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Function Editor PowerPoint Presentation
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Function Editor

Function Editor

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Function Editor

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Function Editor A new iteration for a more tasty operation tool* Shutdown lecture 2014 *We hope Freyermuth Pierre BE/OP-PS

  2. Scope Primary usage Acquire, Edit and Send functions through InCA. One of tools available from the WorkingSet. Data type Two dimensions array of type y = f(time), with internal stops.

  3. Structure summary Global Model Data Provider configurator Data Provider Data Provider Function List Function List Data Source Function List Source of data Function List Graphical Interface

  4. Graphical interface summary Menu Bar Primary view Function Lists Tools Secondary views

  5. Menu Bar Get the text version here of the tools.

  6. Primary view 2D chart view of the Functions According to the tool selected, mouse interactor will change. Axis are interactive • Scroll by click and drag • Zoom by using mouse wheel

  7. Function lists Change the toolset to get more or less tools. List of functions present in the function editor. The selection set function to edit. S = show the function in primary view A = take in account by the Y-auto-scale. Bold font means the function was edited and not saved.

  8. Tools Graphical interface Change your tool by selecting the icon. Send/save the selected function to where it come from.

  9. Zoom Interaction on primary view : • Zoom Change between the 4 modes.

  10. Add/RemoveDataProvider Add different provider such as: • File • Japc • LSA references Remove one or all provider.

  11. Move Point Interaction on primary view: • Move the selected points Change between the 4 modes. Enter directly a value. Linearize or smooth selection.

  12. Add Point Interaction on primary view : • Insert Point on click Enter directly a value. Insert Multiple points at once.

  13. Remove Point Interaction on primary view : • None or delete Point on click Remove a selection.

  14. History Roll back to any action done on the function. Ctrl-Z / Y is also working outside this tool selection.

  15. Copy / Paste Copy the points and the selection of a function. Paste (replace) all or the selection.

  16. Insert AdiabaticFunction Insert or reuse existing point for an adiabatic function.

  17. Export Export the selected function to an file. For the moment, xml file, which can be reopen.

  18. Filter Apply a Bi-quadratic filter to the selection. Beware of the phase shift.

  19. Secondary view : table Once an edition tool is selected (move, add, delete, etc..) double-click on a cell to edit it, or single-click to select.

  20. Secondary view : Zoom Window This view shows where is the viewing window of the main view on a full-scale chart.