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  1. GENERATIONS Neil Howe and William Strauss

  2. G. I. 1901 – 1924 John F. Kennedy Clare Booth Luce

  3. SILENT 1923 – 1942 Colin Powell Gloria Steinem

  4. BABY BOOMERS 1943 – 1960 David Spielberg Oprah Winfrey

  5. GEN X 1961 – 1981 Michael Jordan Jodie Foster

  6. MILLENNIALS 1982 – 2002 Frankie Muniz Mandy Moore

  7. "Over the next decade, the Millennial Generation will entirely recast the image of youth from downbeat and alienated to upbeat and engaged--with potentially seismic consequences for America."

  8. "Millennial attitudes and behaviors represent a sharp break from Generation X, and are running exactly counter to trends launched by the Boomers."

  9. Who They Are The Baby Boomlet (demography)Kinderpolitics (political economy)Ground Zero of the Culture Wars (family)Raising Standards for Regular Kids (school)Jiggy with It (pace of life)Zero Tolerance (conduct)Junior Citizens (community)The Happiness Business(culture)Rocket Cash (commerce)Planet Pokémon (world)

  10. Young workers will demand that employers adjust to the needs of workers who wish to build careers and families at the same time and to lead lower-stress lives than their parents did.... • Older employees will admire their skills, confidence, and team spirit, but will question their creativity and toughness.... • Millennial women will dominate entry-level medical, legal, and media positions, while Millennial men will dominate businesses and technology.... • Millennials will be less inclined than Gen Xers were at like age to take big career risks or turn their persona lives inside out to make more money.

  11. "Today’s kids are on track to become a powerhouse generation, full of technology planners, community shapers, institution builders, and world leaders, perhaps destined to dominate the twenty-first century like today’s fading and ennobled G.I. Generation dominated the twentieth. Millennials have a solid chance to become America’s next great generation."

  12. Why is the concept of generations important to work-based learning coordinators? ….Students ….Educators …Employers/supervisors …Parents

  13. The new gender gap! Are boys becoming the second sex? Men could become losers in a global economy that values mental power over might.

  14. Educators lost sight of the learning styles of boys, who were often sidelined as slow or troubled. The job market has turned from blue collar to white or pink collar.

  15. Women are rapidly closing the M.D. and PhD gap and make up almost half of the law students. Men are dropping out of the workplace; and women’s ranks are growing.