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Eli Whitney

:. By: Megan. Eli Whitney. Date of birth. December 8 th 1765 Westborough, Massachusetts. Family. His parents belonged to the middle class in society. Early childhood. He established a nail-making business

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Eli Whitney

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  1. : By: Megan Eli Whitney

  2. Date of birth. • December 8th • 1765 • Westborough, Massachusetts

  3. Family • His parents belonged to the middle class in society

  4. Early childhood • He established a nail-making business • Eli Whitney spent many endless hours in his fathers workshop tinkering with tools.

  5. Education • Graduated from Yale College at the age of 28 • He was tutored in south Carolina. • He taught a grammar school.

  6. Important events or stories. • Catherine Green put the cotton Gin in the newspaper. • He had smallpox when visiting South Carolina • The Cotton Gin was $500

  7. Is your person living or deceased, What was the date? • Died on January 8th 1825

  8. Why is Eli Whitney known? • Eli Whitney is known for the cotton Gin.

  9. What is the most interesting thing you found out? • He made a violin at age 12.

  10. What are the 2 most important lessons? • One lesson is you have to persevere to succeed because he persevered to make the final and best cotton Gin and he succeeded.

  11. Was your person a celebrity or a hero? • I think Eli Whitney is a hero because if it wasn't for him we would have less items made from cotton. This is because the cotton gin helped to get the cotton clean. People would not have the time today, to clean cotton by hand according to today’s economy.

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