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All Organic Mini Business Plan

All Organic Mini Business Plan Company Description

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All Organic Mini Business Plan

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  1. All Organic Mini Business Plan

  2. Company Description

  3. The name of my company is All Organic and we own and operate our own store and specialize in organic produce and dry foods, along with the store we sell our products to other retailers. The company is based out of Seattle, Washington due to the fact that a great deal of the population consumes or desires to consume organic foods.

  4. Products and Services All Organic sells a wide range of organic produce that comes from all around the world as well as supporting local organic farmers. Some of our dry products include pastas, crackers, cooking materials etc. We are working on a new product and that is providing organic coffee that comes in bulk grown in the mountains of Kenya.

  5. Marketing and Sales Strategy Our target market is 20-40 year old females. We plan on reaching our target market at institutions such as “Curves,” an all woman workout facility. We intend to give promotional coupons to new members and put flyers in the facility as a monetarily conservative advertisement strategy.

  6. We also plan on advertising on college campuses, such as University of Washington and Seattle University by handing out samples and coupons. By selling to woman who are associated to institutions where health is promoted, like colleges and work out facilities, we can better promote our product because organic food is associated with a healthier life style.

  7. Competitive Advantage

  8. All Organic offers organic food at an affordable price due to the fact that we try to use local farmers as much as possible. By establishing good relationships with these farmers we can cut costs of shipping. By doing this we can offer good food at competitive prices.

  9. Other competitors have a reputation for offering expensive organic products, where in most cases our target market cannot afford their products. By giving women between the ages of 20 and 40 an affordable organic option, All Organic will, in time, gain the competitive edge in this industry.

  10. Management

  11. The CEO of the company is Theresa Sena and the CFO is Micheal Dorsey. We have decided to make two equal top management roles. Theresa majored in management and Micheal majored in finance, so given the situation of our background knowledge and our educational expirience, we divided up the roles accordingly.

  12. Since both of us are working full time we have decided to only hire 3 employees to cut start up costs, one floor manager and 2 sales associates and cashiers. The CFO, the CEO and the floor manager will partake in all the major decisions concerning the food, finance decisions, relations with the local farmers, and customer needs. The floor manager is included because as the founders, we will not always be able to be present on the floor and the manager will best know what the store needs by listening to customers communicate and being presnt during stores opening hours.

  13. Financials

  14. The CFO has come up with numbers for the next five years for All Organic. Our First year we expect to make only $75,00 profit, due to the start up costs and lack of customer base, but the second year All organic is expected to make $ 280,000. Now with more assets and funding for advertisement the store is expected to make a $1.7 million profit in the third year. Because of the stores economic boost, we are going to expand to three more stores around the Seattle area. The fourth year all store combined are making a $7.9 million profit, and finally in the fifth year the profit soars to $11.4 million.

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