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Boat Launching- Boat

Boat Launching- Boat . By: Lexie Drea 5 th grade Miss Nahas . Designing . The Process of Experimenting .

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Boat Launching- Boat

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  1. Boat Launching- Boat By: Lexie Drea 5th grade Miss Nahas

  2. Designing

  3. The Process of Experimenting • Well, first Cara, Sarah and I decided on a rubber band boat. But then figured out that it did not work to well(did not follow instructions).After that we decided that we should make our own and call it the “Speed Splash it still did not work.Wewere going to try one last thing but we were out of time. We used two chopsticks and a half and half bottle.

  4. Modification Made • We think it didn’t work because “we did not take little parts of everything to make a good boat(Alexa).” We should of followed the directions more and to do it carefully so we don’t have to keep redoing it over and over (save time). It was hard also because sometime s one of our partners would be at PEN or at a music lesson. You need to put little parts and put them together to make a great boat

  5. Energy Map This is how the Energy Map would look if it worked

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