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Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking Water? - DLS Maytag

Dependable Laundry Solutions presents a slideshow on what to do if you find your washing machine is leaking water.

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Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking Water? - DLS Maytag

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  1. Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking Water?

  2. What’s the Problem? • At one time or other, all of us have seen a movie where some clueless helper tries to put a wash on and ends up adding too many suds, or somehow busts a pipe, spraying water everywhere. • When your machine begins to leak water, these are the types of images that fill your imagination. You think of flooded rooms and unimaginable messes left for you to clean. But in reality, your washing machine problems are often simple, and come with an easy fix or repair. • For a washing machine to work properly, the water needs to be fully contained. Leaks can happen for a number of reasons - the most common of those reason are:

  3. Leaks During Filling • If your machine is leaking at the beginning of the cycle, you’ll need to check your hoses. • Make sure that they are well connected and in good condition. • Use pliers to tighten both ends, at the machine and at the valve, and inspect the valve for proper operation. • Replace damaged hoses immediately by disconnecting both ends, and simply install a new one of the same size to solve your problem.

  4. Leaks During Draining • If your machine fills and washes without leaking, but leaks during the drain cycle, the problem may be in your drain hose. • First, inspect the drain hose fitting while the machine is draining. • If water is backing out of the drain pipe, you may have a clog that needs to be treated by a plumber. • Make sure the hose is well inserted into the drain and free from damage. • The drain end should fit loosely in the drain pipe so that it will move up and down. On the machine end, the drain hose should be firmly connected. • Replace the hose if you see any signs of damage.

  5. Leaks During Washing • During the wash cycle, your machine may overfill, become off balance, and slosh water out, or a damaged component may be causing the leak. • In most cases, this is a case for an appliance repair professional. • Call your manufacturer to find out if you are still under warranty, or for a recommendation on where to find a great service.

  6. For more information about commercial washing machine repairs in Perth, get in contact with Dependable Laundry Solutions today.

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