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New Horizon College English Unit 3 Where Principle Come First PowerPoint Presentation
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New Horizon College English Unit 3 Where Principle Come First

New Horizon College English Unit 3 Where Principle Come First

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New Horizon College English Unit 3 Where Principle Come First

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  1. New Horizon College English Unit 3 Where Principle Come First

  2. Expression & Patterns Pre-reading Activities Background information Questions for discussion Summary Text Analysis Text structure Devices for developing it Main idea Writing Exercises Writing skill Writing practice Homework & Revision Words using Words game

  3. Background Information Pre-reading Activities • The Hyde School • Bath • New Haven

  4. Background Information Pre-reading Activities • The Hyde School In 1966, Joseph W. Gauld founded the first Hyde School in Bath, Maine in response to a system of education which he believed was failing its children because of conflicting priorities. His search for a new approach in education led to a program that valued attitude over aptitude, effort over ability, and character over talent.This emphasis creates a learning environment where students experience success with integrity, the kind of success that lasts a lifetime. 

  5. Pre-reading Activities Background Information • Bath Bath is an old seafaring town. Its recorded maritime history began only 12 miles down the Kennebec when 400 years ago the first ship built by settlers in the New World was launched.

  6. Pre-reading Activities Background Information • New Haven Less than four centuries ago the area which is now New Haven was the home of a small tribe of Native Americans, the Quinnipiack, who built their villages around the harbor. Revolutionary War began, New Haven had evolved from a colonial village into a growing town of about 3,500 that would contribute men, financial support and arms to the revolutionary cause.

  7. Pre-reading Activities Questions for discussion work in pairs to discuss the following questions.

  8. Questions for discussion Pre-reading Activities 1. In your mind, what kind of school do you like? 2.What do you think your present college life like?

  9. Expressions & patterns Words & ExpressionWord UsingWord Game

  10. Words using 1. …which has received considerable publicity for its work with troubled youngsters. (line 4-5) …which has received great attention from the public for its work with troubled young people… publicity: n. notice or attention from the public or news media e.g. seek/ avoid publicity 追求/ 避免公众注意 e.g. When the news media and the public show a lot of interest in something, you can say that it is receiving publicity. 当新闻媒体和公众对某事务表现出很大兴趣时,你就可以说这事引起了公众关注。 2. …by cultivating comprehensive set of principles that can affect all kids. (line 8-9) …by developing a full set of principles with the effect on every kid cultivate: vt. a) develop or improve 培养,陶冶

  11. Words using e.g. Cultivating a positive attitude towards yourself can reap tremendous benefits. 对自己有一种正确的心态能受益颇多。 b) prepare land and grow crops on it 耕种,耕作 e.g. Olives have been cultivated for centuries in some countries in the Middle East. 橄榄树在中东一些国家已经种植了几个世纪了。 comprehensive: adj. Including everything or nearly everything that is connected with a particular subject 综合的,全面的,广泛的 e.g. a guide book giving comprehensive information on the area. 一本提供了该地区综合信息的导游书 e.g. The store offers a comprehensive range of kitchen equipment. 这家商店卖的厨房用品很齐全。

  12. Words using Compare→ comprehensible: adj. easy to understand e.g. The book is written in clear , comprehensible language. 这本书写的明了易懂。 3. Within months the program was suspended. ( line 13-14) (In a few months the program was brought to an end.) 几个月后,该计划即告暂停。 suspend: vt a) stop or delay something for a time 暂停,中止 e.g. Some rail services were suspended during the strike. 罢工期间,有些铁路服务中止了。 The union suspended strike action this week. 工会本周中止了罢工行动。 b) hang something up 悬挂 e.g. A lamp was suspended from the ceiling. 天花板上吊着一盏灯。

  13. Words using 4. As in Maine the quest for truth is also wide spread at the school in Connecticut. (line 24-25) (It’s the same as the situation in Maine that in Connecticut the search for truth is also spread widely at the school.) 就像在缅因州那样,求真在康涅狄格州的这所中学得到广泛推崇。 as: Here “ as” is used to compare situations ( or sometimes actions ) by saying that they are similar. e.g. In Greece, as in Italy, they use a lot of olive oil in cooking. 与在意大利一样,在希腊,人们做饭时用很多橄榄油。 quest: n a long search for something that is difficult to find 探寻,寻求 e.g. the quest for eternal youth 对永远年轻的追求 synonyms: quest for search for in quest of in search of

  14. Words using 5. …Gauld says the concept of doing your best has nothing to do with forcing the students to accept a particular set of morals or religious values. (line 40-41 ) Gauld says that the idea of trying your utmost has nothing to do with forcing the students to accept a certain set of moral standards or religious values. moral: adj. concerning principles about right or wrong 道德的 e.g. a very moral person 一个很道德的人 n. (pl) standards of behavior, principles of right or wrong 道德 e.g. western ideas and morals 西方理念和道德观 Compare→ morale: the way that a group of people feel at a particular time 士气 e.g. The team’s morale was high before the match. 赛前队员们的士气很高。

  15. Words using 6. We kind of like that spirit. (line 74) (We like that spirit a little bit.) 我们有几分喜欢这种活力。 kind of: ( infml) rather, a little bit 有点 e.g. I’m kind of worried about the interview. 我对面试有点担心。 I’m kind of tired from reading. 我读书读的有点累了。 Compare→ of a kind: very much the same 相似 e.g. The friends are two of a kind—very similar in so many ways. 这对朋友在很多方面都很相似。 Compare→ a kind of: (infml) used for describing something in a way that is not very clear 某种,某些 e.g. I had a kind of feeling that something would go wrong. 我有种感觉什么地方会出问题。 There’s a funny kind of smell in here. 这儿有种古怪的气味。

  16. Words Game think about complete the words based on the meanings

  17. Words Game develop a particular skill or quality cultivate strain pressure caused by a difficult situation energetic full of energy; very active quest a long difficulty search conventional of the traditional or accepted type outlook one’s general attitude to life and the world

  18. Text Analysis an introduction to the Hyde School and its principles Part Ⅰ Text Structure the approach to education of is spread to inner-city schools part Ⅱ part Ⅲ the approach to education of the Hyde School part IV The opinion of people on the inner-city school’s principle

  19. Text Analysis devices for developing it a general statement supported by an example(paras. 5-11)

  20. summary Main Idea the text is a report about Hyde School, telling us the principles advocated by the school, how the principles are accepted or rejected by other schools and finally how the principles turn out to be beneficial to the teachers and students.

  21. Writing Practice 1. 就学校的某些变化给校长写封信 2. 分析变化主要表现在哪些方面 3. 提出(进一步)改进的意见 A Letter to the College President

  22. Back Ⅵ. Writing 写作模式(分析建议) 1) I am delighted (distressed) to find there have been favorable(unfavorable) changes in … (议论的主题) since I came here. 2) From my angle of view, these changes indicate that what you have done is in (out of) line with ...(作者的态度) 3) In the long run, they will produce more positive (negative) effect on ... 4) Such desirable (undesirable) changes can be found in the aspects as follows. 5) First, … (划线部分可替换)

  23. Back Ⅵ. Writing (分析I)6)Second, ... (分析II) 7) And best(worst) of all, …(分析III) 8) ... (进一步阐述) 9) But all the foregoing does not mean that there is little room for further improvement in …(that there is little you can do about …)10) Instead, to enrich (reverse)…, a richer variety (a better health) can be added to …(建议I) 11) And meanwhile, ... (建议II) 12) It should be born in mind that … (结论句) (划线部分可替换)

  24. Ⅵ. Writing Back A Letter to the College President • 就校园生活的可喜变化给校长写封信。 • 分析该变化表现在哪些方面。 • 提出进一步改进的建议。

  25. Exercises • Learn the new words and expressions of the text by heart. • Go over the text and try to get the main idea of the text. • Do the exercises on pages.

  26. Everyday Sentence Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know ; it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.   教育不在于使人知其所未知,而在于按其所未行而行

  27. Thank You for Your Attention!