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Humans and Adaptation PowerPoint Presentation
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Humans and Adaptation

Humans and Adaptation

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Humans and Adaptation

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  1. Humans and Adaptation For 4th Grade By Alec Clark

  2. Table of contents • Humans and Adaptation • Glossary • Assessment • Works Cited

  3. There are many different habitatson the Earth. Humans are able to adaptand change their behaviorin order to better live in the different habitats.

  4. Think about what you wear when you are really cold. You might wear a jacket and long pants to stay warm. If you are warm, you might wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Examples: Cold region Warm Region

  5. Some people live in really cold areas and live in homes that are comfortable for that climate. Others live in really warm climates and their homes are designed to be cool.

  6. Some places have problems with heavy rain which can cause erosion.

  7. Humans plant trees and shrubsto help prevent erosion. The roots of the plants help protect the soil by anchoring it into place.

  8. In the cities, there a lot of covered surfaces so that rain cannot easily be absorbed into the ground. Floodingcan occur if the water is not allowed to soak in. Example: Flood

  9. To help prevent flooding, humans have made rain gardens which allow the water to soak into the soil. Video: Rain Garden

  10. In some habitats, water is scarce. Human conservewater in order to have it through the dry times. To conservewater, they may not wash their cars or water their yards. Water conservation games

  11. Land can also be scarce. One way to save land is to recycleas much trash as we can. Recycling keeps it from going to the trash dump. It also helps save materials that can be used for other things. Example: Recycle Game

  12. Glossary: Click on the word to learn more Adapt Behavior Habitat Recycling Rain Garden Shrubs Flooding Erosion Conserve

  13. Adapt To adjust to ones surroundings or conditions Glossary

  14. Behavior • the response of an individual, group, or species to its environment Glossary

  15. Habitat • The place where an individual human, animal, or plant normally lives. Glossary

  16. Recycling • To reuse or salvage material for future use. Glossary

  17. Rain Garden • A man-made area designed to allow water to soak into the ground. It can be as simple as a depression in the earth. Glossary

  18. Shrub • A bush or woody stemmed plant used in landscaping. Glossary

  19. Flooding • Water overflowing or filling an area so quickly, it cannot soak in. Glossary

  20. Erosion • The natural removal of soil by water or wind . Glossary

  21. Conserve • To save for later or to restrict use Glossary

  22. Assessment Directions: Answer these questions on your paper to turn into your teacher. • You see a video of a grass hut. It has a fire built in a pit outside its open entry way(no door). What do you think the climate is like? How do you think the people will dress on a normal day? Why? • In another video, you see a well constructed house with a fireplace(smoke is coming out of the chimney). It has a pool in the backyard with a cover over it. What do you think the climate is like? How do you think the people will dress on a normal day? Why? Glossary

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