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Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney.

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Eli Whitney

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  1. Eli Whitney Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin and a pioneer in the mass production of cotton. Whitney was born in Westboro, Massachusetts on December 8, 1765 and died on January 8, 1825. He graduated from Yale College in 1792. By April 1793, Whitney had designed and constructed the cotton gin, a machine that automated the separation of cottonseed from the short-staple cotton fiber.

  2. The Cotton Gin Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin revolutionized the cotton industry in the United States. Prior to his invention, farming cotton required hundreds of man-hours to separate the cottonseed from the raw cotton fibers. Simple seed-removing devices have been around for centuries, however, Eli Whitney's invention automated the seed separation process. His machine could generate up to fifty pounds of cleaned cotton daily, making cotton production profitable for the southern states.

  3. Other Tidbits In 1798, Eli Whitney invented a way to manufacture muskets by machine, using the same technology that he used in his famed Cotton Gin, so that the parts were interchangeable. Ironically, it was as a manufacturer of muskets that Whitney finally became rich.

  4. My Five Facts • Eli Whitney was the inventor of the Cotton Gin. • The Cotton Gin could turn out over 50 pounds of cleaned cotton every day. • The design of the Cotton Gin was stolen and replicated over 45 different times. • Eli Whitney was able to successfully sell his product to only 12 plantations, but most everyone ended up with his design. • Eli Whitney actually made his fortune in the manufacturing of muskets, not the Cotton Gin.

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