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Question 1

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Question 1

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  1. Question 1 Q1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the forms and conventions of real media products? Sodalitas Group 105a By Guy Rubin

  2. Frame 1&2 Frame 1&2 the first frame is close up of the main character Eric(Arran) this midshot will show him in the bathroom with pills in his hands and the lighting used will be saturated and this conforms to traditional thriller conventions we decided to use this as the first scene as it showed the character taking what seemed to be pills it introduces the flaw of the character which is also typical of thriller films and also leaves the audience with a lot of unanswered and ensures they stay tuned in to have them answered. The second shows him leaving the bathroom by opening the door and the next shot is of his appearing from the front door of the house this is also typical of thriller films as it shows match on action but it’s a big jump from the bathroom door to the the front door this slightly disorientates the audience and makes them feel uneasy which is one the many emotions thriller films are known for creating.

  3. Frame 3&4 Frame 3&4 The third frame shows Eric in town Amongst a crowd of people observing people he considers may be apart of The cult. This introduces the character's Paranoia which would gradually get worse throughout the film itself and like for example Anakin Skywalkerin star wars he’s emotion are a Big part in the characters flaw. Fourth frame continues with Eric in town but this time the camera shot is a close up Which is very common amongst thriller as it shows the emotions on the characters Faces and focuses on his head turning to look at the person he suspects of being apart of this secret society that murdered his mother and the head turning continues with the camera swinging from one side to the other to then suddenly stop at a person and switches to a POV(Point of view) of the person in the crowd which allows the audience to analyse the person and to come to their own conclusion.

  4. Frame 5&6 Fifth Frame shows a mysterious hooded Character in the crowd and has him standing still while the busy crowd rush around him which creates a great effect that focuses the audiences attention on this strange character this is common in thriller films as it is used to highlight a character of great important in the scene this is commonly either the antagonist or protagonist. Sixth frame highlights the main title of our opening title in this frame we wanted to try something different to most thriller title scenes as most of the them are added during the construction stage we tried to film the title at the filming stage by making the title physically rather then on the computer, though this looked good it lacked the instant impact we required for the ending of the ots(Opening title Sequence)

  5. Frame 7&8 Frame 7&8 Seventh frame we tried to have the camera close to Eric and have him near a wall or a door to make it feel like there is very little room as we wanted to portrait the characters feeling of suffocating as it represents the effects his illness give him and transmitting that exact emotion we were trying to show into the audience and to have them empathies with the characters, as we introduce a lot of his flaws we needed this so the audience don’t conclude that he is the antagonist The eighth frame shows Eric in public but like a lot of thriller films Eric is shown in an urban area as this complies with thriller conventions where scenes are in suburban and urban areas as they show normal people in normal places but extraordinary events which is one of the many things that separate thriller from other genres