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    TeknikProduksidanPenyiaran Program Radio KelompokTeknologiInformasidankomunikasi Penyusun : Ahadiat,S.STDadangAbdurrakhman,S.Pd Drs.LiliekJuliantoTaufanAdhiwiranto, S.sos AgusNuryaman

    Accomodating Program of Music Broadcast
  3. Type Of Music Music made or take root from tradition of west artistry, music christiani, orchestra, [at] period [of] about century of to -9 till century to -21 MUSIK CLASSIC
  4. MUSIK TRADITIONAL Music which live in society here ditaryly, is defended by as entertainment amusement medium
  5. Religious Music NASYID KASIDAH GAMBUS
  6. GAMBUS is castanets pluck middle eastward. Now, orchestra of gambus become property Betawi.
  7. KASIDAH warbled Arab art Epic
  8. NASYID hymn of have Pattern to Islam containing advice, prophet story
  9. Song of area Song / music coming from a[n certain area and become warbled [by] popular [of] goodness by people of the area and also the other people song of Area own lyric of according to vernacular of each Generally the unknown area composer ( anonym)
  10. JAZZ stream of Music coming from United States in the early century of to -20 with root from music of African and Europe Using Guitar, trombone, piano, trumpet, and saxophone Important element in jazz is SYNCOPATION
  11. COUNTRY Mixture from element of music of United States [of] Part of South arch and Mountain Appalachia Other Term: COUNTRY AND WESTERN Take root from song of North America people, music kelt, music gospel.
  12. ROCK Grow on to come from rhythm and blues, country, jazz, and classical Pure form : having three chords, consistent backbeat and strike, melody drawing Typical sound : Electrics Guitar, back beat, guitar of electrics bass, drums.
  13. Bebop Bebop Gyration: 1940-50 " Technically, bebop with character the tempo quickly, harmony komplex, which melody is full (of) change, and rhythm sections which laid down a steady beat only on the of bass of and the drummer's ride cymbal. Bebop Tunes were often labyrinthine, full of surprising twists and turns. All These factors - plus of the predominance of small combos in bebop - set the music apart from the Swing bands of the 1930s."
  14. - from David H. Rosenthal's book, Hard Bop, published by Oxford Paperbacks, New York, 1992 And coming out of bebop, with the assistance of Miles Davis, and a few other cats, came Cool, and, following closely on its heels and borrowing the suffix, Hard Bop. Bassists Ray Brown, Charles Mingus Composers Tadd Dameron Drummers Art Blakey, Max Roach, and Kenny Clarke Pianists
  15. Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell Saxophonists Charlie Parker, Jackie Mclean, Sonny Stitt, and Dexter Gordon Trombonists J.J. Johnston Trumpeters " Dizzy" Gillespie, Fats Navarro, Miles Davis, and Kenny Dorham, In jazz oftentimes when a[n style or way of playing at [it] become commercial, [his/its] growth [is] malahan will on the contrary caused by some grup of musicians wishing to find something new became of this matter and at that time and represent reaction of resistance from style of mode of Swing which merebak by then
  16. growth of this new Music ( pushing first time) coming from Kansas City and most the musicians [of] populating [in] Harlem ( especially in place the so-called Minton’s Playhouse) and [is] again started [by] a[n new era
  17. By then (it) is true the new music [do] not expand and [is] not found [by] a[n new creation in band playing at, this matter [is] caused [by] because all old style follower make only or write song for commercial music Swing, and the style newly [is] only formed by all [his/its] player [by] xself [is] which with a[n full (of) awareness effort try
  18. making something new [of] but that’s [at] individual game [of] their instrument and not yet influenced [his/its] music group band style as a whole .
  19. But [in] this Minton’s Playhouse all [his/its] musicians gather and create a[n style of new music or which they express as modern [of] jazz ( by then) and Minton’s finally become a[n important central dot in growth of the new look as does New Orleans [of] [at] previous era.
  20. And the newly style [is] finally named [by] Bebop, the word seemingly to mirror a[n sound or voice from beautiful music international that is  Flatted Fifth
  21. Flatted Fifth This term like have been explained by Dizzy Gilliespie [of] a trumpeter which also represent one of important exponen in era of this bebop that " bebop" representing something about expression of jazz and people have been told to play bebop at the (time) of he/she play at and spontaneously the the player or all [his/its] musicians [do/conduct] or " menyanyikan" a[n melody hop (" melodic leaps").
  22. Because bebop require technique of high game, [is] in Indonesia noted only Bubi, musicians which reliable play this stream
  23. Flatted Fifth become a[n very important international [at] bebop, or [is] later;then referred [as] [by] bop. Until then, [the] mentioned ( flatted fifth) assumed [by] something wrong voice", though the [the] mentioned used in passing chord to yield effect of certain harmony, and this matter frankly have been [done/conducted] by Duke Ellington and Willie
  24. The Lion" Smith [of] [at] about year-end 20- an. But now the [the] mentioned represent a[n characteristic of style which is one, like harmony of base which is close to forms [of] early jazz extended by konstant . If [is] we perceive during 10 till 12 year of flatted fifth have come to like " blue note" [at] previous era.
  25. Minton Place'S represent place meet [it] some important musicians like Thelonious Monk, piano; Kenny Clarke, drums; Charlie Christian, piano; brezeer Trumpet, Alto Dizzy Gilespie Player Sax and, Charlie Parkr. Later in the end emerge people who really genious [of] [at] modern [of] jazz [of] like Louis Armstrong which [is] also known as [by] traditional figure jenius jazz [at] a period of/to nya.
  26. One of musicians that is Charlie Christian, what [do] not only as modern exponent jazz, but also a lot of giving touch from later era Swing tip of becoming a base in [his/its] development. Where [the] mentioned give a link bridge [of] [among/between] swing by bebop bearing people who [of] champion in playing bebop
  27. . [Among/Between] people who [do/conduct] like [the] mentioned [is] Clyde Hart, pianis; Trumpetist, Roy Eldrige; Lester Young, Tenors; Jimmy Blanton, bassist; Drummers, Jo Jones and Dave Tough and also Gitarist Charlie Christian
  28. For hearer [of] [at] era now bebop own individuality felt [by] as restlessness expression and [is] seldom heard [by] a melody which [is] [is] cut to pieces and played in tempo quickly. Every insignificant note negated
  29. And the game need a[n high serious. A musicians of bebop lay open " Everything That is obvious is excluded". Become this matter represent the way of or technique of game which quickly the analogy which can like we write shorthand that is the way of writing giving hasty impression
  30. At the (time) of they play together, there [is] a[n framework of base which [is] always [done/conducted] [by] that is berimprovisasi. and frequent Them multiply to [do/conduct] improvisasi at a time. The example [done/conducted] by 2 people of player of horn that is trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and Saxophonist Charlie Parker which [is] [is] considered to be [by] people of jenius in era of this bebop
  31. pattern of Adjustment which [is] generally [done/conducted] by musicians [of] before [doing/conducting] improvisasi [is] introduce a[n new sound and that peep out a[n new sikap / pandangan. In psychology of music recognized [by] a[n adjustment of the example a masterpiece Bethoven " Ode of To Joy
  32. and early from especial motif from first shares from Symphony Bethoven number Nine till music Bedouin North choir and African from Arab area. Under influence from avantgarde bop sound, there [is] a lot of musicians jazz which [do] not know what can make this matter as part of evolution a music
  33. Avant-garde jazz Avant-garde Jazz ( recognized also as avant-jazz) [is] , and improvisasi music style which mengkombinasiksn element from avant-garde art music , and composition with element from traditional [of] jazz . Avant-jazz have Overlap [to] by free [is] jazz , but the difference by free [is] jazz generally come up with warm feeling , or without structure which have been determined previously or composition  
  34. Sejarah Year 60’s America knocked over [by] a social problem , the core important problem rasial. " AvantGarde" ( translation from advance group , like other style , this style [is] political and social reflected climate at that time
  35. AvantGarde of terminology which [is] [is] used as [by] synonym from free jazz of year 60an , initially year 1958 recognized [by] through saxophonisOrnett Coleman, with other pionirnya like pianis Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra
  36. AvantGardechallange hearer [of] through [his/its] choice musikalitas musicians, [is] compared to [by] a traditional approach [is] which during the time followed [by] musicians jazz. All music aspect given [by] the full discretion for berimprovisasi. This music [is] often recognized to exceed pattern titi tone , and the [common/ public] musical form, enabling moan
  37. weep and scream in submitting energi, and the individual communications emotion [of] [his/its] musicians . [In] 1960 Ornette Coleman make revokusinya , album " Free Jazz" presenting with dobel quartet. Nonetheless improvisasi become important component in growth avantgarde in record , inclusive of Coltrane by " Ascension"Nya and " Om"
  38. Conception from grupimprovisasinya return dressy like early New Orleans jazz [of] early century 20 . Like initially final mid 1950an , musicians jazz of[is inclusive of Charles Mingus with [his/its] album " Pithecanthropus Erectus", strarting again to defin collective [of] improvisasi to modern [of] jazz
  39. Year 1959, Miles Davis introduce capital of jazz to mainstream with composition " So What", enabling soloist more free improved to dig idea of new idea , made moderately [is] change chord. Saxophonis John Coltrane become figure " father" [in] year 60's
  40. giving clarification [of] [at] young musicians [of] avantgarde of[is inclusive of saxophonis Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, Pharoah Sanders and Albert Ayler. Coltrane finish the rest of [his/its] age [is] short express sense of music personal in avantgarde, also move this new look
  41. [In] 1960's and 70's, Chicago develop nuance of avantgarde [of] below/under pianis, composer Muhal Richard Abrams. In the year 1965 he/she found Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians what have member [to] for example saxophonis Anthony Braxton, Henry Threadgill, Chico Freeman, and The Art Ensemble of Chicago of practical Style avantgarde in this time can be enjoyed [by] through result work from musicians [of] like saxophonis Steve Coleman and David S. Ware
  42. Down town of New York become station from the Knitting Factory, developing new grup and music experimental. Musicians here for example saxophonis John Zorn and Team Berne. Trumpet Player ( trumpeter) Dave Douglas, drummer Joey Baron, and violinis of Mark Feldman, partake to assist to form new direction from avantgarde
  43. Musicians have an in with avant-jazz. Evan Parker Sun Ra Pharoah Sanders Archie Shepp Joe McPhee John Zorn Cecil Taylor Don Pullen George Adams Albert Ayler Don Ayle Andrew Hill Sam Rivers Ornette Coleman Don Cherry Ed Blackwell Charlie Haden John Coltrane (later period) Eric Dolphy Dave Holland Medeski, Martin Wood
  44. Smooth jazz [is] one of form jazz, frequently the mixing by R&B. Smooth Jazz expand as part of form of jazz afusion, and tend to to pressurize [at] melody compared to toimprovisasi. CTI Records own Creed Taylor of vitally shares [is] growth [of] this form of mid 1970. Wes Montgomery make some fruit of instrumental record from a number of famous pop song [is] which is not many enthused [by] penikmat Pop compared to [by] jazz fan
  45. but some other refuse the view, like musicians respected [by] Pat Metheny, David Sanborn, Marcus Miller the other and often classification as " smooth jazz," so also the part of them able to present kinds of kinds of style result of company of this record often [is] not considered to be [by] album of smooth jazz which important. Jazz fan look into smooth jazz side [is] eye, or even assume [it] non jazz [is] at all
  46. Smooth Jazz a controversy terminology, representing to form of music. Partly pecinta jazz [do] not assume " Smooth Jazz" as forming of jazz, often become leader of market which merepresentasikan of[is effort to plough prestige from terminology from faction " jazz
  47. to sell what recognized [by] form muzak. Other criticism to " Smooth Jazz" what often offer something that emit a stream of off hand, voice which safe from light Jazz [is] which aim to draw hearer widely, dressy [of] mainstream, oftentimes more white, [his/its] target [is] middle-weight hearer
  48. content [of] dissimilar which can make " Smooth Jazz" accepted to become subgenre, debating narrow;tight mind to try [his/its] fox [is] jazz to part of museum exhibisi, and starting points of continueing of incursion out of bounds jazz and R&B in century 21
  49. popular development now [is] urban jazz, including aspect from hip-hop. This style less be enthused [by] the devotee which generally listen station of radio of kontemporar playing music of mixture from hip-hop and R&B. [Among/Between] musicians which often present urban jazz [is] Dave Koz, Boney James, Paul Jackson Jr., and former player of NBA turning round to become bass player [of] Wayman Tisdale
  50. Form of Smooth jazz as format for the radio take root beautiful music form, [is] generally played [by] 15-menitan perset ( instrumental with one or two vocalist [of] per setting). containt, in this time Smooth jazz radio [do] not differ from beautiful music [of] year 60-an until 80-an
  51. Smooth Jazz generally depict genre music exploiting instrument ( and, concurrently, improvisation) traditionally relate to jazz style influence and drawing many people, from a lot of source [of] like funk, popular and R&B. Since final 1980-an, this style become successful so especially as format radio, and often also become theme song station [of] where [which/such] [in] United States. Though often emerge where [which/such], this become something that less to the advantage of this subgenre, generally form this jazz exclusively consider record amenity and its[his] commercial .
  52. Smooth Jazz recognized in this time emerge year-end and intermediate first 1970, pionernya Grover Washington, Jr., SpyroGyra and Pieces of a Dream, with influence jazz fusion. [Do] not like its for, however, smooth jazz take care of preasure [of] [at] melody and leave improvisation
  53. However root of this genre can be traced [by] initially: 1960s company of famous record [is] which produced Creed Taylor work along by guitarist [is] Wes Montgomery yield 3 famous album ( 1967 A Day in the Life and Down Here on the Ground and 1968's Road Song) containing instrumental version from pop song [of] like " Eleanor Rigby", " I Say a Little Prayer" and " Scarborough Fair"
  54. Early from this successfulness , Taylor found CTI Records. A lot of show jazz [of] early from here ( inclusive of Freddie Hubbard, Chet Baker, George Benson dand Stanley Turrentine) through them also [his/its] merilis album below/under tuition Taylor have type [to] [of] according to what wanted [by] devotee jazz; critic Scott Yanow write " Taylor get outstanding success [of] denga balance artistic by kommersial"
  55. big Instrumental poor concert [is] year 1970an [is] often known as " contemporary" jazz / and merefleksikan [of] some influence from music fusion. Artist having an effect on saxophonists Grover Washington Jr. and David Sanborn develop lighter something that [of] more approach [of] funki with style for radio devotee which easier oftentimes accepted to be compared to [by] fusion.
  56. Chuck Mangione, John Klemmer, Earl Klugh, SpyroGyra, and George Benson masingmasing have radio pop successfulness. Hit Benson, " Breezin'", produced by Tommy Lipuma immediately this album become landmark make contemporary jazz [is] very-very accepted saleable and far flung millions of keeping Era 70an [is] one of especial period [is] change in jazz. A period of/to this a lot of album jazz focused [at] appearance live diklub. Musicians [of] like Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, and more opting Horace Silver [of] record have nuance [to] [of] club to get din and spontaneity from appearance live [of] before coming up live.
  57. 1960s, Creed Taylor start to make jazz have " class" with atmosphere in studio controlled. After trial and error which is not old created of atmosphere of club of approach of Taylor of record of musicians of jazz of studio by setting when them improvisation. Through combination of artist of jazz [of] like guitarist George Benson and trompeter of Freddie Hubbard by arrangers [is] Don of Sebesky and Bob James. Conception Taylor proven [by] the success commercially.
  58. Year 1982, Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen launch GRP Records. By background [is] Grusin as composer and arranger and also interest of Rosens [of] [at] development of recording technique. GRP create approach [of] [at] production of record of[is [is] same as studio of record own Creed Taylor. [In] era 80an [in] industrial era [of] record of post-disco [of] a lot of lable of big record lessen list jazz. Opening opportunity of GRP to huddle up artist of[is inclusive of keyboardist Chick Corea and guitarist Lee Ritenour.
  59. Through combination of contemporary artist [of] jazz digitally [is] technological recording [of] GRP practice on big because accepted as [by] company of record of first which record format CD. Open for the concept joining element from poor concert by jazz [is] Grusin And Rosen get remarkable respon for style of music which trendy and successful bring to feel jazz to broader society. Vokalis Patti Austin, Angela Bofill, and Diane Schuur [is] finally known as " GRP Sound.".
  60. Year 90’s commercial radio form emerge below/under name or format or flag " smooth jazz" what [is] non-stopped and non-stopped to present a lot of appearance recognized by contemporary [is] jazz. Yes like Star FM estimate to estimate.
  61. Rock alternatif Rock Alternative ( English: Alternative Rock, referred [as] also the alternative music or only the alternative) [is] music rock stream which emerge in the year 1980-an and become very popular [in] year 1990. Name " alternative" found in the year 1980 for description band [of] punk rock which is disagree with stream [of] punk rock [of] [at] a period of . As specific music type, rock alternative have sub- stream which vary, from music indie starting in the year 1980 and become popular in the year 1990; like indie rock, grunge, gothic rock, and college rock. The stream [is] consolidation with its[his] typical characteristic each.
  62. Although the alternative stream counted [by] as stream rock, but some sub-stream affected by folk music, reggae, electronic music, and jazz. In specified period, term rock alternative used to mention music rock from band underground in the year 1980an, punk rock ( inclusive of punk itself), and for music rock itself in the year 1990's and 2000's.
  63. REGGAE Reggae represent rhythm of music expanding [in] Jamaica. Reggae possible become secondhand [in] wide feeling to making reference to for the most part music Jamaica, inclusive of Ska, rock steady, dub, dancehall, and raggae. Perhaps the term also stay in to discriminate accurate style so come from final 1960-an. Reggae stand up below/under style of rhythm which with character trap soldier of blow arrears, known as " slank", playing at by guitar rhythm, and the beater drum of above bass three blow [of] each size measure, recognized with the title " once [release]". Characteristic, this beat [is] tardy the than reggae antecedent, ska and rocksteady.
  64. Reggae di Indonesia Some famous name in the world of music of Reggae [in] Indomnsia for example Tony Q, Race Muhammad, Steven & Coconuttreez, Glorious Joni ( Bali), New Rastafara ( Yogyakarta). About year 1986 music of Reggae start echoed in Indonesia, the band [is] Black Company a band by genre [is] Reggae, some years later emerge Asian Roots representing the born of previous band, later;then there [is] Asian Force and Abresso, Jamming
  65. Progressive rock Progressive Rock or [is] often shortened [by] prog [is] music type which start to expand by the end of decade 60's and reach [his/its] heyday [in] year 70's, joining element from rock, classic jazz music and. Sometime influence from traditional blues music and [is] also felt.
  66. Early from eksperimentasi of musicians rock of that moment, inspiration by The Beatles and their The Beach Boys start to join traditional music, classic music and jazz into their composition
  67. As does stream of other music, [is] very difficult to define music of progressive rock precisely. Because this is there are a lot of debate hit whether/what one group of music of prog or [do] not. But there are some individuality of music of prog which generally can be met in masterpiece of musicians prog
  68. Among other things [is] ritme which is not conventional ( non 4/4 or the syncopation), skilled castanets domination with complicated solo game, and the song which the length exceed normal ( more than 5 minute, generally about 12-20 minute or longer even).
  69. As does the other music stream, [is] very difficult to define progressive music rock precisely. Because this is there are a lot of debate hit whether/what one music prog group or [do] not. But there are some music prog individuality which generally can be met in musicians prog masterpiece. Among other things [is] ritme which is not conventional ( non 4/4 or the syncopation), skilled castanets domination with complicated solo game, and the song which the length exceed normal ( more than 5 minute, generally about 12-20 minute or longer even).
  70. A lot of group progressive rock publishing one album with song which have theme [to] [of] [is] of equal or intermittently narrate one story ( referred [as] [by] a concept album). example [of]s [of] Album conception among other things [is] Metropolis 2: Scenes From a Memory from Dream Theater and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway from Genesis
  71. There [are] also many group of music of progressive in this time which start exit from stigma of music of progressive as genre and back to opinion of nucleus;core of music of progressive as influenced [by] strong real very view [of] view Jazz Some music progressive rock Indonesia origin group [is] Discus and Everlasting.
  72. Pengertian Before known as [by] rock alternative, this stream [is] having [of] a lot of variation [of] of name used occasionally. In the year 1980an [in] United States, term used occasionally [is] college rock ( Rock University). This Term [is] used [by] because a lot of student taking a fancy to stream of music [of] this type of [at] [his/its] epoch. [In] English, term which commonly use [is] indie. Nevertheless, in the year 1985, term of indie used to mention sub-stream from alternative, non simply term replacement.
  73. Term " alternative rock" or " rock alternative" found in the year 1990. Although so, term " alternative" have time to emerge [at] mid 1980an, a word used to denote " new music" and " modern pasca". Original use [of] this term [is] broader in fact than which is most understood, that is coveredly [is] punk rock, New Wave
  74. post-punk, and even the poor concert, also indie. Year 1991, when addition categorize alternative music [in] Appreciation Grammy video MTV music Appreciation and, finally the term " alternative" becoming popular and used widely, at the same time successfully nya Lollapalooza.
  75. SegmentasiPendengar Genre Age Mount Social Status segmentation of Hearer relied on [by] some clasifikation, that is : Education Background Demographic Situation
  76. AlokasiWaktu Time adjustment with song twiddling [in] radio Morning afternoon Broadcaster turn around song have to be adapted for [by] time night
  77. Accomodating beat of song with characteristic of mood hearer.