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Simple Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans PowerPoint Presentation
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Simple Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans

Simple Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans

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Simple Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans

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  1. Simple Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans Initiative Mapping Below are the main initiatives that I map each lesson to. This resources is an adaption on the fantastic work already done by Ross Morrison McGill (@Teachertoolkit) in order to follow my schools lesson planning policy (sort of..) The idea is that it makes both the planning of a scheme of work and lesson planning much simpler and less time consuming as well as still allowing teachers to be flexible and react to what is actually happening in the classroom. Unlike Teachertoolkit’s 5 minute lesson plan this resource also has a section which allows for mapping to the key initiatives (a must in my school) which are outlined on this page. I have found that by using this resource it has shortened my planning time considerably, however does not make resource making any easier or quicker! Starter Summative Assessment Objectives Literacy Active learning Initiatives Activities Plenary Outcomes Group Work Independent Learning Formative Assessment

  2. Scheme of Work Planner Duration Objectives Title: Subject: Year Group: Number of weeks: Number of Lessons: Bullet points Key Concepts What do you want the students to take away from this scheme of work? What is important? Key Words Between 5 and 10 words Learning Phases The structure of your scheme. Homework Format Assessment Format Special Resources Takeaway Homework Project based Learning Past exam questions Formative and Summative Anything that is specific to this scheme of work and wouldn’t be used elsewhere

  3. Learning Phase Plan Key Concepts Objectives The Hook? Year / Subject: SOW Title: LP Title: Lesson Phase Specific What do you want the students to take away from this learning phase? What is important? What is going to get the students excited about this learning phase Differentiation How will you differentiate this lesson? Between 3 & 6 words Activity Ideas Plenary Starter Resources Homework