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Forming the Preterite

Forming the Preterite. Regular – a r verb endings. é. amos. aste. asteis. ó. aron. aron. ó. ar. nad. é. a mos. I swam. We swam. asteis. aste. You swam. You all swam ( Spain ). ó. aron. You all swam. You swam. ó. aron. They swam. He/ She swam.

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Forming the Preterite

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  1. FormingthePreterite

  2. Regular –ar verb endings é amos aste asteis ó aron aron ó ar nad é amos I swam Weswam asteis aste Youswam Youallswam (Spain) ó aron Youallswam Youswam ó aron Theyswam He/Sheswam

  3. Regular –er/-ir verb endings í imos iste isteis ió ieron ieron ió er com í imos I ate We ate isteis iste You ate Youall ate (Spain) ieron ió Youall ate You ate ieron ió They ate He/She ate

  4. Regular –er/-ir verb endings í imos iste isteis ió ieron ieron ió ir viv í imos I lived Welived isteis iste Youlived Youalllived (Spain) ieron ió Youalllived Youlived ieron ió Theylived He/Shelived

  5. Preterite stuff • You can use all the same endings for –er/-ir verbs in preterite. • Stem changers in the present tense DO NOT change the same way in the past tense. There are stem changers in the past but they only change stem in the Ud.,él,ella; Uds.,ellos, ellas forms. Some examples are pedir,e>i; servir, e>i and preferir, e>i (not e>ie as in present tense) él,ella,Ud. pedió:>pidió ellos, ellas, ellos pedieron>pidieron él,ella,Ud. servió:>sirvió ellos, ellas, ellos servieron>sirvieron él,ella,Ud. preferió:>prefirió ellos, ellas, ellos preferieron>prefirieron • g  gu before adding é Example: pagar>pagé>pagué. • c  qu before adding é Example: tocar>tocé>toqué • z c before adding é Example: empezar>empezé>empecé • There are verbsthat do notfollowthe rules, such as SER/IR-ourfriendly irregular verbs. SER/IR share thesame irregular forms!

  6. ser/ir fui fuimos fuiste fuisteis fue fueron fueron fue For more irregular verbs, stem changers and spelling variations look under helpful links and Spanish 3-4, Spanish 5-6 pages on www.mystudyspanish.com.

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