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Property Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Property Management System

Property Management System

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Property Management System

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  1. Property Management System

  2. Property Management System Today cruise ships need a feature rich, easy to use, and fully integrated Property Management System (PMS). The MXP PMS has been newly designed from the ground-up in order to meet those requirements.

  3. Property Management System Features Check-In Property Access (gangway security) Guest Management Accounting Charge Card Authorization and Settlement Processing Foreign Currency Exchange Cash Book Tour Sales Clearance/Electronic Passenger and Crew Notices Interfaces Centralized Maintenance Reports CRM Financial Analysis Clearance Questionnaire (E-commerce)

  4. Property Management System Check-In The MXP PMS check-in application is a separate application for on-line check-in (if connected to the ship’s network), or off-line check-in (when not connected to the ship’s network), for example at the pier, terminal or pre-cruise hotel. The check-in application provides a wizard to guide users through the entire check-in process: a) Passport (swipe or manual entry) b) Visa (swipe or manual entry) e) Take photograph d) Registration of credit cards (swipe or manual entry) e) Routing of charges f) Hand-out or generate 3-track magnetic card (boarding pass, cabin key and charge card). The application verifies all data has been correctly captured. A warning system alerts the user if out-of-date data has been collected (e.g. passport, charge cards).

  5. Property Management System The check-in module can go off-line if the connection to the ship’s network is lost, and „auto synchronize‟ data when the connection is restored. This allows uninterrupted check-in of guests. A running total of expected guests and checked-in guests is shown on the check-in screen. Expected guests joining the vessel for a subsequent voyage can be checked-in regardless whether the previous cruise has been closed out or not. Visa requirements for certain nationalities can be configured. During the check-in, MXP will alert the user if certain visa(s) are required.

  6. Check-In – Find Guest

  7. Check-In Guest

  8. Check-In - Picture

  9. Check-In – Credit Card

  10. Check-In – Credit Card – Signature Capture

  11. Check-In - Summary

  12. Check-In – Missing Information

  13. Check-In – History

  14. Check-In – System Administration

  15. Check-In – System Administration - Download

  16. Check-In – System Administration - Download

  17. Check-In – System Administration – Passport Reader

  18. Check-In – System Administration – Charge card Reader

  19. Check-In – System Administration – Camera

  20. Check-In – System Administration – Check-In

  21. Check-In – System Administration – Upload

  22. Check-In – System Administration – Upload

  23. Property Management System Property Access (Gangway Security) The MXP Property Access module is a separate application in on-line mode (if connected to the ship’s network), or in off-line mode (when not connected to the ship’s network), for example at the pier or terminal. When in off-line mode the data is synchronized once the application is connected to the ship’s network. The stand-alone Property Access module is fully integrated with other MXP modules (ports, itinerary, PMS). A magnetic card is swiped through a card reader or a barcode on the card is read. Guest/crew/visitor data is displayed to the security officer. The last 5 persons are shown at the bottom of the screen. Count Summary: Displays a running total of all people on-site, off-site and people off-site with a reason. Access Activity Log: All on/off ship activities are logged

  24. Property Management System • Restriction capabilities: Set restrictions by individual person or group, i.e. all crew with in-port manning duties on a day, or a crew member not permitted ashore. • The MXP Property Access module is fully compliant with International Maritime Organizations (IMO), Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS), and the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). • When the ship is at anchor and uses tenders, the Property Access module can provide tender manifests of guests/crew/visitors going ashore or coming back from shore.

  25. Property Access Settings

  26. When ship is docked

  27. Tender Mode/Count

  28. Process Manually

  29. Count Details (count access in the summary grid)

  30. Visitor handling

  31. Queries (embarking and disembarking deviations)

  32. Access Activity Log

  33. Tender Manifest

  34. Property Management System Guest Management Guest and crew cabins are configured by deck at the MXP PMS office installation. This includes safety info and emergency muster stations. A visual room inventory chart shows all cabins and has drag-and-drop functionally to simplify cabin changes. Passenger lists do not need to be imported at the beginning of the cruise on every ship; instead the office version of the MXP PMS automatically imports guest data from the reservation and CRM systems, which in turn replicates to the ships daily. After a guest has checked-in, the MXP PMS handles all guest related matters like room inventory, cabin changes, special requests, gift-orders, preferences, on-board credits, packages, guest charges, complaints, flights, and shore excursions. Because historical guest data is always available, returning guest can receive enhanced personalized service.

  35. Property Management System On board, the PMS interfaces with other shipboard systems, like the POS, internet charges, telephone charges, ITV, and the door locking system. Personal and financial guest data captured on board replicates back to the office and can be interfaced to the reservation, CRM and financial systems. Group functionality is fully supported. Everyday tasks are streamlined by providing automated jobs or batch functions. This increases overall efficiency, allowing more time to be spent on customer service. Reception Log Book Maintenance Log (work orders)

  36. Guest Management

  37. Loyalty Program

  38. Tour Bookings

  39. Reservations (in progress)

  40. Amenities

  41. Preferences

  42. Special Requests

  43. Feedback

  44. Questionnaires

  45. Audit Log

  46. Guest Bookings & Booking Audit Log

  47. Room Occupancy Planner

  48. Guest Account

  49. Add a record

  50. Add a record