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North Korea

North Korea

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North Korea

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  1. North Korea

  2. Historically The Korean Peninsula had been a vassal state of the Chinese Emperors, paying tributes for self rule.

  3. Japanese Conquest • Japan was the only Asian country to industrialize in the late 19th Century. • By the early 1900s, Japan had occupied much of Korea. • When you talk about threats, Japan has always be considered the greatest enemy of Korea and China.

  4. Japan’s Occupation and Humiliation • Japan occupied the Korea’s through World War II • Korean’s were treated as second class citizens. • Korean women were forced into prostitution for the Japanese soldiers, referred to as “comfort girls.” • There is still a significant population of Koreans living in Japan who aren’t given citizenship.

  5. Korean Comfort Girls, for Japanese soldiers.

  6. Kim il Sung: The Great Leader

  7. Kim il Sung • Was a moderately successful communist guerilla leader against the Japanese occupation. • He fought in the mountains of the North and after the War led an attack on the U.S. supported military leaders of the South. • Supported mainly by the Soviet Union and China.

  8. Korean War; 1950-Present;cease fire 1953 • Korea was divided between Communist North and “democratic” South at Potsdam, along the 38th Parallel.

  9. Korean War • Koreans not consulted. • After a series of border skirmishes, Kim il Sung crossed the 38 the parallel and attacked a weak South Korea. • Both the Soviets and Communist Chinese supported N. Korea politically. • The U.S. entered the war on behalf of the South Koreans.

  10. Chinese enter the War • Once it seemed the North would overrun the South and the U.S., but the U.S. rebounded and chased the Northern armies up the peninsula. • Waiting for them was the million man Chinese army. • A cease fire was called. • As time went on, the Soviet politburo was North Korea’s best ally. Now China is its only real ally.

  11. Kim il Sung: the Great Leader: Ruled country until 1994. • Creates a cult of personality with its own mythology. • He is seen be the N. Koreans as a semi-deity. The great defeater of the Japanese and the United States.

  12. Kim’s il Sung’s rule • Kim created the system called “juche” or absolute self-reliance and cut N. Korea off from the rest of the world. Created the moniker of “hermit kingdom.” • He actively sought nuclear weapons and engage A.Q. Kahn to sell him the nuclear centrifuges and technology to develop enough plutonium for bombs. • N. Korea routinely blackmails the West for food, by creating nuclear crisis beteen N.Korea and the South.

  13. If you take pictures, it must be of the entire statue.

  14. Under Juche Korea has suffered repeated famine • They have little good farmland. • Approximately 2-3 million North Koreans have starved to death. • The average North Korean is 6 inches shorter than the average South Korean, because of malnutrition. • The only escape routes from North Korea is through China, then Mongolia or S.E. Asia. • The border between North and South is heavily fortified. • It is believed it is riddled with tunnels from which the North Korean Million man army could invade.

  15. Concentration/Work Camps • North Korea is filled with concentration camps filled with anyone who displeases the government. • If you get caught, not only to you go to a camp, but so does your entire extended family as well as future generations. • Prisoners are routinely worked and starved to death.

  16. Escape routes to S.E. Asia

  17. Kim Jong Il • Succeeded his dad in 1994 and had extended the leadership cult.

  18. Kim Jong Il • Kim Jong il • Love American movies, thought himself a movie director. • Has the largest collection of Hennessy cognac in the world • Like his father, would bring girls from the countryside to be “dancers” for him and other political bigwigs. • Had three Sons, including Kim Jong Un, from one of the dancers he married.

  19. Reporters say he was ruthless, smart, and informed. • Often provoked incidents, including two last year against South Korea. • Others nuclear, firing missiles over Japan or firing up a nuclear power plant previously close. • Then North Korean would engage in talks exchanging cooperation for Food.

  20. DMZ: 38th Parallel, biggest military buildup in world • 30 thousand U.S. Soldiers on border. • Electrified fences • Guard towers.

  21. Facts: North Korea • 25 Million people • 68 Life expectancy 150th. • Health spending 2% of GDP ((U.S. 18%) • GDP per capita: $1800 (46K) (195th) • 9 per 100

  22. Facts South Korea • 48 Million • 25% Christian • Death Rate 6.26 per 1000 • Life expectancy 79, #41 in the world • 6% GDP on Health Care. • GDP per capita $30,000 #44

  23. Issues • Nukes (8 t0 10) (sell to terrorist) • 5th largest army in World • What to do with 24 million starving people. • 1 Trillion dollars for unification. • Will Kim Jung Un be able to hold power, does he need to provoke conflict to survive.