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  1. Welcome To Our Desktop Demo

  2. Product of the YearFinalist 2011 • PLANT ENGINEERING MAGAZINE • LCD601 Wireless access monitoring system • Winner announced at year end

  3. Fits to any make or model vehicle Electric, Gas, LPG Or Diesel Powered Vehicle

  4. Flexibility:Continue to Purchase the “Right” Equipment for Your Application • KEYTROLLER is NOT affiliated with any particular forklift or equipment manufacturer. • Purchasing an access monitoring system manufactured by an equipment manufacturer can “tie you up” with that manufacturer indefinitely taking away your purchasing flexibility to continue buying equipment from other manufacturers at better pricing, specifications or delivery. • Installing an equipment manufacturer’s device onto a competitive machine---puts your company in the middle of installation, technical or warranty problems between highly competitive manufacturers. • KEYTROLLER devices can be “de-installed” from any machine and “re-installed” on a new machine. You just change hour meter information and set new ID. These emblems are Trademarks for equipment manufacturers.

  5. LCD 601---Most commonly used on forklift applications In addition to keypad functionality 601 has Impact + Speed sensing External alarm output and 3 aux inputs (plus speed) LCD 602---Most commonly used on equipment applications where impact and speed sensing is NOT required! Same exact keypad functionality as 601 Only one input Typically used for seat switch sensing Much simpler dual relay module 2 Models 600 Series Schematic of 602 This presentation deals with the capabilities and features of the LCD601 model

  6. Uncomplicated Installation (2 Wires EL + 3 Wires IC) To Ignition Switch (2) Wires To Power (1) To Seat/Foot Switch Aux connections as required 6

  7. Tabletop Demo Kit • Keytroller color LCD601 • 120dB flash-siren alarm • Speed Sensor Post • Magnet Speed on card • Aux Input Switch Box • Shock—Impact Module • Sample RFID Cards (preprogrammed in) • Relay—Sensor Module 1 2 4 + 7 3 5 6 8 Black 12VDC power supply plugs into top/back of sensor switch box 7

  8. 4 standard components in 601 4 separate boxes inside master box case Shipped as complete kit

  9. Color LCD KeypadComponent #1 Date Day of week Time WiFi signal strength Amount memory left Max temp seen IP address Operators name Hours on machine Maint due time Maint due date

  10. Relay Sensor ModuleComponent #2 Mounted upright in engine compartment on IC truck Commonly mounted under dash Mounted in electronics compartment on EL truck Mounted flat in engine compartment on construction equip

  11. Impact ModuleComponent #3 Small size for easy mounting Mounts flush and flat—not vertical Can be mounted securely to frame or with optional mounting bracket (shown) Y (front-back) axis acclimated to cable X axis (side-side)

  12. Adjustable Mounting BracketComponent #4 Built in adjustable mounting bracket gives installer many options--- dash install, OHG leg install, OHG above install, etc.

  13. Bracket to dash Flexibility in Mounting Options Bracket to overhead guard above Flush mounted to dash Bracket to leg of Overhead guard

  14. New Generation 601- 602 vs 501- 502 • 33% larger COLOR LCD screen • Processor: 20X larger memory 20X faster speed • Built in internal WiFi • IP67 weatherproof custom enclosure • Temperature extreme components • Vibration tested in frequencies and different axis of movement • Alpha-numeric keypad • Built in adjustable mounting bracket with mounting side options • Super reliable relay sensor and shock modules were NOT changed • Firmware and software backwards compatible with 601---no built in obsolescence —NO competitor can say that!

  15. No More Keys!!! Keyless Ignition START & STOP -From Keypad • No Lost Time Due to Lost or Broken Keys • Codes or Cards Are Unique to Operator • Code or card only enables vehicle driver is authorized and trained on

  16. No More Untrained & Unauthorized Drivers! • Operators • Trained on System Use • Own Code Or RFID ID Card • Access To Assigned Vehicle Only • Card/Code Validation & Acceptance • Enables Device • KEYTROLLER Compatibility • RFID card can be matched with a reader • HID Prox is by far the most commonly used RFID card today • Any License or Card Can Be Converted into RFID Card with addition of ‘adhesive wafer’ Authorized HID technology partner

  17. Warns operator when training is due Warns operator he’s within 30 days of the expiration of his card (or recurrent training due) Warning stays on the display for 6 seconds after card flash accepted

  18. Instill in your operators a sense of responsibility and accountability • Employee knows the device is there and knows he will be accountable ----for the first time----for any abusive driving habits---for checklists----for speeding---for safe conscientious handling of the vehicle. • Abusive operators either change their ways, get retrained, or relocated to a new job. • Management has data to back up abuse

  19. Video Enabling and Starting Click on picture above to begin movie of “wake up”, log-in, enable, start, checklist, stop, log out sequence.

  20. Demo #1 Turning it On & Logging In • Operator Presses & Holds RED BUTTON On Right Side • Unit Turns On • Press Login • Hold RFID Card Over Keypad to Login • If card is accepted, device will energize with user’s name---allowing him to start NOTE: The demo unit will start up the 601 upon powering up, therefore pressing the red button may not be required.

  21. Pre-shift checklists getting done? Can you access your OSHA required checklist records now? Are your operators completing them? Turning them in? Are your operators accountable? Paper based checklists are prone to errors and hard to track historical trends. • Find “Failed” checklist items by date, time, operator, vehicle • Easy access to SQL database stored data • More effective and timely maintenance scheduling • Data supports OSHA investigations of accidents

  22. Mandatory Pre-shift Checklist Make It Easy On Your Operator! • NO paperwork to fill out, misplace or lose • Complete Checklist OR Vehicle Shuts Down In Allotted Time • Checklist Includes: • Time/Date/Operator/Vehicle Stamped • Timed to the second to see if list was “finger whipped” • Provides “Accountability” Of Checklist & Operator • Emails “Failed” items automatically from software

  23. “Flagged” or Critical Items Flagged Checklist Items That Fail --- Lock Out Warning Will Appear If operator presses YES, device will lock out Re-enabling Device Can Only Be Done By: Programmer Supervisor Or Mechanic Non-flagged / Non-critical Items Failed Also warns operator on display screen If operator responds with YES Recorded In Log No Supervisor Interface

  24. Checklists can be programmed in other languages SHOWN IN SPANISH Note Checklist completion period is under one minute and device is timing down warning operator to complete checklist or device will shut down Checklist:In Other Languages

  25. Demo #2: Pre-Shift Checklist First Log in of Shift - Pre-Shift Check List Begins • Completely programmable daily, weekly, monthly and “flagged” items Pass Or Fail • Hydraulic oil level check • Tire Damage • Brakes operating properly • Engine Oil Check • Horn , etc Automatic emails • To mechanic or dealer, etc. 25

  26. Demo #3: Start & Stop • Press the Green button • Simulates Starting Engine • Yellow lightning icon indicates starter is engaged • Green Icon Displays On LCD Screen Indicating Engine Is Running • To Turn Engine Off,Press START STOP

  27. Auxiliary Inputs + Output Descriptions 1 Output Powers external 120dB flashing siren 4 Inputs #1 Speed Sensor (Magnetic or Gear Tooth) #2 Aux (Typically seat switch, overload etc) #3 Seat Switch (Typically: Seat or foot switch) #4 Aux (Can be set as aux input or “work” time)

  28. Seat Switch + STOP“Time Out” Functionality Logging off and shutting down Operator presses OR Operator leaves seat Default set at 1 minute Settable from 0—X# minutes Shuts down KEYTROLLER and vehicle/engine Re-Entry of operator onto vehicle ends time out sequence Controls/Eliminates excessive idling Required on electric forklifts where STOP is not typically pressed - operator just leaves the seat or platform with foot switch STOP 28

  29. 2 options for “Work time” Productivity Evaluation Secondary hour meter connected to: Hydraulic load presence sensor Switch on accelerator to monitor “idle time” Lift pump motor Drive motor Set up as time vehicle is moving over “0” MPH/KPH Requires Keytroller to be connected to speed sensor input Set up either way, input is shown in seconds and can be compared against “seat on” or “key on” standard hour meter timer Gives management data for productivity evaluation for both equipment usage and operator performance Example: How much time forklift was carrying a load How much time forklift was moving VS: How much time operator was on the seat (key on time)

  30. Hydraulic overload sensor : Mounted in the hydraulic line, the sensor is calibrated to a somewhere from 10% under to full load capacity When this pressure is reached the sensor outputs a signal, when connected to an auxiliary sensor, warning is given and shut down can be programmed Auxiliary Inputs Examples: Overload Sensor

  31. Auxiliary Inputs Examples: Seat Belt OSHA's Seat Belt Use enforcement policy • Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA Act • Failure to use seat belts on equipped forklifts---IS A VIOLATION!! Auxiliary input on LCD601 device • Can be connected to seat belt with an internal switch KEYTROLLER shuts down when: • Seat belt not engaged in preset number of seconds • Vehicle begins to move for X# of seconds

  32. Auxiliary Input Example: Low Oil & High Engine Temp Connections for engine indicator lights on dash • Low oil pressure • High engine temperature Programmable ignition shut down • Requires supervisor or mechanic’s code to restart. • Protects engine from catastrophic failure

  33. Demo #4: Auxiliary Input Function Seatbelt Alarm Seat Switch Activated (Driver Has Left Seat) Check Oil Alarm Simulate low oil pressure, high engine temp, seat belt and seat switch with lever switches on box Try It Now!

  34. See When Maintenance Is Due Right From LCD Display • Display At Start Up • Hours currently on vehicle • Date maintenance due • # of hours until maintenance due • Display while running • Date maintenance due • # of hours until maintenance due 34

  35. Speeding Accountability Speeding Forklifts + Congested Plant= BIG Safety Hazard Display Speed Shown In MPH Or KPH Speed Limit set in MENU by programmer Once set, set-point same for all vehicles with same wheel diameter Grace Period (In Sec) Programmed Device beeps flashes warning operator speed limit is exceeded Alarm Sounds When Speeding Through Grace Period Exceeded Event Logged When Alarm Sounds Current Speed Speed Limit Above shows speed limit of 6 mph with vehicle traveling at 9.8 mph and device is warning driver to slow down 35

  36. Speed Sensor Options Gear Tooth Sensor Drill and tap hole in axle differential housing Screw in speed sensor Counts pulses as gear rotates Better “resolution” reaction time than magnetic sensor option Magnetic Sensor Mount “erasure head” magnet in wheel hub Mount sensor outside rotating wheel hub Counts pulses as wheel rotates OEM speed sensor present Many modern forklifts have gear tooth speed sensors already in place for stability and speed control Keytroller can splice into this existing sensor to pick up speed pulses

  37. Demo #5: Speedometer & Speeding Accountability Take round magnet included in kit S-L-O-W-L-Y wave the magnet on the card across the magnetic speed sensor post to simulate driving speeds Speed will be shown in mph/kph on the display Alarm Sounds When Speed Exceeds Programmed top speed through “grace period” Try It Now!

  38. Abuse to Rack, Equipment & Product Damage? Costly Repairs Or Replacement Of Racks Finally! Operator Accountability!

  39. Impact—Abuse Sensing No Proof Of Abuse/Accidents • Facility Too Large To Supervise • Operator Failed To Report • No One Saw It! No one knows who did it! Keytroller 601 Cost/Benefit • 50%+ Reduction In Damage IMMEDIATELY • Typical ROI Within First Year Of Usage Operator Accountability • 80% Of Damage Caused By 5-10% Of Operators • Automated Record Of Incidents 39

  40. Impact Module 2 axis high accuracy accelerometer---Front/Back and Side/Side Adjustable in .1 “G” increments --- independent settings allowable for each axis Settable in ms “ignore” for higher accuracy Small enclosure for easy mounting Mount flush to frame Mount on optional “L” bracket For accuracy, mount very securely to frame as near to rear of forklift as possible

  41. Demo #6: Impact Event + Alarm Tap Shock Module To Create Impact Event • 2 accelerometers • Front/back Side/side Alarm Sounds • Flashes only Flip Switch Up • To Hear 120dB Sound Volume Ignition Shut Down • in X # seconds as programmed Press Login & Use Supervisor Card • Turns Alarm Off & Re-enables 41

  42. Flashing Siren Alarm • Optional alarm connects to output on relay sensor module • Unique alarm for KEYTROLLER events • Can be wired to flash—strobe only or siren only or BOTH • 120dB siren • Alarm sounds when (programmable in software): • There is an abusive impact • Can be set for only supervisor or mechanic to shut off, or also for operator shut off • Operator drives speeding though the “grace period” setting • Auto shut off when speed is reduced below limit

  43. Abandoned vehicles? • Ever wonder who took a truck from your department and never brought it back? NO ONE KNOWS! • Who left the truck in the back lot last night on third shift? NO ONE KNOWS! • Who knocked off the dock door and left the forklift sitting there? NO ONE KNOWS! KEYTROLLER is your answer! No more wondering what happened. • WORRY NO MORE!Event logs show who drove it last, when he left it! System records time, date, operator, vehicle, intensity & direction of impact (if any)

  44. When An Event Occurs In The Keytroller The Log Of Event Can Be Viewed by Supervisor on LCD Display Events Automatically Downloaded to KeyPatroller & E-Mails of Chosen Events sent Through KeyMail Keytroller Event Log

  45. Programming from MENU Every programmable function can be done from keypad Programmer’s code/card access only Programmer can view settings from keypad

  46. Forklifts under repair? Still NOT being locked out? Mechanic, supervisor or Programmer can “lock out” vehicle to all pre-programmed operators in MENU. Any mech/super/prog can re-enable device to all pre-programmed operators by going to MENU again & unlocking.

  47. TEXT Messaging:Alert operators on your forklifts • Wireless text messaging sent from KEYPATROLLER software • Individual LCD units can receive wireless test message from host PC • Operator must respond alerting host he has received message • Messages can be sent to individual operators or broadcast to all vehicles • Example of broadcast message: “Fire in building #2---EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!”

  48. Effective use requires Management buy-in! Requires Management + Supervisors “Buy-in” • Prevents Operators From Reverting Back To Abusive Habits • Ensures Consistent Operator Accountability “Expert” – Go-to-person • Within Your Facility For KEYTROLLER Project • One Expert Go-to-person Much Preferred To Three OrFour “Half Trained” Personnel Operator Education • Purpose Of System Implementation • Management Expectations Of Operators • Proper System Use/Benefits • Helps Comply With OSHA Regulations • Keep Unauthorized Operators Off Equipment • Easier On Operators ---No Keys—no Paper Good Operators Like The System – Bad Operators Hate It

  49. Free On-Line Training • Free training is done on-line through “GO TO MEETING” type sessions • Our customer service reps can help your IT department with the set up of the wireless encryption and IP addresses • On-site training is available at $1000 per day with 3 day minimum • We offer FREE upgrades to both firmware and software for the life of the device

  50. Embedded WiFi radio in 601—standard! Current encryption schemes - OPEN ACCESS (no security) - WEP64 - WEP128 - WPA1-PSK [TKIP] - WPA2-PSK [AES] - WPA1/WPA2 [AES]* Signal strength “bars” show on display IP address shown on LCD display Embedded WiFi on 601 -602 MUST be tested on site to ensure encryption security compliance and operation We suggest every potential client test the 601 and it’s embedded radio for usability on your wireless network Embeddedinternal 802.11 WiFi radio Shown above with external “stub” antenna for increased range