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  1. IWT in NER Inland Waterways Authority of India April, 2014

  2. IWAI Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) was constituted in October, 1986 by an Act of Parliament for development and regulation of inland waterways.

  3. Charter of IWAI • Development and regulation of National Waterways • Advise Central Government on matters relating to IWT • Assist State Governments in development of IWT • Lay down standards for classification of inland waterways • Enter into joint ventures concerning inland shipping • Conduct research in matters relating to IWT

  4. National Waterways • So far five waterways have been declared as National waterways • NW-1, the Ganga (1620 km)- declared in 1986 • NW-2, the Brahmaputra (891 km)- 1988 • NW-3, the West Coast Canal (205 km)- 1993 • NW-4, the Godavari, Krishna and canals between Kakinada & Puducherry (1028 km)- 2008 • NW-5, the Brahmani river, Mahanadi delta & East Coast canal (588 km)- 2008 • Barak river in Assam is under consideration for declaration as NW-6 (121 km) • Indo- B’deshProtocol routes (1700 km) connect NW-1 with NW-2 and proposed NW-6


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  7. P P P P P P P P P NAGALAND TEJPUR SILGHAT INDO – BANGLADESH PROTOCOL ROUTES 31C Brahmaputra R. I N D I A A S S A M NW-2 36 JOGIGHOPA 37 DISPUR PANDU 31 DHUBRI 37 KOHIMA 40 SHISHUMARA DAIKHAWA SHILLONG 31 M E G H A L A Y A 51 BIHAR CHILMARI 53 Barak MANIPUR Ganga R. Surma R. ZAKIGANJ LAKHIPUR BAHADURABAD 34 IMPHAL 53 SYLHET BHANGA KARIMGANJ JHARKHAND Jamuna R. Kusiyara R. MARKULI FENCHUGANJ B A N G L A D E S H SHERPUR AJMIRIGANJ GODAGARI DHULIAN SIRAJGANJ RAJSHAHI 54 44 BHAIRABBAZAR ASHUGANJ Ganga R. Baral R. N TRIPURA BAGHABARI Meghna R.` AKHAURA ARICHA AIZWAL AGARTALA AGARTALA DHAKA MIZORAM Bhagirathi R. NW-1 NARAYANGANJ Padma R. Legend Legend Declared National waterway Proposed National waterway Protocol route Road Rail NH 2 CHANDPUR KHULNA 35 BARISAL Meghna R. WEST BENGAL CHALNA KAUKHALI 51 KOLKATA Protocol route distances MONGLA 6 Kolkata - Guwahati/Pandu ...... 1535 km Kolkata - Karimganj...................1318 km Dhulian-Rajshahi...........................78 km 41 HALDIA ANGTIHARA Hooghly R. 7 Back Bay of Bengal Raimangal R. Myanmar (Burma) NAMKHANA ORISSA Sunderbans


  9. Importance of IWT for NER • A cost effective & environment friendly mode • Best suited for bulk goods, ODC, Project cargo & hazardous goods • IWT offers shorter, alternative route to Lower Assam, Tripura, Mizoram & Manipur • Provides port- hinterland connectivity to entire region – Kolkata – Haldia • Access to Chittagong port by Bangladesh set to change EXIM cargo transport pattern in NER as well as Bhutan

  10. Importance of IWT for NER • 891 km stretch of Brahmaputra developed as NW 2; 121 km stretch of Barak river under consideration as NW 6 • So, about 1012 km of National Waterways likely • Another 1566 km stretch of tributaries of Brahmaputra & Barak identified in NER for development as State Waterways – Feeder routes • Kaladan multi-modal transport project set to provide alternate route through Myanmar to NER • Nagaland can get access to Myanmar through development of Tizu river link • River Brahmaputra offers immense scope for development of ‘river cruise’ & ‘eco-tourism’ in NER

  11. Status of NW-2 …. essential requirements 1. Fairway with targeted depth & width 2. Aids for 24 hrs navigation 3. Terminals with cargo handling equipment and Road- Rail link 4. Vessels First three by Govt; fourth by Private sector

  12. Status of NW- 2 Projects being implemented for making NW-2 fully functional : Fairway • Least available depth (LAD) of 2.5 m between Dhubri- Neamati (630 km); • 2.0 m between Neamati-Dibrugarh (138 km) • 1.5 m between Dibrugarh-Sadiya (123 km), presently up to Oriumghat (92 km) • IWAI has 4 dredgers at present (2 CSD and 2 HSD)

  13. Status of NW- 2 Navigation aids • 24 hrs navigation aids in 440km (Dhubri- Silghat), which can be extended to entire waterway depending on necessity • DGPS stations have been set up atDhubri, Jogighopa , Silghat and Dibrugarh • These DGPS will provide safe navigation to Inland vessels using electronic navigational charts • Fortnightly talweg survey through 6 survey vessels of IWAI; river notices being issued • Besides, pilots are provided to cargo vessels

  14. Status of NW- 2 Terminals • IWT Port Pandu • IWT Port at Pandu has been developed by IWAI as a hub for multimodal connectivity in the North-East region by investing Rs. 100 Cr. • Low level and high level permanent jetties have been provided with mechanical handling equipment for round the year operation • Rail connectivity (BG) completed and ready for use • Road connectivity already available

  15. Status of NW- 2 Terminals • Floating terminals at Dhubri, Jogighopa, Tejpur, Silghat, Neamati, Bogibil (north & south banks), Dibrugarh, Panbari & Orium ghat are being maintained with pontoon and gangway • Floating terminal can be provided at other locations on need basis • Two shore cranes and five floating cranes are availble for loading/unloading of cargo at the terminals

  16. Status of NW-2 Vessel Repair Facility • A critical deficiency • IWT unit of Army; Para-military forces also face immense problems • Assam Govt’s partially completed slipway at Pandu will be developed as joint project of IWAI and Govt of Assam

  17. Status of NW-2 Cargo Vessels • Failure of CIWTC is perhaps the biggest set back for IWT in NER • IWAI has 2/3 cargo vessels for demonstrative voyages only • IWT Directorate, Assam also has some cargo vessels but now virtually defunct • Private operators consider investment in vessels too risky - lack of assured cargo; uncertainties surrounding Indo- Bangladesh Trade & Transit Protocol

  18. Cargo movement Figures in Lakh Ton A major portion of the cargo in NW-2 is being transported through ferry service having a distance up to 100 Km

  19. Revenue earned Rupees in Lakhs IWAI is not collecting any waterway charges from the ferry service and most of the cargo in NW-2 is transported through ferry service only.

  20. Important IWT Projects • Declaration of Barak river as National Waterway • Kaladan multi modal transport project Kaladan • Construction of permanent terminal at Dhubri and Hatsingimari with Roll on- Roll off facilities • Constrction of Ship Repair facility at Pandu • Construction of terminals at Bishwanath Ghat and Oriumghat • Study by RITES for development of State waterways

  21. Important IWT Projects • Transportation of FCI foodgrains by IWT Mode to North-East • Transportation of coal by waterway for NTPC power plant at Bongaigaon • Transportation of pipes & other cargo of ONGC & Oil India Ltd. from Kolkata to North-East • Transportation of containers by IWT mode between Kolkata and Pandu

  22. Barak river • Declaration of Barak river [Lakhipur- Bhanga stretch (121 km)] as National Waterway is in advanced stage • Cost of development – Rs 123 Cr (2012 prices) • Navigational Channel of 40 m width and 1.6 m/2.0 m depth • 1 CSD unit, 1 survey launch, & 1 inspection boat are proposed for this NW • IWT terminals at Lakhipur, Silchar and Badarpur • Protocol routes connect Karimganj and Kolkata

  23. Proposed National Waterway (No 6) River Barak Bhanga Badarpur Silchar • Length –121 km • Development cost -Rs 123 Cr (at 2012 prices) • Status: Declaration in process Back

  24. Kaladan multi modal transport project • Project funded by MEA – total project cost could be of over Rs.1000 crore • Provides alternative connectivity of North- East with mainland India through Kaladan river & Sittwe port in Myanmar • Multi modal project: Road- IWT- Sea • IWAI as PDC did the bid process management • M/s Essar Projects appointed by MEA as main contractor for port & IWT components • Cost of work (IWT & Port): Rs 342 crore • Completion period is 3 years • Construction commenced; likely completion June 2015

  25. Aizwal I N D I A I N D I A NH 54 B A N G L A D E S H Lawngtlai Myeikwa (IM Border) Kaletwa Myanmar Paletwa Bay of Bengal Kyauktaw Sittwe

  26. RO-RO terminal at Dhubri and Hatsingimari • Perishable cargo from Meghalaya and consumable goods for West Garo Hills are transported by road using Jogighopa bridge • RO-RO terminals at Dhubri (North Bank) and Hatsingimari (South Bank) on River Brahmaputra will provide direct connectivity between Dhubri and Meghalaya avoiding circuitous road route through Jogighopa • DPR’s have been prepared for both the projects • Construction of Dhubri terminal has been commenced Contd.

  27. RO-RO terminal at Dhubri and Hatsingimari • Construction of Hatsingimari terminal could not be taken up due to severe erosion at the terminal site • Brahmaputra Board has a plan to provide anti erosion works at this location • Construction of Permanent Terminal at Hatsingimari can be taken up only after anti erosion works by Brahmaputra Board • Temporary arrangement for Ro-Ro operation will be provided by IWAI till such time after construction of Dhubri terminal to facilitate Ro-Ro operation between Dhubri and Hatsingimari

  28. Ship Repair facility at Pandu • A partially built slipway (ship repair facility) of Assam Govt’s exists at Pandu • IWAI took initiative to develop this slipway on Joint management basis Govt. of Assam • Govt. of Assam agreed to the proposal • Land will be handed over the land measuring 3.37 Acres to IWAI on lease basis at a nominal rent of Re. 1 per annum for 20 years with a provision for extension of lease period • A consultant will be engaged by IWAI to prepare the DPR for construction of Ship Repair Facility • Construction will be taken up based on the DPR

  29. Construction of other terminals • IWAI is worked out the modalities for movement of FCI foodgrains for PDS through IWT to cater the needs of upper Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and adjoining areas • Nearly 6000 MT of food grains were transported from Bogibil (south bank ) to Kanarg Chhapadi on north bank during 2013-14 using IWAI terminals on both banks • Terminals are being developed at Oriumghat and Biswanath ghat for loading/ unloading goods

  30. Study by RITES • IWAI has conducted a study through RITES (July 2011) for ‘identification of potential waterways of NER’ • 23 river stretches identified • State Governments may develop these waterways using own resources/CSS /NLCPR-Central Map Details

  31. Transportation of FCI foodgrains • FCI initiated the action for transportation of 10,000 MT of food grains from Kolkata to Tripura via Ashuganj on a trial basis • Department of food and Public Distribution has approved the award of contract for movement of 10,000 MT raw rice ex-Andhra Pradesh to three depots in Agartala Via Ashuganj Port in Bangladesh

  32. Transportation of coal • NTPC has plan to transport 0.5 MMTPA of imported coal from Bay of Bengal to Bongaigaon by IWT • To materilize this transportation terminal & loading/unloading facility at Jogighopa and last mile connectivity from Jogighopa to Bongaigaon, a MoU has been signed between IWAI and Central Railside Warehousing Company Limited • Govt. funding need to be explored for this project • IL&FS-IDC has been requested to prepare the Feasibility Report after making field visit alongwith NTPC, Railways and IWAI officials

  33. Transportation of pipes • ONGC and Oil India Ltd. is to convey their decision for transporting their pipes and other cargo to North –East through IWT mode • ONGC & Oil India will have to give a long term commitment of cargo through IWT mode including the details of O-D points • MoU needs to be signed between IWAI and these Companies • Thereafter they have to float a tender to select the transport operator in consultation with IWAI

  34. Transportation of containers • About 80 TEUs per week traffic exists between Pandu - Kolkata • CONCOR, Kolkata inspected the IWT terminal at Pandu • Long term commitment is required from CONCOR for transportation of part of their container cargo by IWT

  35. Potential Cargo • For 34 Hydel projects (30,000 MW) in AP, MoUs signed • - Reliance, NHPC, Jindal, Athena, NEEPCO etc • Construction to continue upto 2030 • 24 million tonnes of cement and 2 million tonne of steel required upto 2027 • ODC and other cargo shall also be transported • IWT can be used for at least 40-50% of this • IWAI has signed MoU with Jindal & Reliance

  36. Optimising utilisation of NW2 • Indo- Bangladesh Trade & Transit Protocol is valid upto 31st March 2015 • The Protocol is renewed for a period of 1-2 years every time • Need to have IWT transit valid for longer duration of (say 10 years) instead of shorter period of 1-2 years • Need to link major river ports like Jogighopa, Tejpur, Silghat, Oriuam ghat, Dibrugarh, Karimganj, Badarpur, Ashuganj with multi-modal rail & road links • Institutional strengthening of IWT setup in all NE States to utilize Central Sector Scheme for IWT

  37. Project Cargo for Palatana project in Tripura • New Port of Call at Ashuganj made movement of this project cargo feasible • 90 consignments transported from Kolkata/Haldia since March 2011

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  41. IWT Protocol Route-Connectivity of Tripura Through Ashuganj N Ashuganj 46 Km Akhaura Agartala

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