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  2. Ukraine is large European country. The territory is 603,7 thousand square kilometers. It occupies 42nd place in the words as to its territory being large than any country in Western Europe. Ukraine stretches for 1300km from east to west and 900km from north to south. Borders on Russia, Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Belarus.

  3. The climate of Ukraine is mild and warm, with a long summer and a short winter. Eastern Ukraine is slightly colder in winter and warmer in summer than Western Ukraine.

  4. Ukraine is the country of many rivers. The Dnieper River divides Ukraine into two parts: Right Band and Left Band Ukraine.

  5. In the south Ukraine is bounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The Black Sea navigable rivers have promoted the development of trade and culture.

  6. Within the borders of Ukraine there are the Carpatian Mountains with the highest peak Hoverla 2061 m high. There are many treeless summits, which are called polonynas.

  7. The Crimean Mountains stretch in three parallel ranges. The highest peak of the Main Range Roman Kush is 1545 m high.

  8. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv – an old and very beautiful city. The population of the city is about 4 million people. It is the main administrative, political, industrial, scientific, transport and cultural center of the country.Kyiv is situated on both banks of the river Dnieper.

  9. There a lot of theatres, museums, libraries and cinemas.

  10. The main street of Kyiv is Khreshchatik. This street is only one kilometer long, but it is very impressive. There are a lot of cars, buses, trolley-buses and trams in Kyiv.

  11. Of all the city’s historical monuments the most ancient is the Golden Gate.

  12. Kyiv has always been the Center of Slavonic culture and Orthodox Church. Among them St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church and Kyiv-PecherskLavra which originally was a cave monastery.

  13. The national emblems of Ukraine include the trident, the flag, the anthem.

  14. On August 24,1991 Ukraine’s Independence was proclaimed.

  15. The Constitution of Ukraine was adopted by the VerhovnaRada on June 28, 1996

  16. Welcome to Ukraine!