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Classroom Safety

Classroom Safety

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Classroom Safety

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  1. Classroom Safety Guest Teacher Training Kim Schlemmer Assistant Superintendent,EASD

  2. Agenda • Fire Safety • Injured Students • Lockdowns • Shelter in Place • Severe Weather • General Classroom Safety • Who to Contact

  3. Fire Safety • If a fire alarm sounds, evacuate with Students immediately to designated rally point • Take accurate headcount • Report headcount to Incident Command • All Clear – means everyone is out • If someone is missing, provide name and last known location • Take clipboard with class roster with you when evacuating

  4. Fire Safety • Never assume an active Fire Alarm is a drill or false • “Evacuation without Hesitation” • Maintain clear exits in your classroom • Always know 2 ways to exit the Building • When exiting, use caution as Emergency Vehicles will be responding

  5. If you discover a fire… • Pull a fire alarm to get everyone out of the Building • Close doors to limit spread of fire • Maintain control of students • Direct evacuation of your class • Tell Incident Commander the location of the fire

  6. Fire Extinguisher Use • Follow the PASS-word • Pull the Pin • Aim the Nozzle • Squeeze the Handle • Sweep at the Base of the Fire • Keep an exit behind you • If one does not extinguish the fire, exit the building • Know your limitations

  7. Relocation • In the event students must be relocated to alternative location • Follow directions of Incident commander • Maintain control of students • Use caution when walking to alternative location – vehicles, terrain • Assist in Student/Parent reunification efforts

  8. Injured Students • If injury/illness is serious or life threatening: • Call 911 immediately • Contact School Nurse and Office • Life Threatening includes: • Difficulty or no breathing • Choking • Unconsciousness • No heartbeat • Seizures (non-diagnosed)

  9. Treating Injured Students • If possible, allow to self treat • Under your directions • Hand them first aid supplies • If you must treat, protect yourself from Bloodborne Pathogens using Universal Precautions • Gloves • Protective eyewear • Should be in First Aid Kit

  10. Cleaning up Blood • Treat all blood or other body fluids as potential infectious • Contact Building Janitorial Staff to clean up • Do not clean up yourself unless you have proper supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) • Restrict access to contaminated desks, floor, books, etc. • If any students, or you, were contaminated, contact school nurse • Wash hands immediately with warm water and non-abrasive soap • Dispose of clothing or wash in hot water with bleach or with a biocide detergent

  11. Lockdowns • There are three types of lockdowns that could be initiated: • Administrative • Exterior Threat • Interior Threat • Each has its our set of protocols • All will be initiated with a PA Announcement in clear English – NO CODES! • Your first defense is to keep your classroom door locked at all times • Use “Lock and Prop” • Always lock door when the room is unoccupied

  12. Administrative Lockdown • Used when we need to keep the halls clear • Examples: • Injury or illness that requires EMS • Drug sniffing dogs are brought into the school • Police are completing a non-threatening investigation • Keep students in classroom • Continuing teaching • This lockdown can end via a PA Announcement

  13. Exterior Threat Lockdown • Used when local Police notify the school of an exterior threat • Examples: • Some robs a bank near the school and suspect has not been located • A hostage situation near the school • Keep students in classroom • Close all window treatments • You may need to move students to the hall or ask them to sit below windows • Continuing teaching if it is safe to do so • Limit movement within the school • This lockdown can end via a PA Announcement

  14. Interior Threat Lockdown • Needed when an intruder is inside the school • When Announcement is made: • Quickly look in the hall if it is safe and tell any students near your room to get inside quickly • Close door and ensure it is locked • Cover the window in the door if you can • Direct students to an area of the classroom where they cannot be seen from the doorway and tell them to be quiet – Shut off Cell Phones! • Open window treatments if you can do so safely • Place red or green placard in the lower, right window if available and can be done safely • This lockdown only ends when school administration comes to your room with law enforcement and they end the lockdown • Never via PA Announcement

  15. Shelter in Place • Will be due to an outside hazardous condition • Chemical Spill • Fire (not in the school) • If a Shelter in Place Announcement is made: • Close any open windows • Direct Students to remain calm and to not leave the building • Continue teaching • If you notice HVAC system still operating, contact office and inform them

  16. Shelter in Place • If any students, or you, start to show signs/symptoms of illness during event • Contact school nurse • Difference between “Lockdown” and “Shelter in Place” • Lockdown – classroom 4 walls • Shelter – Building 4 walls

  17. Severe Weather • If severe weather notification is given: • Direct all students away from windows • This may be in the hall • Remain in safe area until all clear in given

  18. General Classroom Safety • Limit use of extension cords • Trip hazards • Fire hazards • Do not overload wall sockets • Fire Hazard • Do not store supplies near heaters • Fire Hazard • If you are hanging anything up, use a Ladder or step stool • Do not use a chair or desk to stand on

  19. General Classroom Safety • Maintain exits in classroom • Always maintain accurate headcount of students • Hall passes • Accompany to restrooms • Clean up spills immediately • Minimize slip hazards • As needed, contact custodial staff

  20. Who to Contact • If you are injured, even if you do not require medical attention • Report your injury • Contact Building Administration • For any Safety & Security Concerns • Call SRO Sheppard • Office – 721-1135 • Cell – 339-6130 • Email –