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Welcome to. Nutrition Today. Basics of Nutrition Use of Foods to Improve your Health Supplements: Whole Food vs. Synthetic Nutritional Supplements and Herbs for Health. Workshop Topics. Fueling the machine Proteins, fats and Carbohydrates

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  1. Welcome to Nutrition Today

  2. Basics of Nutrition Use of Foods to Improve your Health Supplements: Whole Food vs. Synthetic Nutritional Supplements and Herbs for Health Workshop Topics

  3. Fueling the machine Proteins, fats and Carbohydrates Vitamins, minerals, Enzymes, and unknowns elements Basics of Nutrition

  4. Air Water Food Sun All are needed for survival Fuel for the Machine

  5. Jet fuel Best possible fuel to feed the machine You wouldn’t use cheap fuel or oil to keep the components working Food As Fuel

  6. Oreo cookies Lay’s potato chips -- can’t just eat one! Should be a crime Examples of Poor Fuel

  7. 6-11 servings a day of carbohydrates With emphasis on grains and cereals – do away with, real food, such as bacon, eggs and other so called high-fat foods. Problems With Food Pyramid

  8. Eating carbohydrates, especially refined and processed carbohydrates such as white bread, white pasta, and refined cereals which turn to sugar, raises insulin. Insulin is the “fat-storing, hunger-causing” hormone. So eating refined carbohydrates can make you fat! Are You Eating More and Enjoying It Less?

  9. Today the average American eats more than 200 pounds of sugar, per person, per year. • Today people eat upwards of 55 pounds of fats and oils; more than 300 cans of soft drinks, 50 pounds of cakes and cookies, and 20 gallons of ice cream. • One hundred years ago, heart attacks were practically unheard of in the United States. But a hundred years ago, people ate fresh, whole foods which included meat and butter. However, they didn’t eat processed foods.

  10. Four Deadly Whites “So Called” Foods to Avoid • White sugar • White salt • Milk • Enriched flour

  11. Avoid Trans-fatty Acids • Margarine. • Partially-hydrogenated oils -- found in thousands of commercial foods.

  12. Protein Fats Carbohydrates Vitamins Minerals-including trace minerals Enzymes Whole Food Sources

  13. Animal sources Raw milk Egg yolks Cheese Beef liver Fish – salmon Yogurt Beta Carotene – Vegetarian sources Carrots Spinach Kale Asparagus Alfalfa Broccoli Vitamin A

  14. Unrefined whole grain cereals-(thiamine B1) Brewer’s yeast-(riboflavin B2);(pantothenic acid B5);(Pyridoxine B6);B10 Beef liver-(niacin B3);(Folic acid B9) Sardines-(B12) Others: peanuts, molasses, eggs, tuna, wheat germ, sunflowers seeds, red meat, leafy greens Vitamin BFull Complex

  15. Citrus fruits Berries Melons Green leafy vegetables Tomatoes Red peppers Rose hips Vitamin C

  16. Natural sunlight Meat Fish and fish oil Egg yolks Butter Vitamin D

  17. Wheat germ and wheat germ oil Unrefined expeller pressed vegetable or seed oils Avocado Whole wheat Soy Spinach Eggs Whole grain cereals Almonds Vitamin E

  18. Milk Cheese Cottage cheese Yogurt Beef liver Green leafy vegetables Soybeans Wheat germ Tofu Sesame seeds Almonds Dried beans Broccoli Calcium

  19. Supplementation??? The confusion begins: • What kind of vitamins do I take? • Can I find it anywhere? • How much do I take? • Are they safe?

  20. Whole Food Vitamin ComplexesVs.Synthetic • Is there a difference?

  21. What Does “Natural” and “Organic Mean? • According to the FDA: • Natural – anything that ultimately comes from nature, including chemicals, since they ultimately come from nature • Organic – anything that contains a carbon molecule (DDT has a carbon base)

  22. Most Common Synthetic Forms of Vitamins --Beta Carotene • Vitamin A • Vitamin B1 • Vitamin C • Vitamin E --Retinal Palmitate --Thiamine HCL --Thiamine Mononitrate --Ascorbic Acid --dl Alpha Tocopherol

  23. Is This Really Natural? • Thiamine HCL and thiamine Mononitrate as B1 come from coal tar. • Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherols is manufactured in a laboratory. • Vitamin C is made from refined corn sugar.

  24. What Happens to You? • Taking one or more such vitamin parts can create an imbalance of vitamins, which is worse than a deficiency. • Synthetic supplements can unbalance a person’s biochemistry.

  25. Delta Tocopherols Gamma Tocopherols Beta Tocopherols Alpha Tocopherols F1 F2 Xanthine Selenium E2 E3 Lipositols The Architectural Structure of the Vitamin E Complex

  26. The Functional Architecture of Vitamin C Complex ASCORBIC ACID Ascorbigen Bioflavinoid Complexes Tyrosinase (Organic Copper) P Factors J Factors K Factors

  27. Many different forms on the market Various forms of calcium not only have different absorption rates, but they also contain different amounts of actual calcium Calcium

  28. Minerals in the earth are inorganic or dead. Our body can’t use inorganic minerals because their molecular weight or size is too large to pass through the intestinal lining. We depend on plants to transform minerals from the soil into an organic form that we can use. A Little Chemistry

  29. This process is called chelation, which is the attachment of an amino acid to the mineral, making it usable by the body. The best way to get minerals is from whole foods that have been dried with a low temperature so none of the nutrition or enzymes are destroyed.

  30. Calcium citrate: only 21% calcium. In 1000 mg of calcium citrate, you are only getting 210 mg of calcium. In addition, less than 30% of the 210mg of calcium is actually absorbed at the cellular level for use by the body. Examples:

  31. In other words, of the 210 mg of calcium contained, your body may only receive 60 to 70 mg. There’s a huge difference! So don’t be fooled by the “label milligram” game.

  32. Standard Process Whole Food Nutrition Medi-Herb Nutritional Supplements and Herbs for Health

  33. Foundational support Chronic fatigue The all-purpose multiple The original product formulated by Dr. Royal Lee -1929 Catalyn

  34. Catalyn is the concentrated multiple vitamin, trace mineral and enzyme product. It was designed to contain all of the vitamin and trace minerals, both known and unknown. Because it is made from natural sources (liver, wheat germ, etc.) it contains all of the trace elements found in nature as well as the major minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus).

  35. Used to help people improve nerve and muscle function, to improve heart function, provide better digestion, and emotional stability. It is an absolute must for anyone with emotional problems, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress, postpartum depression, fatigue after eating, slow heart rate, edema, poor muscle tone, hypoglycemia, or diabetes. Cataplex B

  36. It may be the single most common deficiency in America (vitamin B deficiency), and it is probably needed for eight out of ten children. It plays a powerful role in emotions and should be instituted for any child with emotional problems, or who is suspected of having suicidal tendencies. Cataplex B

  37. Its ingredients include a vitamin complex containing vitamin B1 and other B vitamins with naturally associated factors found in yeast, cereal germ, beet juice, and liver. The best whole food B-complex available. Cataplex B

  38. This remarkable product is betaine hydrochloride, pancreatin, and pepsin. We use it to help people who cannot digest food properly due to insufficient digestive enzymes in the stomach. Many people who suffer from “acid-indigestion” are actually in need of enzyme enhancement. Not tums!!!!!!!!! Zypan

  39. A liver and gall bladder support product that is especially good for those who have trouble with fat digestion. It helps thin the bile and get it flowing from the gallbladder. Helps control cholesterol and triglycerides. A-F Betafood

  40. Stabilized organic flaxseed oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids. An essential oil supplement. Contains essential fatty acids important in making prostaglandins for proper hormone function. Linum B6

  41. Calcium and magnesium (5:1) Easily digested and utilized by the body. Fevers, infections, cramps, coughing, insomnia, pregnancy, child supplement, osteoporosis, tissue repair, canker sores, and poor skin . Especially helpful for children who are nervous, fidgety, or who run fevers. Calcium Lactate

  42. Unlike other glucosamine products on the market, this contains a comprehensive combination of whole food concentrates that support joint health and integrity. Glucosamine Synergy

  43. Arthritis Osteoporosis Damaged cartilage Relief from joint pain and inflammation Tissue repair Tendonitis Sports injuries Lower back injury Glucosamine Synergy

  44. A powerful and unique 4 herb formula used for all inflammatory conditions such as: Arthritis Bursitis Fibromyalgia Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Boswellia Complex

  45. Most Echinacea products on the market are not effective because they do not contain the most active compounds known as alkylamides. Many products on the market have been standardized to the wrong or inactive compounds, contain the wrong species or the wrong part of the plant. Echinacea Premium

  46. 10% contained no measurable amount of Echinacea Echinacea species found in each product was consistent with label claim in only 31 (52%) of the samples Of the 21 products that were labeled as being standardized, only nine (43%) met the quality standard designated on the label. 59 Echinacea-only products purchased in the year 2000

  47. Immune system modulator Alleviate temporary weakness of the body’s defenses. Excellent for overall immune support Don’t be fooled – flawed information Taste!!!!!!!!!!! Echinacea Premium

  48. Help maintain normal cholesterol levels within a normal range Support cardiovascular system health Encourage a healthy intestinal environment to help maintain proper gastrointestinal flora Enhance immune system response Garlic 5000mg

  49. Powerful antioxidant to assist with prevention of diseases associated with aging. Help regulate bowel flora. Allergic and inflammatory conditions including asthma. Venus insufficiency, varicose veins. Vitanox Tablets

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