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History Department

History Department

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History Department

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  1. History Department San Elijo Middle School Department Guidance

  2. Ms. O’Neill • Teaching Experience: 21 years • Credentials: Multiple Subject • General Science Supplement • Special Education Credential, Severely Impaired • Resource Specialist • Prior to teaching I was in the medical profession for 15 years. • I have 2 sons, Cory, 29… a firefighter for the city of San Diego, Sean, 24… a lifeguard and EMT.

  3. Website • Our school website is • Faculty… Kary O’Neill • Email address: • Phone#: 760-290-2800 ext.3452 • Assignments and calendar • Documents and Power Points

  4. On-Line Grades • Website… • To log in: Class word… Period #-oneillhistory-1011 ex. 5-oneillhistory-1011 Period #-oneillexpo-1011 ex. 2-oneillexpo-1011 Period #-oneillpe-1011 ex. 3-oneillpe-1011 Student ID: Student’s school 7 digit ID number • Please go to My Account and sign up with your email address. You will receive updated emails as to your student’s grades each time I put grades into the website!!!!!!!!

  5. On-Line Textbook • The history textbook is on line!!! • Website is • To log in: Student name…osems Password…f2d7z

  6. We established the following “Standards of Excellence” procedures in accordance with District Office guidance: Grading • Categories are broken down as follows: Tests/Projects 45%, Quizzes 25% • Homework/Class-work 20%, • Community Service 10%

  7. Citizenship • Evaluated differently than academic progress. • Involves a student’s actions, behavior, responsibility, leadership, cooperation, and willingness to assist others. Categories/Criteria….. • Excellent: above and beyond • Satisfactory: basic requirements • Needs improvement: less than basic • Unsatisfactory: fails to do the basic requirements Effort Based on student’s effort on all work performed in the classroom setting…class-work, homework, projects, and any other work associated with the class. Categories and criteria are the same as citizenship.

  8. Homework • No homework on weekends. Students may need to complete an assignment at home or on the weekend if they did not finish in a timely mannerin the classroom. • All projects will be assigned with a due date with a 3 week time window in which to complete the assignment. Students will generally complete projects at home… with a portion done each night, in lieu of a History homework assignment.

  9. Late Work Policy • There is NO LATEWORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • This is a school wide History Department policy. • Includes projects, homework, any assigned class work. • Department goal is to continue developing good work ethic and building student responsibility. • Excused absences are covered by District Office procedures.

  10. Eagle Bucks • Token economy reward • Used for rewarding students • Used for fines/charges • Students are responsible for keeping their own Eagle Bucks • May use Eagle Bucks to purchase tickets to team events, auctions, etc.

  11. Extra Credit The History Department does not give extra credit. We believe that it is important for the student to concentrate on doing the best they can on the assigned work given to them in class.

  12. CommunityService • The History Department requires students to build their citizenship skills by getting involved in their community. It is 10% of their History grade. • Guidance/Criteria is as follows: • Students in 6th grade will complete 6 hours of Community Service • 3 hours Semester I, 3 hours Semester II • A variety of service options is required (2/semester) • Verification by provider and parent is required

  13. Additional Notes • Technology is a key factor. It is a great asset to your child if they have access to a computer/internet. • If a student drops an honors level history class, they will not be allowed to return to an honors class in the current school year. It is important that the student commits to doing their best and not give up just because the going gets a little tough now and then. • Our GOAL is building and developing life skills, personal responsibility and citizenship.