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Just like mom and dad

Just like mom and dad

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Just like mom and dad

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  1. Just like mom and dad E. H Gieske

  2. This book is about … It’s about a book about how babies and animals turn out to look like their parents, and how they hatch like a cow bird and some other animals like snakes, dogs, butterflies, turtles, kangaroos, and elephants.

  3. What I found interesting was … • Yes, I did find this book interesting because I didn’t know that some of these animals when they were born they look like their parents at all.

  4. Interesting Facts • I learned that cow birds when they get older they have to look like their mom or dad. Some kangaroos raise their babies in their pouch until they get older. Bats don’t make their own nets if the mother needs to leave their young, she hangs the babies up by it’s feet. And the adults frogs skin tends to be moist and smooth. Adult toad’s skin is usually dry and rough, bumpy. Some male catfish carries the eggs in their mouth. Butterflies choose the best leaf for caterpillars to eat the female butterfly taste with their the sensors and her feet.

  5. My opinion … • Yes, I did like this book because it gave me some good facts that I didn’t know and about animals and how some animals do not look like their parent at all when they’re born.