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South Korea

South Korea

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South Korea

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  1. South Korea By Kay;Allie and Caryn

  2. Geography of South Korea • South Korea is located • North to Australia. West of Asia; east of the Pacific; and West of North America.South Korea is a peninsula.

  3. THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN SOUTH KOREA There are beautiful waterfalls with flowers and rocks. There are also trees.

  4. Visit A Korean City • There are many tall buildings. There is a palace called Kyongbokkung Palace.There are water fountains in South Korea. There are grassy fields.

  5. CHILDREN OF SOUTH KOREA. • There are two Korean twins. Their names are Yong-koo and Ji-koo.. • Yong-Kooo and Jj-Koo have a sister a mom a dad and grandma that live with them. • They have indoor and outdoor shoes for school. • Their father runs a glass cutting factory and their mom makes leather lipstick cases at home to sell.

  6. Korean food • Korean people eat kimchie, steamed rice twenjang chi gay and tang su yak..

  7. Ji-Koo has black hair Ji-Koo has black skin He is a boy He like to take things apart and put them back together I have brown hair I have light tan skin I am a girl I like to ride a horse named Holly Comparing Ji-Koo and Kay

  8. Ji-Koo has black hair Ji-Koo likes steamed rice best He goes to school and Science is his favorite subject I have blond hair I like everything except some hot vegetables I go to school and my favorite thing is coloring, writing, and playing and painting Comparing Ji-Koo and Caryn

  9. I have brown hair Ilive in Oregon I am seven years old I have green eyes Ji-Koo has black hair He lives in Korea He is 11 years old He has brown eyes Comparing Ji-Koo and Allie

  10. The End