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2012 Milestones PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 Milestones

2012 Milestones

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2012 Milestones

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  1. 2012 Milestones

  2. Musical Angels is now serving all local Children’s Hospitals:

  3. Over 2500 Dallas-Fort Worth area children received weekly music lessons during their hospitalization thanks to Musical Angel’s donors like you Many children choose to continue studying music after their recovery.

  4. Art Conspiracy Grant A $30,000 grant from the 2011 Art Conspiracy Event enabled us to develop a specialized teaching curriculum. This is of great aid to us in our goal to continue expansion without compromising our high standards of teaching.

  5. Jones Day Law Firm Our wonderful sponsor, Jones Day Law Firm, filed and obtained the Musical Angels trademark. They continue to guide us as we develop Musical Angels into a world class non-profit.

  6. Five Additional Teachers are now Musical Angels

  7. Alexis Alexis, a former patient we taught, is still healthy and playing piano. He has played and won prizes in several festivals, recitals, and competitions. His dream is to become a professional musician, serving as an ambassador for Musical Angels

  8. Dining with Musical Angels We’ve partnered with some of the best local restaurants and musicians to bring you an evening of entertainment that raises funds for our mission.

  9. So come join us for dinner, meet new friends, and enjoy the show. The restaurant will donate a generous portion of your bill to Musical Angels. Join us at restaurants like: Angelo’s Spaghetti House Café Madrid Lavendou Yao Fuzi

  10. Cause Bracelets and Key Chains We have two new great ways to spread our message: (These can be purchased on our website or at our events.) When people ask about your Musical AngelsKey Chain you’ll have the perfect opportunity to garner a new supporter for our organization. Musical Angels Cause Bracelets This stunning bracelet is an excellent way to show your support for our mission.

  11. Website and Social Media We are on Facebook and Twitter! News and upcoming events are posted regularly. If you haven’t been to our new website lately we’ve made some exciting developments. You can find pictures, videos, news, and upcoming events, as well as securely make a donation or purchase Cause Bracelets and Key Chains.

  12. New Website: Check Out Their Stories You can now hear about the joy we bring these children with your help, directly from our teachers. Here is Tatyana’s story. Check out our website for more like hers. When fellow teacher Ms. Rigotti and I arrived at the playroom where we do Musical Angels, a 16-year old girl named Tatyana was already sitting in her wheelchair at the keyboard waiting for her lesson. She was very excited to show me the song she had practiced all week. Tatyana never played the piano before we met and she even thought that piano was boring! Now, she loves the piano and has never been happier to been proven wrong. Since she mastered the song from the previous week I assigned her “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven. I always teach that song as soon as I can because it is so appropriate. Tatyana was thrilled to already be playing a piece by theBeethoven and learned the right hand right then. Before I left, she had struggled through the left hand part and could now play with both hands!

  13. Old Red First Annual Giving Tree Musical Angels was chosen as one of three local non-profits to benefit from the Old Red Museum’s First Annual Giving Tree. Donation boxes are on display until January 11th. The Giving Tree coincides with their special exhibit: Vintage Toys from the 1880s to 1980s featuring all our old favorites including Barbie and Lincoln Logs!

  14. How can I help? There’s plenty of fun and easy ways to help. Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated. Something as simple as making a get well card can make a big difference.

  15. How You Can Help: Attend Musical Angels Events Plan a night out with your friends at one of our events at local restaurants, such as A Night in Italy. You will enjoy the best dining in Dallas while being entertained by some of the finest local musicians. Best of all, a generous portion of your ticket will be donated to Musical Angels.

  16. How You Can Help: Spread the Word Please tell the people you know about us or invite them to one of our events. • Forward our event invitations to your friends • Like us on Facebook • Follow us on twitter • Wear a Musical Angels Cause Bracelet or carry our Key Chain

  17. How You Can Help: Donate Through Our Secure Website or by contacting a Musical Angels representative today. Your donation now will help Musical Angels continue to grow and serve even more children in 2013. Musical Angels 1409 S. Lamar St. Suite 111 Dallas, TX 75215 Phone 972-803-3600

  18. From all of us at Musical Angels: Thank You!