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  1. MAPs South Ribble Day Services Joanne Williams & Sue Kenworthy

  2. WHAT IS A MAP ? MAPs are tools designed to help individuals, organizations and families figure out how to move into the future effectively and creatively.

  3. WHAT IS THE HISTORY • This allows the individual and those who have known the person for a long time to describe what has happened in their past. Often the past is a revelation to others at the meeting and goes a long way to making sense of the present. Other people become more aware of how much loss the person has suffered in their life. Or how much life has been spent in segregated settings.

  4. WHATARE YOUR DREAMS ? • Dreaming is central to the MAPs process. The person is invited to share their dreams, other people may contribute their ideas with the persons permission. Some people may choose to dream metaphorically. Images that have been powerful in childhood can still be powerful in adult life. For other people dreaming is more about aspirations they may want to travel the world or be a film star.The dreams become the focus for the rest of the process.

  5. WHAT ARE YOUR NIGHTMARES ? • Dreaming will give the group something to work towards, naming the nightmares gives the group something to work away from. Although this step can be difficult it gives the group and the individual opportunity to express their fears and have them acknowledged.

  6. WHO IS THE PERSON ? • People will brainstorm the words which occur to them when they think of the person and try to sum up their character. This is often a very affirming process for the person.

  7. WHAT ARE THEIR STRENGTHS ? • The group describes what gifts and talents that person possess. It’s a reversal of the usual process of focusing on the persons problems and instead looks at the positive things that can be built on in the action plan.

  8. WHAT DOES THE PERSON NEED ? • What does the person need to achieve the dream and avoid the night mare? Think about the people and the resources needed to help the person to move towards the dream and away from the nightmare.

  9. ACTION PLAN • The Action Plan sets out specifically who will be doing what by when.