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Chaudfontaine Newsletter

Chaudfontaine Newsletter

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Chaudfontaine Newsletter

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  1. Chaudfontaine Newsletter Newsletter 14 – January 2014

  2. Legaldevelopments: European Union Commission report Implementation of the Regulation On 16 October, the European Commission issued a report to the Parliament and the Council on the implementation of the regulation 428/2009, its formal amendments and, in a more comprehensive way, on the implementation of a European regime in export controls (exchange of information, dialogue with stakeholders, etc.). Available:

  3. Legaldevelopments: International Algeria and dual-use export controls With the Act of 8 December 2012, related to the Presidential Decree No. 2011-383 of 23 November 2011 which sets up the regulation applicable for exportation of sensitive material and dual-use items, Algeria reinforces its national export control regime. Available (in French):

  4. Wassenaar Arrangement Update of the List During their meeting, 3 and 4 December 2013, the Participating States have worked to make the existing control lists more readily understood and user-friendly for licensing authorities and exporters, and to ensure the detection and denial of undesirable exports. New export controls were agreed in a number of areas including surveillance, which, under certain conditions, may be detrimental to international and regional security and stability. Available:

  5. United States The White House released a Fact Sheet updating on the revision of the US export control system. Available: Australia The Australian Industry Group has developed and published a Best Practice Guide for the Management of Controlled Exports and Technologies. Available:

  6. Serbia The new Law on export and import of dual use items has been adopted and is in force since 8 November 2013. (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia n:95/2013).

  7. Studies and More: Articles, Reports, Links David Albright, Andrea Stricker, Houston Wood, “Future World of Illicit Nuclear Trade – Mitigating the Threat”, Institute for Science and International Security, Washington, 130p. Available: Kathleen Van Heuverswyn, Nils Duquet (coll.), “Transit of strategic goods in Europe - A comparative analysis of policy on the transit of strategic goods in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom”, Flemish Peace Institute Consortium, August 2013, 169p. Available:

  8. “Dual-use biology: how to balance open science with security”, Conference report, 15-18 September 2013, Wilton Park, 11p. Available: “Le Groupedes fournisseursnucléaires (NSG) et le régimemondial de non-proliférationnucléaire” (in French), Observatoire de la non-prolifération, No. 85, October 2013. Available: “Le NSG est-il « à la croisée des chemins »?” (in French), Observatoire de la non-prolifération, No. 86, November 2013. Available: “Codes de conduite et sciences de la vie” (in French), Observatoire de la non-prolifération, No. 86, November 2013. Available:

  9. “Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and relevant provisionsof the Security Council resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran – Report by the Director-General”, IAEA, GOV/2013/56, 14 November 2013. Available: Monthly Newsletter No. 51 November 2013 and No. 52 January 2014of the project Cooperation in export control of dual-use goods, by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA, Germany), Available: Daryl G. Kimball, “Updating Nonproliferation Criteria for U.S. Nuclear Trade”, Arms Control Association. Available:

  10. Members’ works: Rosa Rosanelli US Export Control Regulations Explained to the European Exporter: A Handbook University of Liège, January 2014. Available: Renaud Chatelus “WCO and 1540: Challenges and engagement for the world customs community”, 1540 Compass, University of Georgia,Center for International Trade and Security, Issue 4, 2014. Available:

  11. News: Mark Hibbs, “China provides nuclear reactor to Pakistan” Jane’s Intelligence Review, 30 December 2013. Available: “Report Cites Hundreds of Violations of Taiwan's Strategic Export Controls” Global Security Newswire, 8 October 2013. Available: “Kenya edges closer to setting up nuclear plant” Standard, 9 December 2013, Available: %20nuclear-plant

  12. “Executive Council Receives Destruction Plan for Syrian Chemicals” OPCW, 18 December 2013. Available: “Chinese National Sentenced to 57 Months Incarceration for Attempting to Illegally Export Aerospace-Grade Carbon Fiber” Bureau of Industry and Security, 10 December 2013. Available:

  13. « Of interest »: 31 March – 4 April 2014: 12th Esarda Course, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy. Registration: 12-15 May 2014: 36th Esarda Annual Meeting, Luxembourg