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1. Parental Engagement PowerPoint Presentation
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1. Parental Engagement

1. Parental Engagement

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1. Parental Engagement

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  1. Unnayan Learning Hub Pilot: Learnings We have learnt a lot from our pilot and going forward we will use our learnings to scale our venture • Since parents are making efforts to send the girls to the hubs every day, more parental engagement is required to make them understand why these girls are coming to the hub 1. Parental Engagement • Unnayan will focus on raising working capital for lasting at 18-24 months to focus on the organization else self survival v/s organization survival becomes an issue 2. Working Capital • Legal work such as registration of the organization, applying for 80G tax exemption, getting a bank account, etc. should be in place before start of operations 3. Legalities • The team should have a right mix of experience and skill sets to ensure Unnayan’s objectives are achieved 4. Funding Constraints Constraints exist • Unnayan will follow a more professional/formal structure to build the organization to avoid inefficiency 5. Raise funding • Irrespective of number of co founders, there will be one major decision maker in the organization to avoid time wastage and conflict No constraints, or constraints addressed with existing situations 6. Seek support from foundations, donors and advisors 7. Go forward

  2. Implementation Timeline Unnayan will follow the 4 stage timeline to achieve its vision of bringing about a transformative change in low income communities. Unnayan seeks support from Amplify in these 2 stages Concept and blueprint Validate Prepare Scale • Mar 2013-Feb 2014 • Done a pilot in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi • Tested various assumptions and ideas • A final version of the operational model has been prepared • July 2014- March 2015 • With the existing learnings and refined approach, Unnayan will look to validate the model at other urban low income communities across India • Pune and Mumbai are the 2 locations for this stage. • March 2015- March 2016 • Post validation, Unnayan will seek to engage more stakeholders and partners to prepare the ground for establishing a bigger presence • Hiring will need to be stepped up to manage expanding operations and preparations for next stage • March 2016- March 2020 • With an established partner base and funding, Unnayan will seek to scale itself all across India • We aim to scale in 8-10 cities in this stage

  3. Support from Amplify IDEO Unnayan seeks support from Amplify across 3 areas Funding (Validate to Scale stage) Amplify IDEO Access to networks and stakeholders (Prepare stage) Design Support(Validate Stage)

  4. Unnayan: Education, Safety and Empowerment Unnayan will focus on education, safety and empowerment collectively to achieve its vision of transforming girls into community leaders Education • Girls and women in low income communities • Aimed at enabling girls to attain grade level competency in English, Hindi and Math Safety • Self Defence Program • Training girls to make them capable of defending themselves during untoward situations Empowerment • Life Skill Activities • -- Dance, Theatre and Art will enable the girls to express themselves in a creative manner and make them confident and outgoing

  5. End User Portrait: Parents and Kids The portrait signifies a brief background about the end user, their existing actions and their views and beliefs about their expectations The Environment Desired Experience Pre conceived notions and beliefs • The Setting • Low income households with monthly income ( 45-80 Pounds/ month) • Illiteracy, lack of financial resources and no support system • What the end user wants for their kids out of the Unnayan experience • Self confident, independent and self sufficient girls who can take care of themselves • Be able to travel alone and defend themselves in case of any mishap • The End User’s pre beliefs and thoughts • Unnayan is just another tuition center • Girls are just meant for household activities and their suffering is their destiny itself. User’s Behavior • What the Consumer Does • Send kids to tuition centers • Enroll them at religious centers since these are considered safe centers • Confines the girl to the house and not allowing her to step outside alone

  6. End User’s Experiences • “Noorshah has started speaking in good English at home and talks more often with family members. Her confidence and speaking skills have grown because of DevanikBhaiya “ • Farzana, Noorshah’s Mother • “Today a girl needs to have self-defence skills given such a bad environment in our country for girls and I am very happy to send Pooja to Unnayan where she learns skills which nobody ever taught her.” • Aarti, Pooja’s mother • “Even after 5 hours of school, I love attending DevanikBhaiya and Swati Didi’s center. I love reading books and doing dance and theatre here. I never ever get tired there” • Sunita, Grade 4, 11 years old, student at local government school • “Rabina never wants to come home. She spends 3 hours at Unnayan everyday but still wants to be there for more hours. She has developed amazing confidence and she also helps her sisters in their studies and teaches some self defence skills” • Khushboo, Rabina’s elder sister • “Earlier, I was hesitant to send Khushi to Unnayan as it is around a 2km walk for her. I was unsure of what they do but over a period of time, I have ben satisfied with my decision to send her there. She is becoming more confident and has started to participate in household discussions, a very unlikely thing in our generation” • PyareLal, Father of Khushi Note: 1) Bhaiya is a word used for Brother (as called fondly by kids) and similarly Didi is a word for sister. 2) All the statements have been taken in Hindi. These are translations.