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1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll PowerPoint Presentation
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1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll

1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll

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1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll

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  1. 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll

  2. Background In the mid 40s there was ‘baby boom’ as soldiers returned from WW2 and started families… …These kids grew up in a ‘free country’ without the stresses of war, and slavery a thing of the past. There was a massive generational divide between the youth and older people of America due to such different upbringings. Teens of the 50s REBELLED against the strict, reserved older parents and POP CULTURE was born! Fashion and fun was the top priority! The raucous and upbeat music of Rhythm and Blues was loved by young white audience but segregation was still law. (big RnB hits by black artists were covered by white artists like Elvis for commercial radio play!)

  3. Musical features Horn riffs = 180 12 bar blues Doo Wop Backing Vocals Back beat rhythm Lead guitar Fast tempo Walking Bass Boogie Woogie piano/guitar

  4. Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry Recorded: 1958

  5. Bass WALKING BASS: New note on every other beat (2/4 “half-time feel), mainly notes of the dominant 7th chord. Drums SWUNG TIME: Shuffle feel where the first of every quaver pair is longer than the second (DAH-dit, DAH-dit) Rhythm & Lead Guitars BOOGIE WOOGIE ROCK: Both guitars played simultaneously with a clear projection of rock rhythms Piano BOOGIE WOOGIE STYLE: Around the 12 bar Blues chord progression BLUES: Verse/chorus blues form although avoids the blues AAB poetic structure, in favour of a “through-composed” text for each verse in his narrative. Form CALL & RESPONSE: Features in the chorus between Berry’s voice and the guitar licks Musical devices

  6. Verse/Chorus blues form

  7. Call and Response in the chorus

  8. Musical demonstration...