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Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston. By Robert Meikel. BIOGRAPHY: .

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Whitney Houston

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  1. Whitney Houston By Robert Meikel

  2. BIOGRAPHY: • Whitney Houston was born on August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey by her mother, Cissy Houston. Whitney came from a musical family, her mother was a very famous and well known gospel singer. Whitney started singing at the age of 7 and was singing and performing in her church choir at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark. “Whitney’s first album was released in 1985 in the United States and sold over 13 million copies. This was followed by her second album ‘Whitney’ in 1987 which topped U.S. album charts. Her third album ‘I’m your baby tonight’ came out in 1990, followed by ‘My love is your love’ in 1998. In 2002 she released ‘Just Whitney’, a Christmas album titled ‘One Wish’ in 2003, and her final album ‘I look to you’ in 2009”.

  3. Whitney also did a little acting, she starred in movies like “The Bodygaurd”, “The Preachers Wife” and “Waiting to Exhale”. The Bodyguard was her most famous out of the three which she also co-produced the soundtrack which she had her most famous song “I will always love you” on. She has received over 400 awards from various awards including Grammy and Emmy.

  4. History of work: • The type of work/music I’d like to focus on and give history on is her work in the early 90’s which I believe to be her prime years as a musician. Although Whitney Houston had a lot of live performances which she is well known for throughout her early career, the particular work/performance that really made Whitney an Icon was at the 1994 American Music Awards where she sang a three part medley with a live band. She also took home six awards in total that night. • Whitney’s sang along with her band, which had several different kinds of musicians and instruments. They consisted of piano, saxophone, drum set, electric keyboard, electric guitar, and the Cello. The songs that she sang were two classic songs sung from previous artists one called “I loves you, Porgy” which is a duet from the opera Porgy and Bess with music by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin. It was published in 1935. The second song “And I’m telling you I’m not going” is a torch song from the broadway musical Dreamgirls. The third song Whitney sand was one of her famous songs “I have nothing” which was on The Bodyguard soundtrack. She combined all three songs into a live Medley titling it “And I’m telling you I have nothing” together with her voice and the band made it one the most memorable performances of her entire career.

  5. Listening Guide: http://youtu.be/0eGIo_SCrN8 • 00:00 First song “I loves you, Porgy: The introduction begins with a 16 beat note by the drum set starting out hard and gradually getting softer followed by a soft melody by the piano. When the singer begins she belts on the third note of the Piano. She continues to sing low belted notes along with the piano in C major. At about 1:14 you can hear the saxophone begin to play along with the piano and the singer. 1:38 the bass comes from the drums sets giving the singers notes heavier bass and giving the song more depth. The precision that the singer and the musicians have together really make this a great song live.

  6. 2:15 Second song “And I’m telling you I’m not going”: The introduction to this song begins with the drummer hitting 3 notes on the Pearl Percussion Bala followed by the singer beginning the song with the piano. 3:04 the saxophone plays along with the high notes that the singer is hitting. 3:24 the drummer hits the bass along with two catchy notes with the singer which is one of my favorite parts of the performance. 3:48 is the climax of this song you know that by hearing the singer belt from notes C,D, E, and F along with begin able to hear all the other musicians playing along with her. The song cuts off with all the musicians cutting off all the music on one final note.

  7. 5:06 Third and final song of the Medley “I have nothing”: She begins with the first verse of the song with the piano in a softer melody. 5:41 you can hear the electric guitar begin to play the bass along with the drummer to the low notes that the singer is also hitting. 5:58 she begins with the chorus hitting a high belt D note where the melody gradually gets louder and deeper and she ends the chorus with a high note again. 6:50 is where the second verse of the song begins with a continuous beat from the drums and a soft melody by the piano. 7:27 she starts with the chorus again but with much more intensity than the first. She drags out the notes and bass from the drummer is heard more than before, makes you feel like the climax of the song is coming. 8:20 is where the climax start with the singer extending the lyrics with belting and the drummers playing along. 9:16 she hits the highest note throughout the whole medley which really is nice to hear since not many singers can do it. 9:49 The drummers and the singer end the song cutting the music off together ending the performance.

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