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BARDEN JUNIOR SCHOOL. How to Use School Email. By C Carey. First of all, connect to the Internet. Double Click. Then click on ‘Email Service’. Then enter your user I.D…. c.carey@bardenjnr.lancsngfl.ac.uk. This is my email as an example. A closer look…. Don’t forget your password!.

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  2. How to Use School Email. By C Carey

  3. First of all, connect to the Internet Double Click

  4. Then click on ‘Email Service’

  5. Then enter your user I.D… c.carey@bardenjnr.lancsngfl.ac.uk This is my email as an example

  6. A closer look… Don’t forget your password! I’m not telling you what my password is in case you’re wondering ! c.carey@bardenjnr.lancsngfl.ac.uk **********

  7. Notice the @ sign to log in, not the + symbol like the old email login. This is an example of a login name.

  8. Now you have your typical mail screen..

  9. With various choices…

  10. The ‘Inbox’ is where you check your received emails… Click here to read your email. Notice the ‘Inbox’ is now in light grey, telling you it has been selected.

  11. To write an email to someone, click ‘Compose’

  12. This screen opens where you can then enter: The email address of the person you want to send it to. T.Miller@bardenjnr.lancsngfl.ac.uk A TEST This is just a quick test to see if this email is working. Hopefully at the end it will make it a bit easier for you to use your emails!!! Regards Carl The subject… And the message ! When you have finished writing, click send.

  13. Notice the @ symbol when entering someone's email. The @ symbol must always be entered in someone’s email address.

  14. When the mail has been sent it will tell you if it has done it successfully or not.

  15. You can even check if it has been sent by clicking on the ‘Sent’ tab.

  16. Notice the ‘Sent’ box is now in grey, telling you it has been selected This is where your sent emails are.

  17. Finally when you have finished, click on ‘logout’ where it will then take you to the original logging in screen.

  18. You are now finished and can close the screen! Click here to close your screen.

  19. THE END !

  20. Coming Soon…. • How to add attachments to your emails

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