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  1. Maps What are the different kinds of maps?

  2. Political Maps • Political maps show how humans have impacted the landscape. For example, city names, roads, country borders, etc. are all part of political maps. • A political map often uses colors to show the boundaries between states or countries.

  3. Political Maps Political maps change frequently (physical maps change very, very slowly through geologic processes) and must be redrawn often. A political map of the world that is 50 years old is no longer accurate. Wars and ethnic conflict are two major causes political maps change.

  4. Political Maps • Lets look at some examples of political maps.

  5. Political Maps

  6. Political Maps

  7. Physical Maps • Physical maps show what the surface of the Earth looks like. • A physical map highlights Earth’s natural features, such as mountains and forests.

  8. Physical Maps Notice you do not see country borders or city markings. These divisions are created by people. For example, there is no actual line dividing Texas from its bordering states. Physical maps do not contain man made features. For example, a physical map would be a map of what you would see if you were looking down on Earth from space.

  9. Physical Maps • Lets look at am examples of a physical map.

  10. Physical Maps • There are different types of physical maps. • Relief Maps – Show the difference in height between land • Elevation Maps – Show the elevation, or height above sea level.

  11. Map Review • What is the purpose of a Political map? To show borders of countries, states, cities

  12. Map Review • What is the purpose of a Physical map? Physical maps show what the surface of the world looks like.

  13. Map Review • Think about a hiker. What kind of map would they need? A physical map. • Why? They would need to know things like where mountains, forest, and rivers are.

  14. Map Review • I am planning a trip to New York. What kind of map would I most likely need? A political map • Why? A political map would show me states and cities. This is information that I would likely need to know if going to New York.