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College English NEW

College English NEW

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College English NEW

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  1. College English NEW

  2. Unit Three Father Knows Better Father Knows Better

  3. Table of Contents I. Brief Introduction to PlayII. Reading Comprehension of the Play III. Language Points IV. Structure V. Text B

  4. The major components of a play Theme, Conflict, Characters, Climax, Settings, Stage directions, Language, Narration,

  5. 1. The functions of stage directions Center Stage 1) To set up stage properties in the proper place 2) To indicate a change in setting 3) To direct actors’ movement, gesture, facial expression, tone of voice, etc.

  6. Cats at Fair

  7. Cats

  8. Hamlet

  9. Hamlet

  10. 2. Conflicts --- the essence of a play Forms of conflicts: 1) Human against human 2) Human against environment 3) Human against himself

  11. II. Reading Comprehension of the Play

  12. Question 1:What are the three scenes of the play according to the play-script? 1. At a Fast-food Restaurant 2. Inside Thompson's’ Dining Room 3. Inside an Office of a High School

  13. Scene 1 Father embarrassed Sean by talking too proudly to the restaurant Manager. Scene 2 Father embarrassed Dane by persuading a workmate into pressing his son to ask her to the senior prom. Scene 3 Father embarrassed Heidi by boasting to an official of her new school about how bright she was.

  14. Question 2: Are the children grateful for what their father does for them? No, they are not. Actually, they feel a bit annoyed and helpless.

  15. Question 3: Why did Father come to the restaurant? He showed his pride in his son Sean and expressed his slight worries about his son.

  16. Question 4:Why did Father invite Dan Lucas to lunch? He wanted Dan Lucas to make his son invite Diane to the Senior Prom.

  17. Question 5:Why was Heidi so eager to go to class? She felt embarrassed by Father’s boasting to an official about how bright she was.

  18. Question 6: What’s the theme of the play? Generation Gap

  19. III. Language Points

  20. 1. Dictation at any rate 无论如何 ; 位置,场所 ; 总体的,全部的 ; 光荣的,极好的 ; 福利,安宁 ; 坦白的 ; 吞,咽 ; 才能,天资 ; 歇斯底里般的 ; location overall glorious welfare frank swallow talent hysterical

  21. 2. Location n. a place or position (L.3)位置, 场所 Witness showed the police the exact location of the accident. Have they decided the location of the new campus yet? be located (situated) in 坐落于,位于 His house _____ in the new shopping center. A. locates B. has located C. is located D. has been locating C

  22. Locate v. [T]SLIGHTLY FORMAL to find or discover the exact position of something: Police are still trying to locate the suspect. They feel difficult to locate the spy plane.

  23. 3. Embarrass v. (L. 10) make (sb.) feel awkward or ashamed When I began to sing, he laughed and made me embarrassed. I chose my words carefully in order to avoid embarrassing anyone. The march could embarrass the government.

  24. embarrassing (adj.) : making sb. feel ashamed or guilty embarrassed (adj.): sb. feeling shy, ashamed about sth. Embarrassment (n.) be embarrassed by sth.被…搞得很尴尬

  25. 4. Dumb (L.16) a. unable to speak; foolish; 1) unable to speak 哑的;哑口无言的,不愿说话的 He was born dumb,but he has still managed to get a job. I was dumb with disbelief. 我难以置信,一时竟说不出话来 2) (infml) foolish I was so dumb that I left my keys at home again. Don’t be so dumb. You can’t get a loan from the bank if you are laid-off.

  26. 3) silent; stupid (sth. is dumb) dumb show Are they brave or just dumb? What a dumb idea! This dumb T-shirt

  27. 5. Consist of, (L.20) be made up of The book consists of essays written over the last twenty years. The committee consists of scientists and engineers. consists in The beauty of the artist‘s style consists in its simplicity.

  28. compose, consist , contain, constitute 这四个词都有 “组成 的意思.compose常用过去分词形式,与 of 连 用,构成短语 be composed of ; consist 为不及物动词, 与of 连用,但它只有 动形式,它们的主语均为整 体. contain表示“包含,包括”,及物动词. Constitute 及物动词,意思“构成”,主语为部分. consist of 由…组成consist in = lie in; exist in在于;等于consist with=consistent with与…一致;等于

  29. 6. Proof(L.190) n. 证据 Her fingerprints left on the scene were a proof of her guilt. Researchers in America have found proof that non-smokers can develop cancer by working in smoky rooms.

  30. proof against :不受…影响 / 伤害的 Few are proof against all temptation. No household security devices are proof against the determined burglar. Her virtue would be proof against his charms.

  31. -proof “防/抗…的” fire-proof, heat-proof, bullet-proof glass a bullet-proof vest, a water-proof jacket wind-proof jacket evidence The police have found no fresh evidence of a terrorist link with the murder. testimony

  32. Witness n. v. 1) a person who sees an event happening, especially a crime or an accident: Police are appealing for witnesses to the accident to come forward. According to (eye) witnesses, the robbery was carried out by two teenage boys. Witness box

  33. 2) be witness to sth , to see something happen: She was witness to the tragic event. signed the treaty in the presence of two witnesses. They were married a year after they first met, with two friends acting as witnesses.

  34. 7. Fade v. (L.57)褪色,褪去;逐渐消失 1) lose color or brightness; cause to lose brightness The color in this silk material will not fade. The sun has faded the color of the curtains. Time has faded her beauty. 2) disappear slowly His enthusiasm for early-morning exercises faded as the weather was getting colder and colder. They watched the mountains fade into darkness.

  35. 8. Interrupt (L.76) v. stop sb. From continuing… 打断;中止 The knock on the door interrupted me while I was on the phone. Trade between the two countries was interrupted by the war. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but you’re not really answering my question.

  36. [记]inter (between) + rupt (break) Interchange (v)交换,轮替; interplay (v)相互作用

  37. My little son kept ____ me whenever I read newspaper.A. interfering B. interruptingC. intervening D. interpreting B Interfere (vi) interfere in/with; intervene (vi) intervene in/between

  38. 9. Bet (L.79) v. 与/以…打赌; 确信 1) 与/以…打赌 I bet them US$20 that we would be first. He spends all his money betting on horses. 2) 确信,敢说 I bet they would be surprised by the news. I bet he’ll change his mind again.

  39. your best bet---the best decision or choice:Your best bet would be to take a bus to the airport. a safe betsomething that you are certain will happen: It's a safe bet (that) Martin will be the last to arrive.

  40. Gamble --- to bet money, in a game or on a horse race I like to gamble when I play cards - it makes it more interesting. He gambles on the horses (= horse races).He gambled away all of our savings.

  41. 10. Distract (L.81) take (sb.’s attention) from sth If something distracts you or your attention, it makes you stop concentrating on what you are doing. Tom admits that playing computer games sometimes distracts him from his homework. The noise in the street distracted me from my reading.

  42. I have an exam tomorrow, don’t distract me _____ my study please.A. on B. from C. to D. withdistract sb/sth; be distracted by/with; distract sb./sth. from sth./doing sth. B Focus one’s attention on the details. Concentrate one’s mind on the details.

  43. 11. Community (L.123)社区,社团 College students have learned a lot in community service. The whole community was astir when the leader came. He enjoys a good reputation in the community of scholars. 他在学术界享有很好的声誉.

  44. Community 指同住一地区且具有相同文化和历史背景的“民众社区”, 如community center, speech community; society意思是“社会”, 前面可加a, 除非特指,一般不加定冠词the

  45. 12. exhaust (L..129) 1) make sb. very tired,either physically or mentally We are all exhausted after the journey. Four hours’ work almost exhausted her. be exhausted: be tired; be exhausted; be worn out

  46. 2) Use up completely After exhausting all her ready excuses, she could think of nothing else to say. 3) dwell on I think we have exhausted this subject; let’s go on to the next. exhausted (adj.) 极其疲倦的; exhaustive (adj.)彻底的,完全的 be exhausted by/with 因…而疲劳

  47. 13. humiliate v. (L.163) 使蒙羞,羞辱 He felt humiliated by her scornful remarks. humiliating adj. Humiliation n. [易混] humidity (n) 湿度; humanity (n) 人性,人道 humiliate oneself = lose one’s face = eat one’s humble pie

  48. 14. Constant a. 始终如一的; 不断的 1) unchanging The price of the product is not constant but varies with supply and demand. Driving at a constant speed saves gas. 2) without stopping I’ve got tired of your constant complaints. He left the office because he could no longer stand the constant gossip.

  49. Continuous 连续的,不间断的; continual时断时续的; continued 连续的,继续的; constant 不断的,永恒的 • He became a _____ customer of the restaurant. • A. continuous B. continual • C. continued D. constant D