured, organized, and cohesive. We have year-round team building activities such as Capture-the-Flag, Taboo, and bowling. These activities help foster team member relationships. Because of the small age difference between the students and advisors, a unique relationship is developed. “I consider some of the advisors to be true friends, someone I can talk to about anything and get good advice,” says Carter Kiser.

  15. Fusion • Although team relations are good, we would like to increase communication and collaboration between team members. This can be achieved through increased team-building exercises and will help everybody work together. In order to help everybody stay committed to the team, one of our goals is to offer time management and organization seminars. “This will help the stress levels stay low and the spirits stay high,” says Becca Dale.

  16. Mentorship • Another improvement we have made is in the training of our members. The advisors are enrolled in a class at Purdue that helps them develop leadership, communication, teamwork, and technical skills. The skills the advisors learn are then taught to the high school students in the fall.

  17. Mentorship • All the students are trained on the lathe, mill, CNC, CAD and animation software, along with developing presentation, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Basic engineering knowledge is also taught through use of KIPs (“Knowledge is Power”), which were developed by team advisors and are web-based tutorials. The team has also developed many other resources for our members and other teams such as CAD tutorials, along with pneumatics and team organization seminars.

  18. Vision • Although our team has come a long way, there are still areas we would like to improve. We would like everyone in the community to be involved, even if they have no relation to team members. “I’d like to have FIRST be a household name,” says Patrick Wesonga, Director of Purdue FIRST Programs. “I would like to see robotics be as well known and celebrated as after-school activities such as basketball and cheerleading.”

  19. Building • Being more involved in the community also means influencing as many people as possible, no matter their age, with the message of FIRST. We would like to add programs for adults and special needs children to help them explore technology. We also plan on expanding our Lego League, SECOND, and robotics programs to include more schools.

  20. T.H.I.R.D. • For an organization to be successful, there has to be movement and change. Evolution is essential on every level. We grow because we struggle, we learn, and we overcome. An organization depends on the individuals in it to bring forth new ideas, improve on old ideas, and put those ideas into motion. Team development fosters the development of the team members, which will improve our culture as a whole. FIRST is about the impact that individuals can have upon other individuals and the community. It is about how these individuals can inspire other individuals and communities to evolve and to progress toward a time when science and technology are recognized as the future of our world.

  21. T.H.I.R.D. • Every FIRST team has it's own story, it's own way of moving from the past to the present to the future. Every team impacts individuals and the community. Every team also has an impact on FIRST, just as FIRST impacts the people and communities attached to a team. Every past comes together to blend in the present and spread out into the future, shaping the world and the people in it. The Westside Boiler Invasion has been a part of all these things. Our members have taken what they’ve learned and applied to all aspects of their lives. Many members have continued their involvement with FIRST even after graduation, whether at college or in industry, because of the great impact FIRST has had on their lives.

  22. T.H.I.R.D. • This program has affected all those involved from team members to the local community. It gives members an opportunity to give back to others, develop unique relationships, and develop their passions. We are continuously improving ourselves in order to impact our world.

  23. WBI: It’s happening here. Without a past, there is no future.