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Rough Draft Sr. Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Rough Draft Sr. Project

Rough Draft Sr. Project

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Rough Draft Sr. Project

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  1. Rough DraftSr. Project

  2. Rough Draft: Guidelines • Read your writing carefully and critically: RUBRIC looks for: focus, content, organization, style and grammar/mechanics. • Double Space your paper and change margins to 1”(inch) –top/bottom, sides. • No extra spaces between the paragraphs.

  3. Rough Draft : Guidelines • Font/Font Size: Times New Roman, size 12 font. • Minimum length requirements: five full pages. • EVERY LINE on page 5 must be used. Any less than five full pages will result in the paper being returned and will be subject to 10% per day. • If you decide to add more information, do not forget to include this in your Works Cited. • Number your pages: see page 22. • Add your title to page 1: see page 22.

  4. Rough Draft : Guidelines • Make any necessary corrections to your Works Cited: did you use new sources? Add them… • Be sure your paper meets the requirements: -5 full pages (not including Works Cited) -If page 5 is not full, it will be returned. -Go on to page 6, at least one word just to be safe!!!!!!! -6 sources from three different types, one must be firsthand source. These must be cited in your paper and appear in Works Cited. -Proper MLA format for citations/Works Cited.

  5. Format Your Research Paper p22 • Set margins to 1”(inch) at top, bottom, and sides. • Font size: size 12, Font Type: Times New Roman • Page Numbering: Select INSERT tab. Select “Page Number” , “Top of the Page” and “Plain Number 3”. Type your last name and two spaces before the number. Hit ESC, to return to regular view.

  6. Formatting for Page 1, see p22 in Handbook. • Add a heading for page 1 containing your name, your English teachers name, the course name, and the date; they are double spaced and left justified. • Add a title to page 1. On the first line at the top of the page, after your heading, type and center your title, double space if you use more than one line.

  7. Heading – Page 1 John Doe Doe 1 Mr. Brown English 12 February 13, 2013 Death Penalty The death penalty is one of the most decisive issues in the United States today. The issue divides people on racial, ethnic and religious lines. While most abhor violence they agree that…….

  8. Format of p2 & Beyond, see p22 Handbook • Make sure pages are numbered, with your last name: top right. (hopefully you set up header already!) • Double space with no extra space between paragraphs. • Do not put separate headings for sections of your paper. • Works cited is the last page and should also be numbered.

  9. Page 2 and beyond… Doe 2 The death penalty has existed for thousands of years. Many believe that the death penalties roots are in the bible (“Death Issues”). Biblical laws such as an eye for an eye are an example of an early death penalty. If someone kills, then they should be killed according to this law. There are other traditions of the death penalty throughout history……

  10. General Structure of Sr. Project PaperWRITE THIS DOWN!!! • I. Introduction • II. Thesis Statement • III. Background • IV. History • V. Opposing Arg. 1 • VI. Opposing Arg. 2 • VII. Opposing Arg. 3 • VIII. Supporting Arg. 1 • IX. Supporting Arg. 2 • X. Supporting Arg. 3 • XI. Supporting Arg. 4 • XII. Personal Opinion • XIII. Conclusion

  11. FINALLY - Proofread • Proofread before printing. • The more times your paper is proofread, the more likely you will receive a higher grade.