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  2. CHAPTER 1: it’s a GIRL Whitney Houston, was born August 9, 1963. In the beginning of her life she lived in New Jersey. Her parent’s names are Cissy Houston and John Houston. As a child her father would call her Nipy. She is the baby of her three siblings. She has two older brother.

  3. Chapter 2: Born in a music Business When Whitney Houston was born she was born in a music business. Her mother was background vocal singer and her father was a security guard.

  4. CHAPTER 3: WHITNEY’S NAME Whitney Houston got her name from when her mother. When her mother was in labor she was passing time by watching Hazel, a TV show. As she was watching television saw Mrs. B, known as Whitney Blake. Her mother knew right away, she was going to name her baby Whitney.

  5. CHAPTER 4: MEANT TO BE Whitney was inspired to sing ever since she was brought into this world. She was at church so that pushed her. Her aunt Dionne was the one that inspired her even more. Her mother taught her about singing. At the age of fourteen Whitney began singing with her mother at a night club in Manhattan Town Hall 43rdStreet West.

  6. CHAPTER 5: ARISTA RECOREDS AND AWARDS. In 1983 Whitney signed a contract with Arista Records. The man who gave her the music contract Clive Davis. He took her under his wing. In 1980, she began to earn awards. One of her awards was she set the record for the most A.M.A.’s won by a woman! Later when her album was made, the Whitney Houston album, her voice was known as the strongest voice on a solo album to her fans.

  7. CHAPTER 6:BOBBY BROWN In 1991, Whitney meet Bobby Brown. The same year she married him.

  8. CHAPTER 7: BOBBI KRISTINA Three years later, 1993 Whitney had a baby girl. She named her Bobbi Kristina.

  9. CHAPTER 8: THE STRUGGLE In 2005 Whitney began to have struggles with her voice. Those struggles also caused her to have to go to a hospital in Paris. She also had to cancel concerts in… France, England, Scotland, and Spain!

  10. CHAPTER 9:BACK IN BUSSNISSES On April12, 2010 concerts began again. Whitney preformed in… Ireland, Switzerland, Germany,Austrilia,Belguim, Denmark, and Finland. Her tour name was “Nothing but Love”

  11. CHAPTER10: A DIVORCE On February 12, 2012 Bobby and Whitney fell out of place. Later they ended up having a divorce.

  12. CHAPTER11: END OF LIFE Whitney died on December 27,2012. She died she died in Beverly Hills, California.

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