it s rough draft day n.
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It’s Rough Draft Day! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Rough Draft Day!

It’s Rough Draft Day!

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It’s Rough Draft Day!

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  1. It’sRough Draft Day! Only two days left to make excuses! HonorsEnglish

  2. Rough Draft Analysis orHow to Raise My Grade! You may exchange papers now!

  3. Cover Page Clear graphic of author? Intelligent title? Proper student ID info? No page number? Does not need to be color picture… Ima Student Honors English – Period 2 Mr. D. Payne 02 December 2011

  4. Outline Page 1” margins? Thesis included? Doublespaced? I & IIs, A & Bs, 1. & 2.s? Titles punctuated? Statements, not ?s No page # & last name

  5. Page Formatting One inch margin all around Name & page # on each page of body? Everything double-spaced? No double-double-spacing? Additional pages Title page – see yellow sheet (no page #) Outline (no page #) Works Cited (yes – page #)

  6. Intro – Main Points? Find name of author (spelled correctly?) Find title of main work (punctuated correctly? – italics, NO underlining!) Find mention of thesis prompt… how author/work reflects quote… shown in characters, themes, life, settings…

  7. Intro Paragraph Formatting Title centered & double-spaced? 1st paragraph indented? At least 4 sentences long? At least 5-6 lines long in print?

  8. Check Paragraph Development • Page through the document • Bracket any paragraphs that are not 5-6 lines long in print

  9. TRANSITIONS Circle paragraph transition words Chronological or thesis driven? Clear transition to each Roman numeral point? does transition restate thesis idea? this keeps paper unified & on track

  10. Long Quote Check-up Find at least one “long quote”? Formatted correctly? Double-spaced Same font size/style Double indented? No added indent on first line No quote marks (unless q-in-q) Goes to right margin? Is quote introduced? Is quote explained afterward?

  11. Citation & Quote Count Underline & number each citation! Are there at least 8? REMEMBER only sources used in paper go on Works Cited page! Can you match citations to Works Cited page (if there)?

  12. That’s a Citation, Buddy! Compare quote formatting Does yours match theirs? Who’s right? Who needs to fix theirs? Parentheses – page #, author, title No commas (except with “qtd. in” & author, title citations) For titles listed in your citations -- are they in quote marks or italics? – THEY NEED TO BE!

  13. Check Your Conclusion Does it restate thesis statement? Is slant reflected/repeated? At least 5-6 lines long in print? Stay in 3rd person? – THAT’S GOOD! Introduce new ideas not mentioned in paper? – THAT’S NOT GOOD!

  14. Playing the Length Game 6-7 pages is more than the average paper!

  15. GOAL: Longer & Better Go to outline . . . obvious Roman numerals to add? every A have B & 1 have 2 logical to add C’s or 3’s? Intro & conclusion fully developed? adding “quality quote” possible? Each quote introduced & explained?

  16. Longer & “Quotier” Can you add another long quote? improve support for a point not look like “filler” What makes “good” quote? said “better” than you could say supports your thesis Authoritative source Mark Twain & Anne of Green Gables May be better to add several “shorter” long quotes than one whopper!

  17. Playing the font game Know the rules! (Your prof sets them) 10-point Times + 10 pages = ??? Point size range (10-12) Font width Not all fonts are created equal in width try substituting Souvenir for Times substitute a monospaced font (Courier)

  18. Final Deadline Day No excuses – get it to me even if you can’t get to me!

  19. Thursday Assignment Meet in Computer Lab Have access to text of your paper Have access to Works Cited Page

  20. Computer Check-up Pull up paper on computer Use Cntrl-F command & search for the following… I, me, my We, ours, us You, yours there is, there are really, very, alot, thing Check margins – really at 1”?

  21. Works Cited Page Name & Page Number Double-spaced? Alphabetical order? Web sites & access dates? Indent second line ½” Period at end of every resource! At least 8 sources? <URLs>?

  22. Use the Submission Checklist! E-mailed to you & on HE web Print off & complete Hand in with paper – stapled in proper spot