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CTE 103

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CTE 103

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  1. CTE 103 REPORTS

  2. Timeline*

  3. CTE Data Portal • 2019- adding contact information- do again in Fall • 2019- adding teacher contact information • Help- FAQ • Has due dates • Note- Look for Fall workshops on the Data Portal.

  4. Preliminary Funding ReportReview + fix in July The Preliminary Funding Report allows districts to identify problems that impact state allocations. Some of the problems may include the following: • The teacher is not certified for a course • No Concentrators were submitted for a program • No Graduate Placement Surveys were submitted for a program

  5. Preliminary Non-funded A report of non-funded courses is produced if a course does not meet the requirements. The dollar amount not generated for a course will appear on the VOCI 55-1 (school-level) and VOCI 55-2(district-level) reports.

  6. Preliminary Reports- Placement

  7. Exemptions-What Are They For? • Change- May 1- deadline for request • Note- teacher can have only 1 exemption per District every 5 years • Note- submit via CTE Data Portal • Teacher certification • No reported Concentrators • Expect concentrators by 3 years of new program(grace period) • NOTE- if an established program goes 3 consecutive years without a concentrator- will be considered “unapproved” for state funding • One exemption per program per 5 years • No reported Placements • Expect placements by 4 years of new program(grace period) • One exemption per program per 5 years

  8. Exemptions- Data Portal- Instructions

  9. DLP-District LevelPerformance September 15

  10. Where find? DLP

  11. 2018 2018

  12. 2018 • Performance measures- calculated using participant, concentrator, and placement data.

  13. What is an Improvement plan (IP)? PURPOSE: Section123(b)(1-5) of Perkins IV, mandates that districts that fail to meet 90% of the SALP on ANY measure, must submit an Improvement Plan. Form available at Where to upload- due September 15 in Perkins 2019

  14. Reports- Access/Participation for Special PopulationsUpload by September 15 into Perkins 2019 Use school year 2017-18 for Grant FY2019

  15. 2019 School Year 2017-2018

  16. Where Upload?

  17. How to Upload in Related Documents • Log into ADE Connect • Select CTE Grant • Start a revision • Go to “Sections” • Select “Related Documents” • Click “upload new” • Upload

  18. Final Narrative Perkins • 2018- Final narrative • Application says due September 1 but timeline says September 15, 2018 • 2019- Final narrative • Application says due September 15 and timeline says September 15, 2019

  19. This must be completed and approved by CTE GPS and Director before the Completion Report is started. If the Completion Report (CR) is started before the final narrative has been approved the completion report will have to be deleted as once the CR has been started- it blocks the CTE Director from completing the final narrative. • To complete the final narrative- • - Select the Performance Measure (example- PM 1S1, PM 1S2) • - Review objective that was written in box 5/6 • - Scroll to the box (number 9 or 10) that says final narrative- in 5000 characters or less- describe the progress of the objective • - Include dates and details of outcome or progress of the objective • If objective was not met - provide an explanation or provide plans on how the objective will be completed in the future. Do not leave the box blank. Final Narrative- Perkins2018

  20. Improvement Plans

  21. Performance Improvement Plan(PIP) A plan written to address any performance measure(PM) not met within 90% of the State Adjusted Level of Performance (SALP)- Use DLP for District data.

  22. State Adjusted Level of Performance (SALP) • 1S1-Academic-Reading • 1S2-Academic- Math • 2S1-Technical Skill Attainment • 3S1-School Completion (GED +Grad) • 4S1-Graduation • 5S1-Placements • 6S1-Nontraditional Participation • 6S2-Nontraditional Completion • NOTE: All measures except for 6S1 only include concentrators (2 or more credits) who left school.

  23. DefinitionsCTE Participant: A participant is a secondary student in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 who has earned one (1) or more transcripted Carnegie Units/credits in the same CTE program area in the reporting year. CTE Concentrator: A concentrator is a secondary student who has transcripted two (2) or more Carnegie Units/credits in a state designated sequence in an approved Career and Technical Education program. Concentrators are not included in the calculation of performance measures until they leave school with a valid leave code. _____________________________CTE Placement: A concentrator is considered “placed” if that student is in postsecondary education or advanced training, employment or military service between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 following graduation.

  24. Improvement Plan Development-Define the Issue • Ask- • Cause- What is the reason behind the non-performance? • Assess- what is the root cause • Solution- How does the non- performance get fixed? • Break solution into manageable parts(Action Steps with deadlines and responsible party) • Share written procedures with staff • Monitor progress Why PM weren’t met • Low test scores • Teacher/program deficiency • New school initiatives • Budget • Contributing factors- such as: • High absentee rates • Change in school schedule • Categories (Target pop) • ELL • Special Education • Nontrad

  25. Questions to Ask- 2S1-TechnicalSkills What is root cause behind the SALP data? Evaluate the extent of the problem. Have standards changed? Is teacher teaching the standards? Is curriculum aligned with approved program standards? Is curriculum/text book current? Are appropriate lab, resources, and technology provided for this program? Are all appropriate(eligible) students being assessed? Are test results- analyzed and aligned to lesson plans/curriculum? Do CTE teachers need Professional Development? Are needs of special needs students being addressed adequately? Are students taking the test seriously? What is student incentive to do well on the assessment test? Is student success- acknowledged + celebrated ?

  26. 1. Identify root cause- the “why”2. Write SMART “Action Steps”-Who, What, + When will have positive impact to improve performance-May amend Perkins grant objectivesWork with Grant Program Specialist for final approvalAdd into FY19 Perkins Grant by 11/30/18Midyear status update – upload by 3/31/19 PIP- “Developing a Plan”

  27. PIP-What Has Changed? • No longer complete template + upload in related documents • For Perkins 2019 find in Sections part of grant application

  28. PIP-new For Perkins 2019

  29. Annual Program Evaluation*Change- What is New Here? See handout

  30. Annual Program Evaluation(APE) • CTE Advisory Committee Meetings • APE sample templates available – in related documents • Advisory Committee Agendas (at least 2) • Names and contact information of • participants • Program Action Plans • Executive Summary

  31. 1. Meeting Agenda 2. Committee Member Contact Documentation3. Action Plan 4. Executive SummaryDue November 30, 2018 in Perkins 2019 APE Summary- What to Upload

  32. Where Upload? Due November 30 in Perkins 2019

  33. Samples- label each uploaded document

  34. Questions??