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Compass Odyssey Writer

Compass Odyssey Writer

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Compass Odyssey Writer

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  1. Compass Odyssey Writer Ashley Gombar RES Teacher

  2. Mission and Vision Mission: Dorchester School District Two leading the way, every student, every day, through relationships, rigor, and relevance. Vision: Dorchester School District Two desires to be recognized as a “World Class” school district, expecting each student to achieve at his/her optimum level in all areas, and providing all members of our district family with an environment that permits them to do their personal best.

  3. Odyssey Writer Overview • The PERFECT way to get your students WRITING and TYPING

  4. Presentation Info

  5. Let’s give it a try!!!!

  6. Making your own!

  7. First things first: Login to Compass Your personal teacher login and password

  8. Click on Courses & Assignments

  9. This is where you will be able to tell if a student has turned in a writing assignment. The colored box will be animated and show paper moving into the box- we will come back to this! This is where we will click to build our assignment

  10. This is what you will see… we need to SCROLL DOWN!!!!!

  11. This is where we need to click to start our assignment


  13. This is the first thing your students will see when they open up their assignment. ** Once the student closes this information they will not see it again until they log out of the program and sign back inOR press the COPY button in the lower left corner) Introductions/Prompts

  14. This can be used as an introduction of what your students will be doing It can also review familiar concepts or share expectations for the assignment Example

  15. Writing Framework This is where your students will begin writing I use this as a place to put more specific directions and just ask the kids to delete them when they are finished There are four possible pages… we are currently on page one

  16. Example You can set up your students writing here if they are already aware of the expectations and directions

  17. Or you can write much more thorough directions and have your students delete it when finished, or just start their work on page two (be aware that if you choose this and have your students print, it will print both pages) Example

  18. Note Cards This is a great prewriting strategy for students. It also allows you to help guide their writing. You can let them use the cards independently to organize their thoughts, or you may fill in the cards first and have them finish them

  19. Here the notecards are merely reminding students of expectations and are allowing this space to organize their thoughts Example

  20. Here the notecards are being used to remind the students of the order of the summarizing steps and which questions should be asked at each step Example

  21. Web Links Here you can provide websites for students to visit in order to help them complete their writing activities Just make up a title and copy/paste the URL in the space provided

  22. Example Here the web link took the students to a short story. They had to read it and then practice summarizing.

  23. Rubric This is the rubric that students will self-evaluate with and also how you will grade their work. Rubrics can be saved and reused for multiple writing assignments.

  24. Example- (I made)

  25. Example- (I made)

  26. Odyssey Made Rubrics

  27. Odyssey RubricsThere are quite a few of them!!! Rubrics (along with lessons) can be shared through your school

  28. Save your assignment as you go!

  29. Once finished… Click here

  30. Make sure this info is correct: • Spell check? • Draft: NO!! • Subject: • Grade This screen will appear Make up a name for your Writing Assignment Lastly, Press save

  31. ****YOU MAY NEED TO LOG OUT AND LOG BACK IN**** • Not sure why this happens, and it isn’t necessary every time- one of the world’s greatest mysteries! • But if all else fails, this is my go-to option 

  32. Once you log back in… (if necessary) Open back up ASSIGNMENT BUILDER

  33. Check the assignment you just created Then click COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT You may need to scroll down to see this!

  34. This window will appear- Check these things

  35. Assign it to your students like all other Compass Assignments

  36. Ta Da!!!! You have made an assignment!

  37. How to correct a student’s submitted work

  38. When a student has turned in an assignment this button will be animated.

  39. All the assignments will be listed here

  40. This tab will show you the student’s note cards

  41. This tab will show you the student’s graphic organizer

  42. This tab will show you how the draft the student wrote It will show the outline side by side so you can be sure they followed their plan

  43. This tab will show you how the student evaluated their paper

  44. Here you can see the student copy and pasted his/her note cards