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  1. GENERATIONS Presented By Brad Nesheim Brian Stuver

  2. A group of people born in the same time frame with common cultures and attitudes. What is a Generation?

  3. Zits Comic Strip

  4. BSA is 100 years old Think about the last 30 years. How is it the same? How is it different? Generations in Scouting

  5. Political Beliefs Use of New Technology Music Preferences Respect They Show Others Work Ethic Moral Values Religious Beliefs Racial and Social Tolerance How Are The Generations Different? They Have Different Outlooks & Core Values

  6. Greatest Generation Born - 1928-1945 Between 67 and 83 Baby Boomers Born - 1946-1964 Between 48 and 66 Generation X Born - 1965-1980 Between 32 and 47 Millennial Generation Born - 1981-2000 Between 12 and 31 New Generation Born after 2000 Younger than 12 Who Are They?

  7. The Great Depression Roosevelt’s New Deal Attack on Pearl Harbor World War II GI Bill Radio and Telephone Korean War Greatest Generation – 1928-1945

  8. Cold War Race Riots, Civil Rights Vietnam Woodstock Space Travel Assassinations Credit Cards Record Albums Television Baby Boomers – 1946-1964

  9. Fall of the Berlin Wall Watergate Desert Storm Latchkey kids Divorce AIDS CDs Video Games Energy crisis Generation X – 1965-1980

  10. Oklahoma City bombing Columbine Princess Di’s death 9-11 The Challenger Disaster Social Networking iPods & MP3 Internet Millennials – 1981-2000

  11. What Are Their Values? What is Their Mindset?What is Important to Them?

  12. Pick a spokesperson Discuss these generational characteristics. What do you agree/disagree with? Why is this information important to us in scouting? Does this relate to the diversity and inclusiveness discussions? How does communication and conflict management skills influenced by this? How can you use this information in your ticket? Characteristics of Generations

  13. New Generation?

  14. Post 9/11 world Afgan/Iraqi Wars Mass Shootings Great Recession Continuously Connected Facebook, Twitter, iPhone,& iPads Generation Z? – 2001- Today

  15. High technology skills Highly creative and collaborative Lack traditional communication skills Multi-taskers Instant gratification Short attention span Higher social tolerance Generation Z? – 2001- Today

  16. Scouting never has been more diverse Volunteers and youth are very different The challenge is to “bridge” the gap to create a cohesive team to address the specific needs of the unit The Generation “Gap”

  17. Handbook – Page 86 Beaver & Fox – Situation One Bobwhite & Bear – Situation Two Buffalo & Antelope – Situation Three Eagles & Owl – Situation Four Patrol Activity

  18. “If a fisherman baits his hook with the kind of food that he likes himself, he will not catch many, certainly not the shy, game kind of fish. He therefore uses as bait the kind of food that the fish like.” -Robert Baden-Powell

  19. Capture their wisdom and experience Make them mentors Recognize and applaud their achievements Help them adapt to and embrace new technologies Provide flexible ways for them to be involved in scouting Greatest Generation

  20. Offer them opportunities for leadership Motivate them on their terms Respect their experience Give them recognition Make them mentors Baby Boomers

  21. Challenge them Give them structure and direction and let them go for it Vary their experiences Support their lifestyles and let them work on their own schedule Give them respect, feedback and recognition Generation X

  22. Recognize their technological orientation and knowledge Give them meaningful assignments and provide a variety of experiences Foster collaborative processes or efforts Be specific about expectations and give feedback constantly Make it fun Millennials/Generation Z

  23. It’s not us against them Communicate!! Use the form of communication best suited to the generation you need to reach Value Each Other • Email • Website • Texting • Social Media • US Mail • Landline • Cell Phone

  24. Making it Work • Generations are willing to learn from and work with each other • Find a shared vision and work to make it happen 24

  25. Training boy leaders to run their Troop is the Scoutmaster’s most important job. - Robert S.S. Baden-Powell Adult Led, Youth Run

  26. Scouting Spanning the Generations