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  1. UM-Helena Adjunct Faculty Information 2010-2011

  2. Welcome to UM-Helena • Teaching at UM-Helena can be rewarding and challenging. We hope that you find the following information useful. • Please remember you can contact the Academic Affairs office with any question: 444-1221.

  3. Academic Affairs Office • The Academic Affairs Office manages all of the academic programs and courses offered by UM-Helena. It also supervises the Registrar’s Office, the Library and Continuing Education. • Brandi Foster is the Academic Dean. Kevin Brockbank is the Executive Director of Academic and Workforce Development. Jean Bailey is the Division Chair for General and Technical Education. Heather Ireland is the Administrative Assistant. • The Academic Affairs Office oversees and supervises the adjunct faculty and their functions on campus.

  4. I want to teach at UM-Helena, what do I do? UM-Helena depends on talented professionals from the community to teach in a variety of areas, either to supplement full-time instruction or to provide unique expertise in a discipline. To find out about current instructional needs, go to the Employment page of our website. Information on how to submit your materials can be found there. Different courses and programs require different types of credentials and skills. Please contact the Academic Affairs Office or HR with your specific questions.

  5. I’ve been hired to teach a class at UM-Helena, what do I do? • You should have already spoken to the Division Chair, as well as to the HR department. You will need to fill out the required paperwork and sign your letter of offer which states your course assignments along with compensation. • The Division Chair for your area will provide you course materials. This should include a previous course syllabus, a copy of the book(s) or lab manual(s), and possibly old tests and assignments. You should read this material over and ask your department chair any questions you might have. • You will be asked to teach a course according to the outcomes that are listed in the course syllabus. The way in which you do that can be adjusted, but the goals and objectives of the course must be met. • There will be an Orientation scheduled prior to the beginning of each semester to familiarize you with our processes and campus. Attendance is not required, but strongly recommended.

  6. Teaching at UM-Helena • You will be provided with a key to the adjunct office area if you are at the Donaldson campus; if you are at the Airport campus keys will be provided as needed. • You will be provided access to a copier machine and to computers with Microsoft Office and printing capabilities. • You will be expected to become familiar with the policies and processes of the campus as outlined in the current catalog. • You will be provided with a Parking Permit. • You will be provided a College ID number to be used when accessing our On-Line faculty interface system, as well as for Library purposes.

  7. Teaching at UM-Helena • You will be expected to teach the course as directed, attend each scheduled class, and provide student evaluation information at the end of the course. • If you are sick, or plan on missing a course, you must contact the Academic Affairs Office at 444-1221. If you know you will be absent from a class, you must still provide meaningful learning for the students (guest lectures, assignments, etc.). If you have questions, please contact the Academic Affairs Office. • Adjunct faculty do not receive benefits or accumulate sick or holiday time. If you miss courses, your pay will be adjusted. • Each adjunct faculty member will be evaluated annually by a supervisor or full-time faculty member. • Each course will be evaluated by the students twice a semester. • Adjunct faculty are provided the opportunity to receive feedback regarding their teaching and can contribute their own assessment of their teaching to the evaluation process.

  8. What if I…..? • Have a problem with a student I’m unable to manage on my own? • Always err on the side of caution and contact your Division Chair or Academic Affairs Office. There are lots of resources on campus to help you, and you are not expected to handle issues alone. • Have recommendations on the course or required textbooks? • We appreciate any feedback from adjuncts and so please make comments to your Division Chair or the Academic Affairs Office.

  9. What if I…..? • Can’t log-in to the Faculty Toolkit? • Contact the Registrar’s Office at 444-6881. • Need a Class Roster? • Your Faculty Toolkit is the online interface with our student records system. You will be provided password protected access in order to see class rosters, student information and to submit final grades. • The Registrar’s Office can also help you with any grading or record keeping question.

  10. What if I…..? • Don’t like the room I’m teaching in, or find it inadequate for my needs? • Contact the Registrar’s Office to see if reassignment is a possibility. If it is a matter of climate or noise control, contact the Academic Affairs Office. • Have a student with a disability? • Contact the Disability Services Office at 444-6897. • Have a student who needs tutoring, or who could be an excellent tutor? • Contact the Learning Center at 444-6897.

  11. What if I…..? • Have a student who hasn’t shown up for weeks, isn’t turning in assignments, or whose personal life is affecting his/her class performance? • Contact the Retention Office at 444-2799. • Have a student who needs to make up a test when I can’t be on campus? • Contact your Division Chair for different options for test proctoring. • Need special audio-visual equipment for a class? • Most of our classrooms are equipped with projection capability, however, if you are uncertain you can contact IT at 444-5560. Laptops can be checked out from the Library.

  12. What if I…..? • Lose my key or forget my ID? • Contact the Academic Affairs Office if you lose your key for a replacement. Your ID number can easily be retrieved by the Registrar’s Office. • Didn’t get paid or my pay seems to be incorrect? • Contact Carolyn at 444-0634.

  13. Good Luck!! • Adjunct faculty are an integral part of our campus community. We try very hard to make you feel welcome and provide you access to all the information you need. We are a small campus who will get to know you by name. You will work with amazing students and with wonderful colleagues. If at any time you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Academic Affairs Office. ENJOY YOUR SEMESTER!

  14. Important Numbers • Brandi Foster, Academic Dean 444-1222; cell: 406-360-6886 • Jean Bailey, Division Chair 202-4366 • Kevin Brockbank, Executive Director of Workforce Dev 444-6775; cell: 406-250-3286 • Heather Ireland, Assistant 444-1221 • Sandy Sacry, Director of Nursing 444-6345 • Main Switchboard--Laura 444-6800 • Registrar’s Office—Sarah 444-6881 • Business Office (payroll-Valarie) 444-6877 • HR—Susan 444-0845 • Disability Services—Cindy 444-6897 • Access/Learning Center—Tammy 444-2766 • Retention and Advising—Suzanne 444-2799 • Library—Janice 444-5855 • IT—Jeff 439-0428, Danny 459-2772 • Bookstore—Josh or Joanne 444-6885 • Facilities—Nick 439-0735